School of Computer Science and Engineering

Worldwide Inter Collegiate Chess League – CCL

Adit Pushan K (22BCE1493)

Rohan Kailash B (21BRS1373)

Achievement: Our students represented division 5 among 25 teams worldwide in the recently concluded annual World Wide Inter-Collegiate Chess competition hosted by from September 23 to November 19, known as the “Collegiate Chess League- CCL”. Against cut -throat competition involving over 200 colleges from 100 universities globally, our team won the second place. Our team achieved victory over nine international teams, including prestigious institutions such as the University of Texas (Dallas), Boston College, and the University of South Florida.



Best Poster award in IIT

Jaskaran Singh Walia (21BCE1089)

Achievement: Our student Jaskaran Singh Walia (21BCE1089) was shortlisted for IIT Kanpur’s SURGE research program where he got to work on his funded research project titled “Spatially Resolved Multi-Omic Data Integration using Graph-Attention Variational Autoencoder”. After working on this for 3 months he presented his project’s poster along with all the other 300+ participants and he received the BEST POSTER AWARD for the same.

First Prize in District Level Kalaingnar century essay writing competition

Madhumitha D (21MIS1148)

Achievement: Our student D.Madhumitha participated in the Kalaignar Century Essay Writing Competition held in Kanchipuram district. She secured the first prize with Rs 10000 cash award, and the award was presented by the honorable Minister for Rural and Small Industries of Tamil Nadu, Thiru T.M. Anbarasan.

IBM Hackathon Winners

Srinidhi Gopalan (21BRS1133)

Achievement: Our students clinched 1st place in the global IBM Z hackathon 2023.

IIT Bombay Techfest Winners

Adithya Ajai (22BRS1024)

Kunal (22BRS1201)

Achievement: Our team Dreadnought Robotics won first place in the Cozmoclench competition conducted by IIT Bombay Techfest on 28th October 2023 held in Bangalore zone. They were awarded first place with 1 lakh prize pool.

Student Published an article in Scientific Reports, Springer Nature IF: 4.996

Shubhadip Chakrabarti (19BAI1113)

Achievement: Our B.Tech final year student Mr Shubhadip Chakrabarti has published an article based on his capstone project in Scientific Reports, Springer Nature. (having ImpactFactor: 4.996) under the guidance of Dr. U. Srinivasa Rao.

Star Performers at Sophrosyne VIT Toastmasters

Evaluation Speech Contest Winners

2nd Place: Shaahid (21BAI1087)

3rd Place: Varun Umapathy (23BCE1094)

Achievement: Our Toastmasters club students participated in evaluation speech contest and showcasing their incredible communication and public speaking skills and won the prizes.


Design Odyssey – E-Summit’23 Winners

Gourav Jena (20BCE1233)

Abhay Arora (20BRS1224)

Achievement: Our students Gourav Jena and Abhay Arora representing Team, “Just Placed” participated in the competition ‘Design Odyssey’ organized by IIT Indore as a part of their annual E-Summit on 7th October, 2023. The team emerged victorious and clinched the top spot Design Odyssey 2023.


Intel Unnati Challenge

Shivam Kumar Thakur (22BPS1014)

Kumar Shivam (22BCE1804)

Manvi Agarwal (22BRS1015)

Achievement: Our students’ team participated in the Intel Unnati Challenge and secured a spot among the top 10 teams. During this challenge, they presented their innovative idea at IIIT Hyderabad, alongside esteemed professors and the Intel team. In recognition of their achievement, they received a cash prize of Rs. 10,000, and Intel covered all their trip expenses. Additionally, they were granted exclusive passes to attend the two-day Mobility Day Summit at IIIT Hyderabad. The team was guided by Dr. Sourabh Paul.

