School of Computer Science and Engineering


Research Group

The following are the research groups available in School of Computing Science and Engineering

Theoretical Computer Science

Group Members:

Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr. Nagaraj S V (Chair)Algorithms and data structures,Theoretical computer science, Web technologies, Security
Dr. Jeganathan LTheoretical (Mathematics of )  Machine learning,    Intelligence-based  evaluation of descriptive answers in an examination,  ML models through Cellular automata/ Cellular Learning Automata/Stochastic Automata,   Learning models based on Graph Neural Networks, Minimum complexity ML Models.
Dr. Jayaram BGraph Theory, Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Optimization
Dr. Nisha  V.MCellular automata, artificial intelligence
Dr. Venkatraman SHybrid Intrusion Detection Systems and Smart Networks
Dr. Rajesh MData Science
Dr. Kalaipriyan TQuantum Machine Learning
Prof. Kavya AlluruParallel Algorithms
Dr. Janani TComplex Analysis,Geometric Function Theory
Dr. Sureshkumar WIMembrane Computing, DNA Computing and Graph Theory
Dr. Maria Anu VArtificial Intelligence, Internet of Things

Data Analytics

Group Members:

Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr. Sajidha S A (Chair)Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Dr.Parvathi RMachine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr.Janaki Meena MImage and Text Mining
Dr.Syed Ibrahim S PMachine learning, Deep Learning, Recommendation system, Malware Data Analytics
Dr.Pattabiraman VData Mining, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr.Appalaraju MuralidharMachine Leaning, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics
Dr.Rajalakshmi RMachine Learning, Deep Learning and Text Analytics,Social Media Analytics, NLP / Text Analytics, Medical Image Processing
Dr.Ramesh RagalaMachine Learning, Deep Learning and Distributed Data Processing
Dr.Renta Chintala BhargaviMachine Learning, health care, agriculture
Dr.Shyamala LMachine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr.Sweetlin Hemalatha CData Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr.Vijayalakshmi AMedical Image Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Dr.Sandeep Kumar SatapathyMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision,Heathcare Data Analytics, Domain Adaptation
Dr.Amrit PalMachine Learning, Deep Learning, IOT
Dr.Bhuvaneswari ACrisis Informatics, Geo Spatial Info Science, Graph Network Measures, Machine Learning, Social Computing
Dr.Ilavarasi A. KHeath care Analytics, Machine Learning
Dr.Pradeep KCloud Computing
Dr.Punitha Kdata mining
Dr.Shruti MishraData Analytics;Bioinformatics; Machine Learning; Data Mining; Deep Learning
Dr.Suganeshwari GMachine Learning
Dr. SHEIK ABDULLAH AData Analytics, Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Swarm Intelligence, Clinical Informatics
Dr. M.SugunaHealth care data analytics, Agile Project Management
Dr. Priyadarshini RBlockchain, IoT security, CPS, Data Analytics
Dr.S.BrindhaEngineering Optimization, Evolutionary algorithms
Dr.D.ManjulaText Mining , Big Data Analytics , NLP
Dr.Suguna MHealth care data analytics
R PriyadarshiniBig data, cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain
A Sheik AbdullahData Analytics, Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Swarm Intelligence, Clinical Informatics
Dr Smrithy G SData Analytics, Data Science
Dr. Revathi MMachine Learning, Medical Image Processing
Dr. P. Mercy Rajaselvi BeaulahMachine Learning, Image Processing
R.M.BHAVADHARINIWireless Communication, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things

Software Engineering

Group Members:

Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr. Umamaheswari E (Chair)Software Testing, Edge Computing
Dr.Sathis Kumar BSoftware Architecture, Gamification, Education Technology, Social Computing
Dr.Alok ChauhanChange Impact Analysis,Ontology Matching, Algorithm Engineering
Dr.B V A N S S Prabhakar RaoSoftware Engineering, Machine Learning and Soft Computing
Dr.Hema NHealth Care
Dr.Premalatha MEducational Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning
Dr.Maheswari Sweb sciences, video analytics
Dr.Nachiyappan SBig data
Dr.Rajarajeswari SKnowledge representation
Dr.Saleena BSemantic web
Dr.Suganya GMachine and Deep Learning
Dr.Prakash BData mining
Dr.Rajakumar ArulCryptography and Network Security
Dr.Sathyarajasekaran KSoftware Engineering, Machine Learning and Soft Computing
Dr.Viswanathan VSemantic Web Technology
Dr.Sridhar RKnowledge Engineering

