Best MBA College in Chennai

Best MBA College in Chennai


MBA is one course that everyone wants to do if they have the instinct to become a business leader. While engineering is seen as one of the most preferred courses in our country, MBA is seen as one of the best career choices. Owing to this, many graduates from various other fields take up MBAs later in life to pursue a career in it. If you are also someone who is confused about making a career with an MBA degree, then this blog is for you.

To earn the right degree it is important to choose the right institution. VIT is one of the top MBA colleges in chennai. Besides providing state-of-art facilities, VIT is also known as one of the best MBA colleges in Chennai with placement. MBA provides a promising career for those aspiring to become one. If you are looking forward to deep-dive and know more about this career choice, keep reading!

MBA – One Of The Best Career Choices

If you are still reading this blog, then it is sure you are considering MBA as an option for a career. With no second thoughts, it is one of the most sorted career options. An MBA degree lets you travel anywhere in the world and pursue a career in it. MBA has such a value that is universally recognized and accepted.

Here are some amazing reasons why you should choose MBA

Reasons Why You Should Choose MBA - Top MBA college in Chennai
Reasons Why You Should Choose MBA – Top MBA college in Chennai
ReasonsHow it Helps
Career shift for good and ‘UP’ your career graphMBA instantly scales your career graph. Yes, it isn’t easy, but your management course can land you one step ahead when done with dedication. Many MBA aspirants know that cracking GMAT and CAT is difficult. But with constant hard work and effort, one can come out with flying colors.
Be your own bossManagement courses are all about how you run your business and once you learn it, there’s no stopping you from achieving your business dreams.
Worldwide recognition for its credentialsOnce you complete your MBA, your degree is recognized by some of the biggest firms across the world. It can be an anchor point to do many other certification courses in any part of the world.
Excellent Career OpportunitiesWhile many people say that the industry has saturated because there are numerous MBA graduates, it is not entirely true. No matter what, there will always be a demand for MBA graduates for every organization that needs a manager. The opportunities are endless in various sectors like technology, statistics, human resources, economics, finance, etc.
Great NetworkingMBA connects you to people beyond and you will get some powerful connections that will help you grow amazingly in your career.

Specializations in MBA that VIT offers for a fruitful career path

Specializations in MBA - Top MBA college in Chennai
Specializations in MBA – Top MBA college in Chennai

MBA offers immense opportunities and the career doors are always wide open. Any brand or a business needs a professional to lead it and this is what you will get to do if you do an MBA. VIT Business School molds its students to become top-class professionals in management by grooming them with the right skills. Our faculty is one of the best in the city. VIT provides MBA specialization in many fields.

MBA MarketingMBA in this discipline that focuses on sales and marketing. As a graduate, you will be responsible to manage a company’s marketing activities like promotions, advertisements, media, sales, and much more.
MBA FinanceThis specialization focuses on managing accounts and finance of companies that will help them achieve various financial objectives.
MBA HRThis is one of the most preferred subjects in MBA. This course focuses on recruiting, managing, and directing an organization’s workforce.
MBA Operations This specialization helps the students get their expertise in planning, manufacturing, production, supply chain management, and providing commercial services.
MBA Information SystemsVarious segments like database management, management skills, and business application of these principles.
MBA International BusinessThis subject deals with making students understand the various topics relating to international business and the knowledge required for it. 
MBA Business AnalyticsThis is a multidisciplinary degree that trains students in technical skills, leadership, management practices, business fundamentals, communication, and much more to become a data analyst, big data analyst, or market researcher.

These courses are for two years each and one can choose what they want to pursue based on their area of interest. The best thing about studying in the best MBA College in Chennai, VIT is that if you are academically deserving, you will be entitled to various scholarships. However, this depends on various factors. Check out our courses page for more information.

Why should you join VIT  Business School?

Why should you join VIT Business School - Top MBA college in Chennai
Why should you join VIT Business School – Top MBA college in Chennai

VIT is one of the most renowned MBA colleges in Chennai. While there are many other colleges, too, VIT is unique in its way. If you are wondering why you should pursue your MBA in VIT, then here are some reasons that will make you say yes!

  • VIT is a renowned and prestigious institution with some fine and very successful graduate alumni from their past years.
  • VIT has a world-class infrastructure. We have facilities and labs that are equipped with the latest technology for various courses. Our workshops and laboratories are some of the best and fairest.
  • You can be assured of experiencing the best college life here at VIT. With various industrial visit programs, we make sure that you get the best and hands-on experience for your course.
  • VIT Business School is one of the best MBA colleges in Chennai. It has some great tie-ups with some of the best and prestigious universities and institutions worldwide through which we promote student-exchange programs. This, we believe, will help students get better exposure to their subject and career.
  • VIT offers so many other programs as well besides MBA. Some of them are engineering, law, computer sciences, and different specializations of them. You can check out our courses page to explore more.


Placement Details - Best MBA college in Chennai
Placement Details – Best MBA college in Chennai

VIT Chennai ’s placements are commendable as we only tie-up with renowned companies. The best thing about placements here is that we provide intensive training to ensure our students get into the best and the right fit. 

We are proud to share some of the best placements that we had in MBA. Our students never cease to make us proud and keep the VIT flag high.

NameDegreeBranchCompanyCompany StatusCompany TypeCTC
RAHUL SATHYAKUMARM.B.ABusiness AdministrationJaro EducationDreamFulltime606,000
SARAVANAN GOPAL CM.B.ABusiness AdministrationPinclicksDreamFulltime516,000
B NAVEEN ADITYAM.B.ABusiness AdministrationPinclicksDreamFulltime516,000

We believe that every student has a dream company, and we work towards getting them into it. At VIT, we encourage students to stay motivated and ready to put in their hard work and effort to touch skies and stand tall.


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