Intel Unnati Grand Challenge

Madeti Venkata Sudiksha (21BPS1385)

Kamkanala Keerthi (21BAI1097)

Joshita das (21BRS1228)

Achievement: Our students participated in the Intel Unnati Challenge and secured a spot among the top 10 teams. During this challenge, they presented their innovative idea at IIIT Hyderabad, alongside esteemed professors and the Intel team. In recognition of their achievement, they received a cash prize of Rs. 10,000, and Intel covered all their trip expenses. Additionally, they were granted exclusive passes to attend the two-day Mobility Day Summit at IIIT Hyderabad. The team was guided by Dr. Shridevi S.

CII Gold Award for Dreadnought Robotics Team Captain

Sacchin Sundar (20BRS1053)

Achievement: Our student Mr Sacchin Sundar (20BRS1053), the Captain of the Dreadnought Robotics Team, received the Gold Award, for the underwater Robot developed by the Dreadnought Team from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) during 8th CII National Competition on Digitization, Robotics and Automation held at Gurgaon on 27.10.23


CXO Cywayz Hackathon Winners

Abhishek Kumar – Team Leader (21BCE5139)

Aditi Rai (21BCE1972)

Aditya Kushwaha (21BCE6104)

Sai Charan Guntupalli (21BAI1472)

Achievement: Our students won the cyber security Hackathon at the CXO Cywayz Hackathon Grand Finale on September 12, 2023, in Bangalore. There were three rigorous rounds of selection and elimination. Out of 120 batches participated all over India, three winners were announced and our team Encryption Elite was one among them and also honoured with a cash prize of ₹25,000 and a trophy. The team was guided by Dr. R. Vedhapriyavadhana.

India Hackathon Winners

Shivam Akhouri (20brs1095)

Ritika Lakshminarayanan (20BRS1106)

Alabhya Sharma (20BRS1150)

Vidhi Bhagwandas Ajbani (20BRS1174)

Achievement: Our team (VIT Team Cloud 404) emerged as the second place winners with prize money of 2.5 lakhs at the solving for India Hackathon at Google I/O Connect in Bengaluru.

Tamil Debate Competition


Achievement: Our student Sakthivel R won the second prize and received a well-deserved medal shield and a cash prize of Rs. 5000 from the Honourable Minister K. Anbarasan at “Dr. Kalaignar Nootrandu Vizha”.

Indian Karting Race Season 8 Winners


Arun Baalaji T M (21BAI1708)

Aditya Saran S (21BAI1035)

Dhivyadharshini S (21BAI1875)

Vaishnavi S (21BPS1588)

Krishnaroop S (21BPS1284)

Deepesh Sai K (21BCE5398)

Vshva Poorani L (21BRS1613)

Achievement: Our team (Team Marshall) have cleared the technical inspection and raced on Buddh International Circuit and placed third in the endurance race and second in the innovation round at Indian Karting Race Season-8 conducted by the Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers. In recognition for the achievement, our students received a generous cash prize of Rs. 10000 and Intel graciously covered all our expenses for the trip to Hyderabad, totalling Rs. 20000. Additionally, our students were granted exclusive passes to attend the two-day Mobility Day Summit at IIIT Hyderabad, and Intel further showed their support by gifting some goodies as a token of appreciation.

Brighter India Hackathon Winners

Faiz Abdul Rahim(22BAI1468)

Mohammed Zunnoon Aamir(22BCE5197)

Achievement: Our students developed Ai-powered application that analyses long political speeches, identifies impactful areas of the speech and creates small social media reels kind of videos.

Google’s DSC Solution Challenge 2023

Amritansh Sharma (22BCE1479)

Arin Yadav (22BCE5043)

Achievement: our students Amritansh Sharma & Arin Yadav represented VIT and India at Google’s Solution Challenge 2023. The contest had participation from 110 countries and 1900+ Universities and they were selected as a part of the Global Top 10. They were featured on Google for Developer’s YT Channel (YouTube Video) and have been awarded with a Cash Prize of ₹1, 65,000.

