Campus Amenities

VIT offers many amenities for large student community to ensure their being conducive for holistic development and an open atmosphere giving much autonomy to students to take ownership of all the available facilities from the time of admission until completion of their academic programmes on Campus. We make every effort guaranteeing their comfort and stay on Campus. VIT has always been unflinching in reaching out to every student who is at the core of all research and academic life being an important stakeholder in the vision.

The campus is a self-sufficient enclave with concrete, well-lit roads. Its facilities include a Canteen, Chat and Bakery Food Courts.

V-Mart is a multipurpose shopping mall. It stocks a variety of student needs from mattresses, clothing and accessories to greeting cards.

Standby power generators are provided in the Institute and Hostels. Bus facilities are available for the dayscholars.

Banks & ATM’s : The Indian Bank branch is available in the campus with ATM facility.