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School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)

Students Interaction with Industry

Industrial Visit

Students are exposed to Industrial environment through various means like Inplant training, Internships, Industrial visits etc. This will enable them to understand the current trends existing in the industry and to develop related skills required to meet those challenges.

Inplant Training

During their tenure in the University, students get exposure to academic environment which is different from the environment, viz. industry, wherein they are expected to be placed. To get this exposure, all students should undergo four weeks of inplant training in a reputed industry in their respective branch, anytime after two years of study, which carries 2 credits under University Core. This training can be availed in a single stretch of four weeks or in two stretches of two weeks duration each. If a student could not undertake the industrial training during the four year period due to valid reasons, he/she may be permitted to complete the same after the end of four year term. During the training, the student is expected to maintain a log of their activity and learning.
At the end of the training, a report along with a completion certificate from the industry where he/she had received the training is to be submitted to the training coordinator of his/her programme for evaluation within 10 days of the commencement of the semester in which the student has registered for the inplant training. Based on entries made in the activity log, the inplant training report and performance of the student during the related viva voce, the training coordinator may award a performance grade.

Student Projects at Industry as Final Year Project

Students are provided an opportunity to carry their Final Year Project in an Industry related to the area of his expertise. Below is the list appended for further details.