Kavach 2023 Winners

Madhur Singh (20BAI1321)

Swaifa Haque (20BAI1027)

Hari Baskar (20BCE1380)

Krishna Kumar S (20BCE1425)

Riyasshri J S (20BCE1836)

Civanesh C (20BCE1002)

Achievement: KAVACH’23 is a National level Hackathon organised by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Home Affairs, All India Council for Technical Education and IC4. It had 20 problem statements ranging in different sectors of cyber security and had over 4000+ teams participating in total. Our team won the Hackathon in grand finale round over the other teams that hailed from all over India. The team was guided by Dr.Anusha K and Dr. Suseela S

Brighter India Hackathon Winners

Adith Sagar Gowda (21BAI1928)

Ankith SR (21BPS1387)

Achievement: Our students secured second position in the Brighter India Hackathon conducted by Brighter India on 5th and 6th of August 2023 at (Howard Johnson by Wyndham), Bengaluru Hebbal. The Hackathon involved development of innovative ideas for the improvement of Election management with the help of AI. Our team developed a Machine Learning model based on Sentiment analysis that classifies social interactions by the public based on their view for each candidate standing.

Article published with Impact Factor: 24.83

Shourya Pratap Singh (22BPS1181)

Devika Iyer (22BAI1281)

Aishwarya Shaji (22BAI1384)

Ananya Tripathi (22BAI1273)

Achievement: Our B.Tech students published a review article in ‘Coordination Chemistry Reviews’ with Impact Factor: 24.83. Guided by Dr Pritam Ghosh.


International Sub-Sea Robotic Challenge – TAC Challenge – NORWAY 

    • Sacchin Ganesh Sundar (20BRS1053)
    • Shibani (21BAI1821)
    • Anirudh Malhotra (21BRS1597)
    • Sumukh Shrote (21BRS1154)
    • Shamsudeen Saleem (20BRS1241)
    • Siddhant Arora (21BRS1702)
    • Kiran Prasath D K (20BRS1028)
    • Hari Prasad P (21BRS1116)
    • Aaditya Bagaddeo (20BRS1089)
    • A Abinaya Sri (20BRS1001)
    • Yash Ulhas Ambre (20BRS1107)
    • Aniket Kulkarni (20BRS1038)
    • Chirag (21BRS1573)
    • Haroon Muhammed (20BRS1029)
    • Varenya Pathak (21BRS1567)

Sub-Sea Robotic Challenge

Sub-Sea Robotic Challenge

Achievement: Our student team Dreadnought Robotics guided by Dr. K. Karunamurthy participated in the international sub-sea robotics challenge (TAC Challenge) conducted by TAU Autonomy Center, Rogaland, Norway during June 9-13, 2023.

The team obtained the following results:

Presentation – 4th Place

Subsea pipeline inspection – 5th Place

Docking – 6th Place

Sub-sea Object Identification – 7th Place

Our team is the only debut team that participated in the international event and was appreciated for their outstanding participation with a Diploma Certificate.

A total of 13 teams (200 participants) from various countries registered for the sub-sea drone competition.


Google Summer of Code (GSOC) Internship – Selected



Achievement: Our student Beleswar Prasad Padhi III year B.Tech CSE with specialization in AIR got selected in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Internship 2022 and also in 2023.  The number of submissions to GSoC2022 is 7089 from 108 countries where 1024 students were selected. The number of submissions to GSoC 2023 is 7723 proposals from 160 countries where 967 students were selected.

In addition to his GSoC internship completion after 2022, he has taken efforts to motivate the VIT Chennai students and trained them to submit proposals to GSoC 2023.  Under his guidance, 30+ students have registered and 5 students have submitted the proposal with three months of training from Feb to April 2023.

