Students Welfare

Student Council of VIT Chennai

Student Council of VIT Chennai has representatives from each discipline and gender distribution. The Student Council is a representative structure that acts as a voice of students. It involves in the affairs of all Students’ related activities by partnering with the students, VIT administration and the parents. The Student council takes up issues of concern and debates to provide solutions that benefit the student community as well as VIT Chennai. It enables the students to take responsibility for activities on the campus and demonstrate their managerial capacity to bring success in all such actions. Such opportunities enable them to acquire communication, planning and organizational skills that will benefit throughout their life. Thus, the main role of VIT Chennai Students Council is to create a partnership among the students, parents and the University authorities to create a sense of ownership among the students.

Student Council Members

S. No. Registration no. Name Designation
1 19BCL1015 Achintya Anumolu Executive Member
2 19BPS1009 Jay Gupta Executive Member
3 19BCE1078 Alishma Bhardwaj Executive Member
4 19MIS1164 Saheli Das Executive Member
5 19BLC1023 Pranav Warrier Executive Member
6 19BEC1340 V. Swetha Executive Member
7 19BEE1211 Anushka Sharma Executive Member
8 19BME1265 S. Gnanaaksaya Executive Member
9 18BLA1040 Meera R Menon Executive Member
10 18BLB1020 N. Asmitha Executive Member
11 19BFT1006 Soumya Yelchuri Executive Member
12 20MBA1063 S. Sushma Executive Member
13 20BBH1042 Maktoum Ali Executive Member
14 20MDT1011 Kaibalya Pattnaik Executive Member
15 20MSH1011 J. Subhiksha Executive Member
16 20MSP1023 Gautham Kumar Jayakumar Executive Member
17 21MMT1014 Venkata Rama Krishna Palakurthi Executive Member
18 21MST1009 Sai Manoj Vemula Executive Member
19 21MVD1044 Manoj Sudhindra Badgandi Executive Member
20 21MCA1041 Kaushiki Verma Executive Member

Roles of Students Council

  • Promote communication among the students, parents, faculty members and University authorities
  • Establish a conducive environment for the students’ educational and personal development
  • Represent the views of students on matters of general concern

The Students’ Welfare Office liaises with the Student Council regularly in planning and organizing students’ promotional activities. In undertaking activities during the academic year, the Students Council should:

  • Closely work with the faculty members, VIT authorities, and parents
  • Consult the students across discipline and year regularly
  • Involve as many students as possible in such activities as, cultural, technical, clubs and sports related activities, etc.
  • Contribute to the development of University policy related to students requirements, code of behavior, extracurricular activities

Students Welfare Office

Student Council work closely with the authorities at Students Welfare Office (SWO). The administration within Students Welfare Office include Assistant Directors (Health, Proctor-Proctee Actions, Clubs and Societies, Sports, and Events) and a Director. Major events, including technoVIT, Vibrance, University Day, Final Year Students Farewell, etc, are organized by the SWO in collaboration with the Students Council and other Students’ Representatives.