Best Civil Engineering Colleges in Chennai

School of Civil Engineering (SCE)



The School has established advanced R & D laboratories to propagate emerging technologies amongst the students and develop cutting edge technologies in the field of High Performance Concrete, Remote Sensing, Development of Low Cost Building Materials like Fly Ash, Foundry Waste Sand and Removal of Chromium from Waste Water by using Bio-polymers and such other things. The students are completely trained to keep pace with the technological developments and equip themselves with the latest in the field.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

S.No.Name of the Equipment
1Thermo reactor COD
2Miclins peristaltic pump
3Orbital shaking incubator
4Electronic weighing balance
5Bacteriological incubator
6BOD incubator
7Table top shaker
8LJ open shaker
9UV – Visible spectrophotometer
10Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
11Ion Chromatography
12High Performance Liquid Chromatography
13Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (solid and liquid)
14Laboratory centrifuge
15Hot air oven
16Muffle furnace
17Vertical autoclave
18Laminar air flow (vertical)
19Primo star halogen microscope
20Digital colony counter
21Kjeldhal distillation unit
22Quick freezer
23Specific ion meter
24ORSAT apparatus
25DO meter
26Turbidity meter
27pH/ORP meter
28Triple/double distilled water unit
29Automatic pipette washer
30Hot plate
31Vacuum pump
33Magnetic stirrer
34Fume cupboard
35Jar test apparatus
37Digital noise level meter
38Double walled water bath
39Micro controller based conductivity meter
40Automatic booster pump
41Safety shower
42Filler Press
43Mini-chromatography Chamber
44Refrigerated Centrifuge
45UV Transilluminator

Structural Engineering and Concrete Laboratory

S.No.Name of the Equipment
1Mechanical strain gauge
3Thickness gauge
4Beam Mould – 100 x 100 x 500 mm
5Electrochemical corrosion measuring instrument
6Cube mould 100 x 100 x 100 mm
7Cube mould 15 0x 150 x 150 mm
8Cylinder mould 100 × 200 mm
9Cylinder mould 150 × 300 mm
10Rebar Locator
13L Box
14J Box
15U Box
16V Funnel
17Flow Table
18Accelerated Curing Tank
19Density Basket
21Rebound hammer
23Loose weight platform balance

Advanced Concrete Testing Laboratory

S.No.Name of the Equipment
1Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT) Apparatus
2Carbonation chamber for concrete
3Concrete permeability apparatus
4Cement tensile testing apparatus
5Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) test for concrete
6Rebound hammer test for concrete
7Electro-chemical corrosion measurement instrument

Building Drawing Laboratory

S. No.Name of Hardware and Software
1Dell Workstations T1650 – 62 Nos.
2Autodesk AutoCAD 2019 (Educational Software Licenses)
3Autodesk Revit 2019 (Educational Software Licenses)
4Mathworks MatLAB 2011b (Educational Software Licenses)
5Bentley STAAD Pro V8i (Global Structural STAAD Bundle)

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment/Accessories
1Triaxial test apparatus
2Consolidation apparatus
3Unconfined compression test apparatus
4Laboratory vane shear apparatus
7Measuring cylinder
8Compaction test apparatus (Standard and Modified)
9Core cutter
10Sand pouring cylinder apparatus
11Laboratory permeability apparatus
12Over head tank
13CBR test apparatus
14Direct shear Test apparatus
15Relative density apparatus
17Stop watch
18Vernier caliper
19Hot air oven
20Table top sieve shaker
21Electronic weighing scale
22Weighing balance 0.001gms
23Shrinkage limit set
24Liquid limit device
25Extractor frame universal
26Liquid limit cone penetrometer apparatus
27High speed stirrer
28Automated compaction machine
29Swell test apparatus
30pH meter
31Vacuum pump
32Thickness gauge
33Cone drop test apparatus
34Cross permeability test apparatus
35In-plane permeability test apparatus
36Permittivity test apparatus
37Sampling tube
38Metal tamping rod

Surveying Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment/Accessories
1Electronic Total Station
2Digital Theodolite
3Global Positioning System (GPS) Equipment
4Digital Laser Rangefinder measuring device (Range: 250 m)
5Vernier Theodolite & Tacheometer
6Auto Level
7Plane Table
8Prismatic Compass
9Chain (20 m)
10Chain (30 m)
11Tapes (30 m – Fibre)
12Tapes (30 m – Steel)
14Ranging Rods
15Cross Staff
16Level Staff