Selected for Google Top 100 and Best Project in IEEE Bangalore

Amritansh Sharma – 22BCE1479

Arin Yadav – 22BCE5043

Shourya Pratap Singh – 22BPS1181

IEEE Bangalore_2023

Achievement: Our students’ project “Femunity” has been selected as the “Best Project – 2023” in YESIST12 organised by IEEE Bangalore.

The project has also been selected to be in the Global Top 100 by Google. The contest had 1000+ applications from the 1900 GDSCs across 110 countries. Our students will be representing our college and country at the International Finals, which is going to be held at Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt.

R² Data Labs Responsible Growth Hack || 2nd Position

Dennis Sagayanathan – 19MIS1125

Saladi Kalyan Sai Govind Anjan – 19MIA1056

Danish Arshad – 19MIA1068


Achievement: Our students secured the 2nd position in the R2 (Rolls Royce) Data Labs Responsible Growth Hack, which was a hackathon held globally, and had 1504 teams competing.

They will be invited to the Rolls Royce office, where they will be awarded with their prizes, after which Rolls Royce will constantly work with them on their idea to bring it to life.

Data Science Internship at Assurant and Machine Learning Internship at IIT, Kanpur

Jaskaran Singh Walia (21BCE1089)

Achievement: Our second year student Jaskaran Singh Walia got the data science internship at Assurant (which is a US-based Fortune 500 company and one of the biggest companies world-wide for data science interns). He is one of only four students selected from India for this internship. Similarly he got another internship in the field of machine learning at SURGE, IIT Kanpur. He is one of four students (non IIT students) selected in the entire country in the field of CSE to perform research directly under their resources.


University Day Meritorious Award



Achievement: Our student Piyali Saha is awarded 4th rank / 5th rank and appreciated for her academic achievements during the year 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Cyber Security Researcher and Ethical Hacker



Achievement: Our student Rupachandran S has ethically hacked the below listed companies and reported to them through their vulnerability research program and got appreciation and monetary rewards from them officially.

The Companies and The rewards are,

  • Optimizely- 1000$ (I was Rewarded with 80,000 ₹ From The Company and a Hall Of Fame In My Name)
  • Monash University Australia – 125 $ (10000 ₹ From The University and A Hall Of Fame In My Name)
  • Databricks – 100 $ (8000 ₹ From The Company and A Hall Of Fame In My Name)
  • Payoneer – 100 $ (8000 ₹ From the Company and A Hall Of Fame In My Name )
  • Secured More Than 50 Indian Government Websites Which Includes Madhya Pradesh Police Department and Kerala Forest Websites and Many More

Rupachandran S

2nd Runner up WaiDatathon 2021

Saumya Bhardwaj – 19BCE1067

Azam Siddiqui – 19BCE1092

Nitika Verma – 19BCE1060

Kinshuk Dua – 19BCE1048


Achievement: Our students participated in WaiDatathon in 2021 and secured a place of 2nd Runner up with a cash prize of USD 750.


Best Capstone Project



Achievement: Shree Varshan V (19BCE1648) won “Best capstone project” for the school of computer science and engineering.


Technical Content Writer

Balakrishnan R (20BCE1035)


Achievement: Our student, Balakrishnan R, has recently done a Remote Internship as “Technical Content Writer” at GeeksForGeeks from 15 OCT 2022 to 15 FEB 2023. He has written many technical articles and published on Computer Science topics like Data structures and Algorithms, Deep Learning, C++ and got published.

Highlights Activities:

  • Author for 16 full-fledged articles.
  • 16 Major Improvements in articles by providing an optimized approach.
  • The “monotonic stack gfg”keyword leads to his article on top of Google Search and Bing Search. (SEO Ranked 1).
  • From 16 Self-published articles, he has received almost 2K (46,219) Cumulative Views and 463 Cumulative Likes.


Selected for IDE Bootcamp

Aran Agarwal (21BCE5443)

Kushal Agrawal (22BPS1141)


Achievement: Our students got selected for the AICTE boot camp under the guidance of Dr. V. Sakthivel. Bootcamp will be conducted by the Government of India at NITTTR College, Chennai.

