BBA Online Interview/Discussion (16th, 17th & 18th July 2020)

General Instructions, Rules and Code of Conduct to the Candidates Appearing for the Online Personal Interview/Discussion:

  1. No change of interview/discussion timings will be entertained under any circumstances. Duration of time will be a maximum 30 minutes only.
  2. Login through the Zoom Id provided. Candidates need not make calls to the panel members. If required, our faculty will make the call to interview the candidate.
  3. Use your application number and name while logging in to the session: (Ex. 2020500000 Rajan)
  4. Candidate must be ready for the online interview/discussion at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid mismatch in the online connection.
  5. The face of the candidate must be visible with proper lighting and without any disturbance in the background. Use your headphone/earphone for good clarity and quality of sound and voice.
  6. Select the perfect spot without any external disturbances for your good internet connection.
  7. During the interview/discussion, the candidate must maintain appropriate posture, dress formally and must speak in English only.
  8. Even in the online environment, eye contact is important. Instead of looking at the person on the screen, look directly into the webcam and stay engaged.
  9. Ensure that your computer or mobile is ON always and that no one else is around when you are attending the interview/discussion.
  10. Communication with anyone other than the panel members during the interview/ discussion is strictly prohibited.
  11. Impersonation or indulging in any kind of misbehaviour is strictly prohibited and will be viewed seriously.
  12. All the sessions will be recorded from our end.
  13. Recording of the session by the candidates is strictly prohibited.
  14. Consequences of Rule Violations: If the candidate violates the interview/discussion rules, he/she will automatically receive a score of “0” for the interview/ discussion. The decision of the panel members is final.
  15. Shortlisted candidates’ name list will be displayed in the VIT Chennai website. All other admission details will be available on the website immediately.