Cyber Physical Systems

Group Members:

Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr. Jagadeesh Kannan R (Chair)Deep Learning
Dr. Pradeep Kumar  T.SWireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things
Dr. Kanchana Devi VNetworks-Wireless Sensor Network, IoT
Dr. Kumar RCloud Computing
Dr. Maheswari RInternet of Things
Dr. Neela Narayanan VCloud Computing,Network Management and Security, Machine Learning, Fog Computing, Fog Analytics, Context-Aware Computing
Dr. Prassanna JCloud Computing, IoT
Dr. Priyaadharshini MIoT, Cloud Computing, Immersive Technologies for higher Education, Learning Analytics,Educational Technology
Dr. Radha RNetworks
Dr. Rekha DWireless Sensor network, IoT
Dr. Rukmani PWireless Networks, IoT, Cyber Security
Dr. Shola Usha RaniIoT,AI,healthcare,IoT domain Analysis
Dr. Abdul Quadir MdCloud Computing, Machine Learning
Dr. Anita XNetwork Security, Data Analytics
Dr. Anusooya GCloud Computing,Green Computing, Load Balancing and High Performance Computing, Carbon Emission, Energy Efficiency, Carbon Footprint
Dr. Christy Jackson JAdhoc Networks, Autonomous Systems
Dr. Edward Jero SBiomedical Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Assistive Devices
Dr. Gayathri RMachine learning
Dr. Ganapathy SNetworks – Wireless Sensor, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IOT etc.
Dr. Vergin Raja Sarobin MWireless Sensor,  IOT
Dr. Ashoka Rajan RBiometrics, Machine Learning
Dr. Sudha AWireless Networks
Prof. Rajiv VincentDeep Learning
Dr. Abishi ChowdhuryReinforcement Learning,Internet of Things, Resource Management
Dr.Arunkumar.VMechatronics/Robotics, Mobile robots
Dr. S.A. AMUTHA JEEVAKUMARIReconfigurable Antenna, EMIC, Communication Networks, IOT, AI
Dr. Manjula VWSN, WSN SECURITY, IoT, IoT Security, Blockchain Technology, AI AND Machine Learning
Dr. Suseela SellamuthuCyber Psychical System,Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks,Computational Intelligence Alogorithm,IoT,Cyber Security,AI

Artificial Intelligence

Group Members:

Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr.Bharadwaja Kumar (Chair)Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning
Dr.Nayeemulla KhanSpeech Recognition, Machine Learning, Brain Computer Interface
Dr.Maheswari NMachine Learning, Privacy in data analysis, Behavioural Informatics
Dr. Rabindra Kumar SinghMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Biometrics
Dr. Nithya Darisini  P.SMachine Learning and Computer Vision
Dr. Shridevi SSemantic AI, Graph Deep Learning, Knowledge Graphs
Dr.Harini SDeep learning
Dr.Jenila Livingston L MeLearning, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Biometrics
Dr.Prakash PMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing
Dr.Priyadarshini JAI, ML, Health care, legal predictions
Dr.Thomas Abraham J VSpeaker Recognition, Deep Learning
Dr.Tulasi Prasad SarikiNatural Language Processing
Dr.Ummity Srinivasa RaoOptimization Techniques, Image preocessing Applications, Wireless Sensor Applications,Pharmaceutical Applications, Handloom Applications in Machine Learning and Cellular Automata Models
Dr.Muthukumaran KEmpirical Software Engineering, Mining Software Repositories, Applied Machine Learning
Dr.Pradeep K VMachine and Deep Learning
Dr.Amit Kumar TyagiSmart and Secure AI,Next Generation Machine Based Communications, Blockchain Technology and Privacy
Dr.Balasundaram AComputer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Dr.Bhanu Chander BalusaMachine Learning
Dr.Jothi RMachine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr.Manas Ranjan PrustyMachine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr.Radhika Selvamani BDecision Support System
Dr.RichaArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Dr.Shivani GuptaMachine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr. Ilakiyaselvan NBiomedical signal analysis, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing
Prof. Khadar Nawas Kspeaker regonition, deeplearning
Dr. Abinaya SRecommender Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Leaning, Recommender System
Dr. Valarmathi PArtificial Intelligence-Optimization Techniques,Data analytics,Deep learning
Anushiya Rachel GSpeech Processing (Signal Processing, Machine Learning)
Trilok Nath PandeyMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics
S M JaisakthiMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Image and Computer Vision, Big Data Analytics
Dr.S.AbinayaMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Recommender Systems, Fuzzylogic and Optimization
Dr Yogesh CMachine Learning, Feature Extraction, Feature Selection, Optimization and Deep Learning
Dr.A.Sherly AlphonseAffective Computing,Machine Learning,Image Processing
Dr.D.Jeya MalaIntelligent Agents, Software Obfuscation, Software test optimization, Cyber Security for Real time critical Systems,Intelligent Recommender Systems
Dr.Senthil Kumar A MCloud computing, Machine Learning
Vinothini AMachine Learning, Deep Learning
Abirami SSpatiotemporal modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Dr.J.Uma MaheswariSemantic Web Service Discovery
Dr.P.ValarmathiArtificial Intelligence,Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Optimization Techniques
Joe Dhanith P RNLP using Deep Learning
pandiyaraju vAgricultural Datamining System, WSN, Machine Learning

Network and Security

Group Members:

Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr.Asha S (Chair)Malware analysis
Dr.Nithyanandam PCloud Security, Cryptography, Multimodal Biometrics, HTTP and DDOS Attacks
Dr.Subbulakshmi TMachine Learning
Dr.Ganesan RInformation Security, Cryptographic Algorithms, Cloud Security
Dr.Renuka Devi SDDoS Attack Mitigation,  Cryptography, SDN Security
Dr.Anusha KWireless network,Intrusion Detection Systems, Cyber security
Dr.Ganala SantoshiRobotic / Mobile Sensor Networks
Dr.Karmel ACyber Security, SDN networks,Wireless Networks, Cryptographic Applications, Software Defined Networks, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, IoT
Dr.Menaka Pushpa AIntrusion Detection System using AI
Dr.Vijayakumar K PWireless sensor, IoT
Dr.Kirthica SCloud computing, Security
Dr.Muthumanikandan VNetworking, Software Defined Networks, Cloud Computing, internet of Things, Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing
Dr.Parkavi KDeep Learning
Dr.Prasad MWireless Sensor Network, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT
Dr.Sakthivel VCloud computing, Machine Learning
Dr.Seshu Babu PulagaraNetworks – Wireless Sensor and IOT
Dr.Subbulakshmi PCognitive Networks, AI and ML
Dr. Jayasudha MCloud Security, Cyber forensics
Dr. Bhuvaneswari Amma N.GCyber Security, Data Science, Anomaly Detection, Security in Internet of Vehicles, Biometric Security, Smart Agriculture
Prof.Rajesh KumarCloud Security, Information Security
Prof. Prabakaran RCyber Security in Power Systems
Dr.D.KavithaCyber Security in Power Systems,IoT , Software Security, Cyber security, Big Data analytics
Dr. Padmavathy T VWireless Networks, Under Water Acoustic Communication, Antenna Design
Dr. Manimegalai TMobile Adhoc Networks, Machine Learning
Dr. Indra Priyadharshini SNetwork Security and Cloud Security
Dr. Padmavathy T VWireless Sensor networks, Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, Antenna Design
Dr. Sivakumar PNetwork Security, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Dr. Om Kumar C.UMachine Learning and Security
Dr. Sandosh SNetwork and Information security, Complex Event Processing
Dr. Balaji CCryptography
Dr. Mary Shamala LCryptography and Network Security
Dr. MANIMEGALAI TMobile Adhoc Networks, Machine Learning and Image Processing
Dr. Bhuvaneswari Amma N.GCyber Security, Data Science, Anomaly Detection, Security in Internet of Vehicles, Biometric Security, Smart Agriculture
Dr. Indra Priyadharshini SNetwork Security, Cloud Security and Cryptography
Dr.KAVITHA DInternet of Things, Software security, Cyber security, Data Analytics
Dr. Dinakaran MMobile Networks
Dr. Renjith P NSecurity in WSN, IoT, Wireless Networks
Dr. Asha Jerlin MMalware Analysis, Wireless sensor Network

