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The Division of Physics facilitates B. Tech. programmes of all the schools and 5 years integrated M.Tech Programme by offering various core and elective courses of Physics. These courses nurture inquisitive nature of students in various topics related to applications of engineering and materials science. A unique course which spurs innovative thinking is also offered. These undergraduate courses are:


Course CodeCourse name
PHY1701Engineering Physics
PHY1002Materials Science
PHY1901Introduction to Innovative Projects

Post Graduate Programme

M.Sc. Physics

The M.Sc. in Physics programme is aimed to combine coursework components with hands-on research experience at every semester in the frontiers of basic physics and applied physics research. In the fourth semester of the degree course, the students will complete a research thesis, though at a lower level of comprehensiveness and depth than PhD theses. Therefore, this degree course is truly a holistic development for the Masters students to solve the real-world societal problems through innovative ideas. Industry connectivity for research and appropriate subjects learning are common goal for this course curriculum. This is also to ensure that opportunities are created for pursuing further research career in the industries as well as in the Universities in India and abroad.

Scope of Employment

  • Teaching in academic institutions
  • In R & D centres and Industries including multinational companies
  • Research opportunities in Universities in India and abroad as well

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The Division offers full-time Ph.D programmes in Physics which are inter/ multi and transdisciplinary in nature. The program starts with a mandatory course work scheme decided by the expert panel. With the state of the art facilities opportunities are immense for scholars to choose the subject of research with the supervision of our faculties. To ascertain the research path goal several research meeting take place to advise for the scope of excellent research output. Finally a thesis is submitted as a mandatory component for evaluation by expert in India and abroad before awarding the degree. The broad research areas of our faculties are the following,


Research Area