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School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)

Research Group

Data Engineering

Data is the new Oil; and we are seeing a global demand for Data Driven Engineering. In order to align with this growing trend, the Data Engineering Research Group was formed. We intend to bring together a multidisciplinary research team covering a wide spectrum of domains to handle challenging real-life problems. The primary mission of this research group is – ‘to make SENSE out of Data’ for the benefit of mankind. VIT Chennai is strategically located close to several Industrial and IT Zones. Almost all manufacturing industries are currently looking for solutions to seamlessly transform from Industry 3.0 to 4.0. The Data Engineering Research Group can support these industries through collaborative teams to identify consultancy projects, student internship projects and research based projects for development of futuristic technologies.
Expertise of our domain:

  • Applications of Machine Learning in the following areas:
    • Lung Cancer prediction
    • Musculoskeletal disorder analysis
    • Gait Biometrics
    • Reading Disorder in Children
    • Analysis of Twitter Data
    • Fake New detection
  • Analysis of biomedical images for developing computer-aided diagnostic support systems.
  • Automatic detection of diseases in plants using Computer Vision techniques.
  • Detection of brain abnormalities from MRI and CT images.
  • Application of Deep Learning for Computer Vision problems.
  • Applying Deep Learning algorithms to solve wireless sensor network/IoT challenges
  • Detection of knee ligament tear from MRI and CT images
  • Developing a tool to support disabled and elderly persons using latest technologies.

Group members:
1. Dr. K. Suganthi (Research Group Chair)
2. Dr. R Karthik
3. Dr. Susan Elias
4. Dr.E.Sathish

Embedded Systems Design

Embedded Systems Design Research Group of VIT Chennai is an active, dynamic and enthusiastic group, with its members carrying out research in the latest problem statements in the embedded systems and Internet of Things domains. We are surrounded by intelligent and smart devices and embedded systems play a vital role in the design, production and controlling them. The faculty members and students of embedded systems research group develop projects to meet up the demand of industry and the real – world. We focus on developing smart systems that include agriculture, healthcare, and weather forecast using Internet of Things, and formulate solutions for intelligent vehicles.

The Research Group Members are as below:
1. Dr.S.Muthulakshmi (Research Group Chair)
2. Dr. Abraham Sudharson Ponraj
3. Dr. M. S. Balamurugan
4. Dr. G. Gugapriya
5. Dr. V. Prakash
6. Dr. S. Sofana Reka
7. Dr. B. Chanthini

Photonics and Microwave

The Photonics and Microwave research group perform extensive research on the following

  • Optical Communication and networks
  • Photonic Integrated Circuits, Silicon photonics, Photonic crystal devices
  • Nonlinear Fiber Optics, Plasmonics, Biosensor
  • Fiber Design, Fiber amplifiers / sensors
  • Optical information processing, Digital holography, Compressive sensing
  • 3-D machine vision and 3-D microscopy, IoT and supercapacitors
  • Survivable networks, fault tolerance and reliability, FSO Communication
  • High gain antennas, UWB antenna design, Terahertz and Micromachining
  • Design and development of 4G, 5G antennas, and passive microwave devices
  • RF MEMS and NEMS, EBG, Filter design,
  • Microwave Tubes, Computational electromagnetics
  • Number of Funded Projects : 05 (worth 140.92 Lakhs INR)
  • Number of Publications: Journals – 226; Conferences, Books and Chapters: 228
  • Infrastructural facilities:
    • Academic laboratories: Fiber Optics Communication lab, and Microwave Engineering lab
    • Research Laboratory: Fiber Optics Lab
    • Testing Facility: Fully Shielded Anechoic chamber (700 MHz to 18 GHz) and VNA (26 GHz)
  • Professional Society: OSA Student Chapter

Research Group members:
1. Dr. Ramesh R (Research Group Chair)
2. Dr. Anith Nelleri
3. Dr. Balaji V R
4. Dr. Brintha Therese A
5. Dr. Chandrasekar N
6. Dr. Henridass A
7. Dr. Idayachandran. G
8. Dr. Manikandan E
9. Dr. Niraj Kumar
10. Dr. Chitra K
11. Dr. RaviPrakash Dwivedi
12. Dr Richards Joe Stanislaus
13. Dr. Sangeetha R.G
14. Dr. Selvendran S
15. Dr. Sivasubramanian A
16. Dr. Subhashini N
17. Dr. Thiripurasundari D
18. Dr. Usha Kiran Kommuri

Micro and Nano Devices

The Micro and Nano Devices Group performs research in the field of Novel Nano-materials, Nano-electronic devices and Micro-electromechanical systems through simulation, modelling and fabrication of advanced electronic devices suitable for future electronic circuits and systems.
The major focus areas of research of this group are

