School of Civil Engineering (SCE)


The School of Civil Engineering (SCE) is the best civil engineering college in Chennai, with a dynamic and lively community of faculty and students. The school places its belief in combining theory and practice to expand the definition of education and extend it to training on practical skills. 

The school stands out and excels in providing knowledge in all areas of civil engineering through its expert faculty, who have both – a deep practical understanding of the industry and doctorate degrees from eminent universities across the globe. Their wide range of research and industry exposure contributes to creating an environment of knowledge sharing and integrity. 


VIT – Best Civil Engineering College in Chennai

True to its stature of being one of the best civil engineering colleges in Chennai, the school provides the most modern facilities. The school believes in removing all the barriers between the student and their journey to gaining knowledge. For this, the school provides all resources and facilities to help a student release their maximum potential. 

The school provides top-notch research facilities to encourage growth and evolution in the industry. The institute strengthens research clubs with funding and various opportunities. It enables cutting-edge research in a wide spectrum of technological areas. 

In addition to classroom and practical learning, the school is an active host of seminars and workshops from eminent people in the industry that let students gain different perspectives and answer various industry-related questions. 


 Opportunities that Civil Engineering has to offer

Civil Engineering is an ever-developing industry. The broad element under Civil Engineering is to work on developing the infrastructure of the country. A wider look will provide you insight into the numerous things you can do after graduating with a civil engineering degree from the best civil engineering college in Chennai, India, or any other place

After graduating, there are various options that the industry has to offer- from a Construction manager, a geotechnical engineer, to an environmental engineer. As a construction manager, your duties would include inspecting the working site and ensuring things run smoothly. If you are an environment junkie and are more inclined towards preserving nature, Geotechnical or Environmental engineering might just be perfect for you. 

Other job roles as a graduate include becoming a Public health engineer who control and ensure that the sewage system and water are all healthy and disease-free, a transportation engineer assists in the construction of trains, subways, railways, etc., and an urban planning engineer who, like the name suggests, plan what an urban city would look like!

 These are some of the many plethoras of opportunities that civil engineering offers, and you’re only one step away from becoming a civil engineer. Enroll in the best civil engineering college in Chennai to start building your dream. 


 The goal of the department / Vision and Mission 

  • Excellence is a process at The School of Civil Engineering. The school keeps service at the forefront and aims at doing complete justice to its students at all times.
  • The school remains anchored to VIT’s primary vision – to have a happy and accountable workforce and student body. Maintaining harmony and establishing and understanding among all stakeholders is the main objective of the school.
  • The school carries its sense of responsibility to provide quality education without compromising ethical and social factors. 
  • The department’s goal is to produce the best civil engineers in the country and contribute meaningfully to the industry.
  • The environment at the school is built on constant co-creation and collaboration with national and international industries and universities. This encourages economic development and productivity. 


Course specialization offered at VIT.

The syllabus is tailor-made according to the requirements of the present-day industry standards, consisting of various contemporary topics. As the best civil engineering college in Chennai, It aims at embracing applied learning through research in all the courses of civil and structural engineering. The school offers all the variants of civil engineering courses, including:

  • B. Tech,
  • M. Tech, and 
  • PhD

Placement opportunities and Counselling:

Graduates from the school of Civil Engineering have attained extraordinary opportunities after their graduation. The syllabus at the school creates a strong foundation for every student to excel in any field that interests them. From building startups with seeds of ideas to getting enrolled for higher education in the best civil engineering colleges in Chennai, and abroad to getting jobs at leading companies – the course prepares students for everything. At VIT, we offer placement support and guidance in terms of providing students with the training necessary to present themselves and get placed successfully.

The school takes pride in its alumni network and the strong relationships built with the students. Along with the students, they maintain relationships with top research and educational institutions around the world. This active collaboration has cemented their place among the best civil engineering colleges in Chennai and enabled students to take up roles in prestigious organizations and academic institutions post-graduation. 


Why is VIT the Best Civil Engineering College in Chennai?

  •  SCE enables students to release their maximum potential and provides them with all the resources they require for the same. It opens the world of endless opportunities and makes education truly limitless.
  • The student culture at VIT is very welcoming and encouraging. The various student bodies and clubs established on campus encourage interaction and engagement between national and international students.
  • Being an industry-relying field, multiple and occasional industry visits provide students with on-the-field experiences. The projects and assignments are designed in a way to encourages critical thinking. 
  • VIT takes multiple initiatives and steps to provide life skills that are essential for the overall holistic growth of an individual

VIT Chennai has always aimed at breaking boundaries and ensuring quality education for students. The multi-faceted missions of the university have only grown by leaps and bounds over the years and aim at growing at the same pace in the future, if not more.

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