International Transfer Programs (ITP)

“Start your engineering study at VIT and complete it in the USA, UK or Australia”

The students entering engineering programs at VIT have two options to study. The first is to study for all the four years at VIT and get a B.Tech degree in a chosen field of engineering and then go for higher studies or take up employment. The second option is the international transfer program ( ITP). ITP offers the entering students with an opportunity to study the first two years of the bachelors degree in engineering at VIT and complete the last two years of study in the USA, UK or Australia and get a degree from a partner university there. For the first batch of ITP, starting in 2016, VIT offers three majors to choose from. They are:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering

For the first batch of ITP students, VIT will also offer a choice of ten partner universities or campuses to choose from to undergo the last two years of study and receive the partner university’s bachelors degree in engineering.

Admission Criteria

  • 10 +2 higher secondary or equivalent education
  • Minimum of 60% aggregate marks in the 12th grade
  • Competitive scores in the VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE)


They offer the opportunity to study in India as well as in a chosen country overseas for the undergraduate degree in engineering.While enabling the students to study in some of the most prestigious global universities and get the engineering degrees there, it helps save the cost of overseas education by about 45%.

The first two years of study at VIT prepares the students for easy transfer to a very competitive environment overseas.

The overseas admissions process is streamlined through the partnership arrangement with the global universities.

The global partner universities would provide the same provisions given to their students and graduates to gain industry exposure and get work experience.

The global partner programs include provisions to continue the studies towards masters or doctoral degrees.

If you are one of the students interested in pursuing your bachelors degree in engineering through ITP, please go to the partner university link below to get details on admission, education related expenses and answers to all your questions.

Fees for year 1 and 2 in VIT

For Indian Students
VIT fee + Additional Rs.50,000 per year.

For NRI Students
VIT fee + Additional USD 1000 per year.

For year 3 and 4 fees refer specific univeresity pages below.

International Transfer Programs (ITP)