  • 2D-Nanomaterials for Printed and Wearable Electronic Devices
  • Nano-Electronic Devices: Modelling & Simulations
  • Low-Cost Glass-based Micro-Devices
  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems
  • Microfluidic Devices
  • Energy Storage and Conversion Devices
  • Photonic Devices, Thin Film Technology, Solar Cells

The faculty members working in this group are listed below:
1. Dr. Revathi S. (Research Group Chair)
2. Dr. Gargi Raina
3. Dr. Ravi Sankar
4. Dr. Lakshmi B.
5. Dr. Kaustab Ghosh
6. Dr. Reena Monica
7. Dr. Bindu B.
8. Dr. Bharathi Sankar A.
9. Dr. Lucky Agarwal
10. Dr. Arivarasi A.
11. Dr. Pradeep Narayanan S.
12. Dr. Gayathri Sivakumar
13.Dr. Prashanth Kumar B
14.Dr. Sathya Sree J
15.Dr. Papanasam E
16.Dr. Sindhuja. M

Signal and Image Processing

The Signal and Image Processing Group carry out research in the field of signal and image processing applications in Biomedical, Speech recognition, Satellite images, Radar signal, Oceanography and video processing. Our focus is also on applying machine learning and Deep learning techniques to give automated solution to solve real-world problems.

Expertise of our domain:

  • Bio Signal/ Medical Image Processing
  • Radar signal Processing
  • Acoustic signal processing/Speech processing
  • Multispectral and SAR image processing.
  • AI/Machine learning techniques in signal/image processing
  • Deep learning techniques in signal/image processing
  • Machine learning for data analytics
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Computer vision and video analytics

Group members:
1. Dr. Jagannath M (Research Group Chair)
2. Dr. Menaka R
3. Dr. Annis Fathima A
4. Dr. Suchetha M
5. Dr. John Sahaya Rani Alex
6. Dr. Manoj Kumar Rajagopal
7. Dr. Mohanaprasad K
8. Dr. Sathya Narayanan
9. Dr. Vijayarajan R
10. Dr. K.Srivatsan
11. Dr. Ranjeet Kumar
12. Dr. Shoba S
13. Dr. Nirmala P
14. Dr. Saurav Gupta
15. Dr. Jeetashree Aparajeeta
16. Dr. Ashish kumar
17. Dr. Florence Gnana Poovathy
18. Dr. Sasithradevi A

VLSI Circuits and Devices

Very large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of integrating or embedding hundreds of thousands of transistors on a single silicon semiconductor microchip.
The major focus areas of research of this group are

  • Low Power VLSI Design
  • High Performance Processor Design
  • Analog and Mixed VLSI Design
  • Virtual Instrumentation
  • MEMS and IC Technology

The Infrastructures available for this group are

  • Digital Logic Design Lab – Xilinx Software
  • VLSI Design Lab – ( 30 FPGA Kits)
  • Adv. VLSI Design Lab – (Cadence Software) – (Frontend and Backend design)
  • Zed board

The faculty members working in this group are listed below:
1. Dr. Ravi V (Group Chair)
2. Dr. Ananiah Durai
3. Dr. Anita Angeline
4. Dr. Augusta sophy
5. Dr. Kanchana Bhasskaran
6. Dr. G. Lakshmi Priya
7. Prof. Manikandan
8. Dr. Prathiba
9. Dr. T. Vigneswaran
10. Dr. Sakthivel S.M
11. Dr. S.Umadevi
12. Dr. G. Velmathi

Wireless Communication and Networking

Wireless Communication and Networking Research Group Core Competency:

  • Wireless Communication
  • Wireless Networks
  • Embedded Systems and IoT


  • Wireless Communication Networks
  • Stochastic modeling and Free space optics
  • Embedded Systems and Design
  • IoT
  • Security in IoT
  • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Wireless Networking and Security
  • Underwater sensor Networks
  • Network Protocols and Algorithms in areas of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Wireless Mesh & Opportunistic Networks.
  • Mobile Adhoc Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Digital Communication and Channel Estimation

The faculty members working in this group are listed below:
1. Dr.NagaJayanthi.B (Research Group Chair)
2. Dr. Vetrivelan. P
3. Dr.D.Vydeki
4. Dr. Hemanth.C
5. Dr. Vijayakumar.P
6. Dr. V. Berlin Hency
7. Dr. JayaVignesh.T
8. Dr. Saranya Nair. M
9. Prof. Ralph Samuel Thangaraj
10. Dr.Kalaivanan K
11. Dr.S.Sivakumar