School of Social Sciences and Languages

The School of Social Sciences and Languages SSL was established in 2020, prior to which we existed as the Division of Social Sciences and Languages since the inception of VIT Chennai in 2010. The school in keeping with its vision and mission statement strives to provide quality teaching and high-level research to make an impact at the global level.

Vision Statement of the School of Social Sciences and Languages

To be a centre of academic excellence by fostering holistic growth and development in students.

Mission Statement of the School of Social Sciences and Languages

To mould students from different cross-sections of society by enhancing professional competence, self – confidence and a positive attitude that would help in the economic development of the nation.

To impart linguistic skills by innovative teaching – learning processes.

To inspire and empower students from diverse backgrounds to become innovative leaders and entrepreneurs who will contribute to the betterment of society with ethical and social responsibility.


The school encompasses three major divisions namely Division of English, Division of Foreign Languages, and Division of Social Sciences. A brilliant team of faculty members who have specialized in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work form the SSL crew. We offer a basket of university core and elective courses to all the students registered under the various programmes offered by the Institute – B. Tech., M. Tech., MCA, MBA, M.Sc. B.A., LL.B (Hon’s), B.B.A., LL.B (Hon’s), and B.Sc.


The English wing at VIT Chennai consists of 19 faculty members with a majority holding doctorates from institutes of repute. We as a team are committed to equipping our students, research scholars, staff and faculty members with the essential language, communication and soft skills, giving them a cutting edge and an added advantage over their peers and competitors. We work to be the wind beneath their wings that helps them soar above the rest in all walks of life.

Courses Offered: A variety of English courses are being offered for one, two or three semesters to all students registered under the various programmes in the institute. The students have two or four hours of contact classes including Theory and/or Practical and/or Project components. An entry level proficiency test, called English Proficiency Test (EPT), is given to all the students and based on its results students are streamed into various batches and allotted to take appropriate course(s). The courses currently offered are:

S. No.Course CodeCourse Title
1ENG1002Effective English
2ENG1011English for Engineers
3ENG5001Fundamentals of Communication Skills
4ENG5002Professional and Communication Skills
5ENG5003English for Science and Technology
6BMT5206Business Communication
7LAW1111General English
8LAW2104English for Lawyers
9ENG 1000Foundation English I
10ENG 1001Foundation English II
11ENG 1901Technical English I
12ENG 1902Technical English II
13ENG 1903Advanced Technical English
14ENG 1001Basic English
15ENG 1012Communicative English

Foreign Languages

The Foreign Languages wing at VIT Chennai consists of 3 faculty members offering foreign language courses to give the learners an edge over the other engineering graduates in this era of globalization and knowledge transfer. The Division offers French, German Spanish. and Japanese courses. The motive of teaching foreign languages is to sensitize the learners to the basics of the target language along with its culture. The foreign language courses offered are:

S.No.Course CodeCourse Title
1.GER5001German For Beginners- Basic Level
2.FRE1001Francais Quotidien-Basic Level
3.GER1001Grundstufe Deutsch-Basic Level
4.ESP1001Fundamental Spanish Basic Level
5.JAP1001Basic Japanese

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences wing at VIT Chennai consists of 7 faculty members most of them holding doctorates from institutes of repute. The engineering students along with their technical competence need to acquire an awareness about the society they live in. The division is keen on imparting a know-how about our society, its culture, media, ethics and values, power, politics, authority, governance, along with the dynamics of national and international affairs. The students are sensitised to identify the various psychological, social, political, and ethical challenges they could face and are guided to explore ways to effectively deal with them. The division offers a basket of university elective courses to all the students, and they are:

S.No.Course CodeCourse Title
1.HUM101Psychology and Sociology
2.HUM1039Community Development in India
3.HUM1043Mass Media and Society
4.HUM1022Psychology in Everyday Life
5.HUM1045Introduction to Psychology
6.HUM1040Indian Social Problem
7.HUM1023Indian Heritage and Culture
8.HUM1012Introduction to Sociology
9.HUM 1013Population Studies
10.HUM 1042Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare in India
11.HUM 1024India and the Contemporary World
12.HUM 1041Indian Society, Structure and Change
13.HUM1021Ethics and Values
14.HUM1013Population Studies
15.LAW1210Essentials of Sociology
16.LAW1216Social Process and Social Change
17.LAW1208Political Theory
18.LAW3205Political Thoughts
19.LAW2205Principles of Modern Government
20.LAW4206Public Policy and Administration in India