School of Advanced Sciences (SAS) | Mathematics

Teaching and Research

The Division of Mathematics provides a strong mathematical foundation and the necessary computational skills to handle industrial and research problems for the students. The Mathematics Division offers Mathematics/Statistics courses to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes of the University, and Ph.D. programme for highly motivated and deserving students interested in pursuing their research career in Mathematics/Statistics/ Computational Sciences. It comprises of highly qualified and experienced faculty who engage actively in teaching and research. We adopt novel methods to impart quality teaching to create a vibrant learning environment for the students.

The curriculum is rigorous in accordance with International standards. It inculcates in the students a problem solving approach and also develops the skills and attitudes necessary to pursue further studies. The syllabi framed for the Mathematics/Statistics courses for all the programmes are on par with universities of repute. The mathematical concepts are covered not only theoretically but also through laboratory sessions. The main emphasis is to make students understand the importance of Mathematics and its applications in the real world. The students are trained to use computational proprietary software such as MATLAB and also Open-source software such as R, SAGE, SCILAB etc. They are encouraged to use software packages in a big way in all their projects


Our faculty members are highly qualified, experienced and have been guiding research scholars in their area of specialization apart from teaching. Most of our faculty members contribute as invited speakers at various conferences and workshops in both India and abroad. Our Faculty members have got funded projects from funding agencies such as Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM). Many of our faculty members serve as editors and reviewers in reputed SCOPUS indexed Journals.