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M.Tech (VLSI Design)



The VLSI students are in high demand in many core IC design companies. We have observed an increasing trend in the internship opportunities offered to our VLSI students. The core IC design companies that offer internship to our students include: Intel, Texas Instruments, CADENCE Design Systems, NXP Semiconductors, ST Microelectronics, Open Silicon, Mobiveil Technologies, Broadcomm, ATMEL, HP, LSI Corporation, 3D-IP Semiconductors, Microchip Technologies, SoCtronics, Robert Bosch, Marvell Semiconductors, Digicom Semiconductors, Bitmapper Technologies, etc.

2012-14 BATCH

S.NoCompany NameNo. of. Students
1Intel Corporation2
2Digicom Semiconductors1
3Marvel Semiconductors1
4Open Silicon1
5Smart Play Technologies1
6Unizen Technologies1
7Alpha Design Technologies1


2013-15 BATCH

S.NoCompany NameNo. of. Students
1Intel Corporation13
2NXP Semiconductors1
3ST Micro Electronics1
4Sasken Communication Technologies1
5Orange Semiconductors4
6Rambus Chip Technologies1
7Saankhya Labs, Bangalore1
8ISRO Bangalore1
9BAARC Mumbai1


2014-16 BATCH

S.NoCompany NameNo. of. Students
1Intel Corporation2
2NXP Semiconductors4
3ST Micro Electronics1
6Manjeera Digital System2
73D-IP Semiconductors2
8Mobiveil Technologies1
9Cadence AMS Design India Pvt. Ltd1
10DRDO, ANURAG(Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group)6


2015-17 BATCH

S.NoCompany NameNo. of. Students
1Intel Corporation8
2Marvel Semiconductors1
3ST Micro-Electronics1
5Robert Bosch2
6Sion Semiconductors3
7V Design Pondichery1
9Vrindha Technologies2
10DRDO Hyderabad4
11DRDO RIC Chennai1
12Si2 Chip technologies4
13BitMapper Technologies1