Fully Flexible Credit System

In the continuous pursuit of academic excellence and creating a student-friendly learning environment, VIT introduced the Fully Flexible Credit System (Shortly referred to as FFCS).FFCS is a way in which a student has complete freedom in tailoring his course the way he wishes. It accommodates the wants and needs of the entire student community as a whole. With this system, a student can prepare his/her own timetable with the specific courses he/she intends to do in that semester along with the timings of classes and choice of professors. Learning has never been this fun. Students have the flexibility to pursue their other interests in sports or club activities and scheduling classes accordingly will take it a long way.It is a beautiful system that is tailor made to suit all the kinds of students with all learning needs, whether someone wishes to complete subjects early or pursue subjects of other branches for acquiring a Minor/Honours degree. In addition, this system ensures offerings of subjects from all disciplines encouraging students to pursue multiple interests and develop themselves wholly.

Salient Features

  •  Choice in the order of selection of courses for each semester.
  •  Choice in the timings / time slots in the selection of courses.
  •  Choice in the selection of number of courses per semester.
  •  Choice of preparing his / her own Timetable and Academic Plan.
  •  Balanced curriculum with engineering, science, humanities and management courses.
  •  Ample opportunities to do inter-disciplinary courses.
  •  Soft on slow learners by offering important / common courses in all semesters.
  •  Optional Summer / Intersession semester to do courses.
  •  Opportunity of under graduate research experience.
  •  Value addition with double Major / Minor / Honours option.
  •  Branch change option in B.Tech. at the end of first year.