How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

A New Chapter

Come summer season every year; there’s a flurry in the world of Indian academia. It’s the time when hopeful Class 12 pass-outs look to the horizons for a vibrant college life ahead of them. Engineering was, is, and probably will be one of the most popular choices in the country.

This year, things have turned out a little different, however. Admission to engineering colleges in 2022 has been subject to many factors like the availability of seats for online sessions. Despite the change in scenario, engineering’s popularity as a viable college course hasn’t taken much of a dent. Getting admitted into the IITs is a dream milestone for many aspiring engineers out there. So what’s the optimum route for a student eager to become an engineer? Here’s your guide that’ll take you through the process from start to finish.

The Search

Like admission to any other college, engineering colleges in India also have a specific counseling procedure associated with them. Admission in engineering colleges in India changes depending on three major factors:

  • The affiliation of the college
  • The availability of your target course
  • The counseling procedure for the institution

There are around 4500 established engineering colleges in the country. Seems like a vast pool, right? You’d be surprised to know the humongous number of applicants that target a spot in this pool. The competition can be fierce, with seats in many colleges being contested until the very last minute.

With this plethora of engineering colleges in front of you, how do you narrow down your preferences? Let’s break down the process for you.

The Selection

The Selection - How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering CollegeYear after year, students who are figuring out how to get admission in engineering colleges in India to go through the same thought process within themselves.

– First, they begin by shortlisting the course they would like to select. Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, and Computer Science Engineering are classic favorites. However, new players are emerging on the block, such as Nanotechnology and Genetic Engineering.

– Next, they pick out the tier of the college they wish to aim for. The most significant leagues are the IITs spread nationwide, with the next step being NITs. The other fish in the pool are the private universities with prestigious affiliations.

– The final rung of the selection ladder is the infrastructure and campus life. Some students are very particular about the type of college life they want for their future. Some get there, while others settle for what they can get.

Once you’ve locked down these three key factors, you’re ready to start looking at specific names. Every bit of information goes towards narrowing down your selections.

The Process

Admission Process - How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

Admission Process – How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

This is where the logistics aspect of the search factors in. You can’t just march into a college and demand a seat, can you? Thankfully, nowadays, every step of the process is digitized and computerized. Application forms are online, letters of recommendation can be emailed, and responses are also digital! Thanks to these advancements, you can get your applications done right from home, for the most part. Here’s a simple structure of the general process across most engineering colleges in India:

– Application Forms

This is the starting block in almost any application endeavor. Whether online or in-person, you have to fill out the application. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation ready to submit along with it!

– Entrance Exams

One way or another, you’re going to have to face these if you want an engineering college seat. There are the nationwide ones, primarily the JEE Main Entrance Exam. Most private colleges will have their own entrance exams, so stay a step ahead of the process here. You need all the prep time you can get!

– Counseling Callbacks

The final, and arguably the most nail-biting part of the process. It takes a while to process your application, and when you get the callback, it’s time for the counseling session. This is the final arena between you and your dream seat, and you have to play hard to get it.

In between these three phases, there’s the ever-present intermediate phase of research. This is the ace up your sleeve that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Even during the counseling phase, you will need to keep tabs on all the open admissions in engineering colleges in India. Dream colleges are great, but you never want to feel boxed in and out of options, do you?

The Catalysts

Catalysts - How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

Catalysts – How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

So far, it seems like a fairly linear path to your dream college, right? Like everything else in real life, however, it’s not as simple as that. There are boxes along the road that you have to tick to make the process smoother for yourself. The odds can go any which way when the stakes are this high! What can you do to sway things in your favor? We have a few tips for you in that regard.

– Career Counseling

If you’re still on the fence about which discipline of engineering to pick, consult a career coach. Sometimes, they can nudge you in the right direction and help you lock in that decision. You can’t afford to make many missteps here!

– Backup Plan

Even if you play all your cards right, there’s always a slim yet significant chance that you’ll miss out on your dream college. Instead of letting that bog you down, look to what’s next. There WILL be a next best thing; you just need to make sure you always have your finger on the trigger for it. There are enough admissions for engineering colleges in 2022 to go around for everyone, so fret not!

– Every institution

No matter its prestige, offers some kind of merit scholarships to admissions worthy enough for it. You’ll want to apply for these as and when you file your application itself. Make sure you thoroughly peruse the eligibility criteria for said scholarships, however. Landing a scholarship can put you a rung above your peers when college begins.

The Engineer

The Engineer - How to Get Admission In Your Dream Engineering College

When it’s the season for admissions in engineering colleges in India, all colleges (including ours) get ready to fulfill countless students’ dreams. Some make it; some settle for what they get. The difference between reaching and missing your dream engineering college is in the planning and execution. Waste no time in pursuit of the engineering degree you want! Are you ready to stake a claim on your engineering seat?


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