Five Year Integrated M.Tech Programme in Construction Technology and Management


The Construction Technology and Management (CTM) program prepares technically qualified students for responsible technical and management roles in all phases of the development of major constructed facilities. It emphasizes management techniques useful in organizing, planning and controlling the activities of diverse specialists working within the unique project environment of the construction industry, and it covers construction technology aspects of heavy, industrial and building construction. The CTM concentration offers courses in: building systems, construction administration, construction law, project finance, accounting, real estate development, structural design, HVAC design and construction, equipment and methods, estimating, international construction, labor relations, managing human resources, planning and control techniques, productivity improvement, and project and company organizations. Additional related course work is available from other programs within the department, from other engineering departments, and from other schools in the University. The CTM program allows students substantial flexibility to tailor their program of study for careers with general contractors, specialty contractors, real estate or infrastructure developers or facility owners and operators. Taking into consideration the deep history of Civil Engineering, this programme is designed to keep the core subjects of Civil Engineering and Management paradigms. This programme is aimed to introduce modern Civil Engineering and transdisciplinary concepts such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction visualization and automation, Mixed realities technologies (Augmented and Virtual Reality), Constructability analysis, Generative design, Construction economics and finance, Infrastructure development and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), Computational programming, Business analytics, Strategic planning, Industry 4.0 for Construction, and so on. 

This programme promulgates Civil Engineering by reinvigorating with modern project management disciplines. The students enroll in this programme would get an opportunity for blended learning environment in both Core Civil Engineering domains and modern technologies concerning Management disciplines, and hence invariably get exposed to multifarious industries for placements and research. This programme encompasses training on wide variety of modern technological skills and tools, such as Contemporary structural design, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Advanced construction scheduling, Contract administration, Construction automation, Formwork for Concrete Structures, Prefabricated Techniques and Management, Environment management, Green building and Sustainability, Project Management, Data analytics, and so on.