Imaging and Computer Vision

Group Members:


Name of the FacultyArea of Research
Dr.Graceline Jasmine S (Chair)Remotely Sensed Image Processing
Dr.Malathi GBiometrics, Satellite Image Processing, Healthcare Analytics, Medical Image Analysiscare
Dr.Geetha SComputer Vision Applications
Dr.Rajesh Kanna BDeep learning models for computer vision applications, Image Analysis, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Path Planning, Hypergraph-based models for image engineering applications
Dr.Asnath Victy Phamila YImage Coding, Fusion, Object Detection, Face recognition, Deep Learning
Dr.Sandhya PMachine Learning and Deep Learning, Blockchain technology, Web Services, Speech Signal Processing, Web Technology
Dr.Sivagami MMachine Learning and Deep Learning
Dr.Bharathi Raja SMachine and Deep Learning
Dr.Rajkumar SDigital Image Processing, Satellite Image Processing, Programming languages and Web Technology,SAR imaging and Programming Languages
Dr.Sivabalakrishnan MObject counting,computer vision and deep learing
Dr. Leninisha SSatellite Image Processing and Medical Imaging
Dr.Ayesha SKReversible data hiding, Hyper Spectral Imaging, Digital Image Watermarking,, Hardware implementation of Image processing algorithms,
Dr.Braveen MImage and Video Retrieval Systems, Biometrics
Dr.Jani Anbarasi LImage Processing, Deep Learning, Image Security, Medical Imaging
Dr.Jayanthi RNetwork Security ,Machine learning ,Image Processing
Dr. Pavithra L KMachine Learning, Deep Learning- Image Classification
Dr. Rishikeshan C. A.GIS, Remote sensing, Satellite Image Processing
Dr. Sindhia LingaswamyComputer Vision
Dr. Swaminathan A Face Recognition, Expression and Emotion Detection
Dr. Vedhapriyavadhana RDeep Learning
Prof. Nivedita MComputer Vision Applications
Dr. Tamilarasi KArtificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Health Care Analytics
Prof. Sahaya Beni Prathiba BVehicular Networks, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics and Vision, Edge computing, Machine Learning
Dr. Aswiga R VTransfer Learning
Dr. Joshan Athanesious JExplainable Artificial Intelligence(XAI), Computer Vision, Image Processing.
R.REENA ROYMedical Image Processing
Dr S AMUTHAMedical Imaging, Machine learning
Dr.N.SangeethaImage Processing, Medical Imaging, Image Authentication, Machine Learning
Dr.D.SaraswathiMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Medical Image Analysis
Dr.ANANDAN PImage and Video Processing, Medical Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence
S. KiruthikaImage Quality Assessment
Modigari NarendraImage processing, Deep learning, 3D modeling
Dr.R.KrithigaComputer vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Dr. R. Srinivasa PerumalBiometrics, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Software Engineering
N.M.ELANGOBig Data Analytics , Medical Image Analysis
B.Sahaya Beni PrathibaVehicular Networks, Autonomous Vehicle Networking, SDN, 5G/6G, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Hasmath FarhanaMachine learning
RAMA PRABHA K PNetwork Security
Dr.K.TamilarasiCloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Health care Analytics
Dr. SAMBASIARAOImage processing and machine learning