Geosciences Research Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment/Accessories
1Stereo-zoom Trinocular Microscope & Digital Camera (Model  : SMZ – 18), Nikon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
2LEICA Microscope & Digital Camera (LEICA M205C), Leica Mikorosysteme, Wetzlar, Germany
3Ultra Sonicator (SONICA 2200 MH S3)
4Precision Balance (QUINTIX 65-101N)
5Brunton compass/Digital
1Anortdosite, Tiruchengkodu, TN
2Basalt, Maharashtra
3Diorite, AP
4Dolerite Porphyry, AP
5Dolerite, TN
6Granite Grey White, Bangalore,KN
7Granite Pink , AP
8Hornblende, KN
9Pumice, Italy
10Tourmaline Pegmatite, Gudur, AP
1Bituminous Coal, AP
2Conglomerate, Thiruvelangadu, TN
3Dolomite Granular, Sivanmalli, TN
4Limestone, Cudappah, AP
5Limestone Fossiliferous, Ariyalur, TN
6Limestone Oolitic, TN
8Shale Variegated, Rayalacheruvu, AP
9Shale Yellow, Jodhpur, Rajastdan
1Biotite Schist, Gudur, AP
2Charnockite, TN
3Chlorite Schist witd Garnet, Gudur, AP
4Chlorite Schist witd Staurolite, KN
5Gneiss, TN
6Marble Dolomitic, Rajastdan
7Marble Pink, Rajastdan
8Marble Serpentine, Rajastdan
9Marble White, Rajastdan
10Quartzite, Tirupatdi, AP
11Slate Black, AP
2Ametdyst Crystal, Maharashtra
3Apophyllite, Maharashtra
4Garnet, AP
5Magnetite, Sevatdoor, TN
6Mica Biotite, Gudur, AP
7Quartz Crystal, Andheri, Maharastra
8Quartz Crystal Somky Agg., Kangayam, TN
9Sillistite Agg ., Ariyalur, TN
10Stilbite Agg., Maharashtra
11Tourmaline, Gudur, TN
1Agate Banded, Maharashtra
2Agate Stalacmite, Lonavala, Maharashtra
3Albite (Plagioclase), Gudur, AP
4Apatite (Brown), Sewatdoor, TN
5Barite White, Cuddapah, AP
6Bauxite, Salem, TN
7Beryl, K.R.Sadar, Mysore
8Biotite (Black Mica), Gudur, AP
9Calcite Honey Yellow, Maharashtra
10Calcite Translucent, Deccan Traps
11Calcite White Andheri, Maharashtra
12Chalcedony Apophyllite, Pune, Maharashtra
13Chert, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
14Chlorite, Tavadahalli, KN
15Chromite, Byrapur, KN
16Chrysotile Serpentine, Cuddapah, AP
17Dolomite : Asbestos, Yedegowdanahalli, KN
18Feldspar Microcline Pink, AP
19Feldspar Pink Karur, TN
20Flint Black, Duolay, Maharashtra
21Fossil Wood, Bihar
22Galena, France
23Graphite, Ankapalli, AP
24Gypsum, Trichy, TN
25Hematite, Sandur, KN
26Heulandite, Lonavala, Maharashtra
27Hornblende, Sewatdoor, TN
28Jasper Sandur, KN
29Limonite, Sandur, KN
30Muscovite, Sivanmalali, TN
31Olivine, Salem, TN
32Phosphatic Nodules, Ariyalur,TN
33Plagioclase, Gudur, AP
34Pyrite Crystallized, Cuddapah, AP
35Quartz Bluish Grey, Mangalapur, KN
36Quartz Crystal, AP
37Quartz Green, Gudur, AP
38Quartz Milky, Mysore, KN
39Quartz Silicified Wood, Kangayam,TN
40Quartz Transparent, Kangayam,TN
41Quartz Yellow, Dindigul,TN
42Quartz, Dindigul,TN
43Rocksalt / Hallite, Punjab
44Soun Stone, TN
45Star Corundum, Kolar, KN
47Talc Cream, Jaipur, Rajastdan
48Vermiculite, Sewatdoor, TN

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment
1Aggregate crushing test apparatus
2Aggregate impact value test apparatus
3Benkilman beam deflection test
4Centrifuge extractor
5Ductility testing apparatus
6Length gauge
7Los angles abrasion test apparatus
8Marshall bar stability test apparatus
9Penetrometer for bitumen
10Ring and ball apparatus
11Sieve shaker and sieves
12Tar viscometer
13Thickness gauge

Strength of Materials Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment
1Spring Testing Machine
2Computerized Universal Testing Machine
3Digital Torsion Testing Machine
4Impact Testing Machine
5Fatigue Testing Machine
6Autograph (SHIMADZU-UTM)
7Deflection Test Apparatus
8Rosette Strain Gauge
9Vickers Hardness Tester
10Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
11Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
12Automated compression testing machine
Computer Hardware
1Computers (2 Nos.)

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment
1Flow through orifice apparatus (closed circuit)
2Flow through mouthpiece apparatus (closed circuit)
3Flow through triangular notch (closed circuit)
4Flow through rectangular notch (closed circuit)
5Flow through venturi meter and orifice meter (closed circuit)
6Flow velocity measurement using Pitot tube
7Pipe friction apparatus (closed circuit)
8Flow through an annulus pipe (closed circuit)
9Reynolds apparatus (closed circuit)
10Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s theorem
11Tilting flume apparatus
12Losses in pipe fittings
13Apparatus for determining Metacentric height
14Hele-Shaw Apparatus for Flow Visualization

Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

S. No.Name of the Equipment
1Kaplan Turbine
2Francis Turbine
3Pelton Wheel
4Gear Pump
5Reciprocating Pump
6Centrifugal Pump (constant speed)
7Centrifugal Pump (variable speed)
8Jet Pump
9Submersible Pump
10Impact of jet on vanes
11Centrifugal blower