School of Advanced Sciences (SAS) | Social Sciences and Languages


The Institute offers spacious classrooms with speakers, projectors & screens and of course the traditional blackboard, lecture halls, amphitheatres, etc. The Wifi-enabled laboratories with individual systems and other accessories to facilitate various practical activities are:

Language Laboratory

Faculty in-charge: Dr.  Vijayalakshmi Venkataraman

Language Laboratory aims to provide technological support to students & faculty in English. It is a platform to learn, practiceand produce language through interactive lessons and communicative modes of teaching with the best samples of native speakers’pronunciation of the language. The language laboratory offers broadcasting, recorded programmes and web-assisted materials in the target language. The following softwares are available:

  • Issues in English 1
  • Issues in English 2
  • Road to IELTS General
  • Road to IELTS Academic
  • Author Plus (Personality Development & Soft skills)
  • Connected Speech
  • Active Reading
  • Clarinet Software
  • Sky Pronunciation
  • It’s Your Job
  • Advance Grammar in Use (AGU)
  • English Grammar in Use (EGU)
  • Clarity English Success
  • Live Action in English
  • Business Writing
  • Study Skills Success
  • Active Listening in English
  • Euro Talk Language Learning

Psychometric Laboratory

Faculty in-charge: Dr. Maya Rathnasabapathy

A full-fledged psychometric laboratory, where we can conduct a psychological test – “an objective and standardized measure of a sample of behavior” which gives one an insight into an individual’s performance on tasks that have usually been prescribed beforehand, is one of the hallmarks of DSSL.Students can take any of these well-constructed tests, which is believed to reflect a psychological construct such as achievement in a school subject, cognitive ability, aptitude, emotional functioning, personality, etc. The psychometric laboratory in DSSL, VIT Chennai can accommodate 64 members at a time and have the resources to conduct 30 different experiments.

Psychometric Tests available: