Vibrance – a national-level two-day cultural and sports festival is by far the largest cultural festival of VIT Chennai and since its inception has served as a pioneer of art and culture for the youth. It is a world where people will be overwhelmed to enter but never think of exit. Through the years providing a “one of it’s kind” experience has been the predicament of the festival and achieving it every year has been our legacy. So carrying the same legacy forwards this time also.

VIBRANCE 2018 – Photos

 Inaugural Ceremony

Vibrance 2020


This technical extravaganza will be filled with numerous activities such as workshops and technical events organised by the various schools of the University with the primary objective being, “To nurture professional skills and impart fine qualities to the students.” It also has gaming events to thrill and create an environment with fun and frolic. Additionally, technical exhibitions from various organisations are being planned to be hosted