Selected for Grand Finale of YESIST12 2023






Achievement: Our students got selected for the Grand finale of YESIST12 2023 to be held at Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt on September 2 & 3, 2023.


1st Prize at IEEE Yessit prelims (Innovation challenge)

Kushal Agrawal (22BPS1141)

Ansh Sharma (22BCE1338)

Ansh Vahinipati (22BCE1094)

Aditya Shaw (22BRS1145)

IEEE Yessit

Achievement: Our team (Hail Alan) has won 1st prize at IEEE Yessit (Innovation Challenge) preliminary round held at Sri Sairam Engineering College on 31st March 2023, and have been selected to attend the grand finale being held at Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt.

Hail Alan


NASSCOM TAIM Grand Academic Challenge

Neeraj J Manurkar(20BRS1269)

Aravind P(20BPS1053)

Aneesh Aparajit(20BRS1054)

Pratik Garai(19BAI1025)

NASSCOM TAIM Grand Academic Challenge

Achievement: Our team consisting of Neeraj J Manurkar, Aravind P, Aneesh Aparajit & Pratik Garai won 2nd place at the National Level and have received a prize money of 2.5 Lakh Rupees.

The Hackathon was a 2 month long event with over 7,500 teams from all over India. The theme was to find an expectation of what the weather and AQI would be later and to predict the heat waves of Telangana, Our Team provided a fully functional end to end solution and won second place.


National Level Project Competition



Achievement: Raminedi Santhosh has bagged Second Prize in the National Level Project Competition (NSPC) 2023 organized by the Computer Society of India (CSI), Chennai Chapter on 28th February 2023.



Winners – EthIndia ETHForAll (Asia’s largest Ethereum blockchain hackathon)

Sabari Ganesh – 21BPS1209

Gautham Krishna- 21BRS1032

Chiranjeev Mishra – 21BCE1747

Ameiy Acharya-21BPS1104

Achievement: Our team  “ETHERNALS” participated in “ETHIndia ETHForAll Ethereum Hackathon” which had around thousands of developers across the world with all proficiency and hundreds of leading projects built on Ethereum !!

EthIndia ETHForAll


IoThinc Club on winning Double Slash 2.0 : IEEE Jadavpur

Hariket Sukesh Kumar Sheth (20BCE1975)
Sagar Mondal (21BCE1913)

Achievement: Our team, Inspire Coders, from IoThinc Club has emerged as winners of the second prize overall and the first prize in the IoT category in Double Slash 2.0, a national level hackathon organized by IEEE Jadavpur University. Our students Hariket Sukesh Kumar Sheth (20BCE1975), Sagar Mondal (21BCE1913), competed against 30+ colleges from across the country, and numerous participants took part in the hackathon. As a recognition of our victory, we have been awarded a cash prize of 10,000/-, certificates, and swags.

Double Slash 2.0

Prize winners at App Frenzy 2.0 National-level Hackathon

Aadhithya D (21BPS1236)
Adithya S (21BPS1223)
Sanjaii V (21BRS1021)
Thiruvikraman A (21BRS1013)

Achievement: our student team ‘Dev Daredevils’ secured Third place in the App Frenzy 2.0 National-level Hackathon, organized by Sri Sairam Engineering College with the objective of developing mobile applications that are innovative and useful in real life.

App Frenzy 2.0 National-level Hackathon


International Space Science Challenge

Winner – International Space Science Challenge

Ashna Verma (20BEC1083)
Rohan Murali (21BMH1214)
Kalyani Patra (21BRS1229)
Hemanth Vasu (21BEE1037)
Jesher Joshua M (21BAI1925)
Jeshma Ullas (21BCE6197)

Achievement: our team ‘Quarky Quasars’ has achieved the position of ‘Winner’ in the Space Robotics Category in the International Space Science Challenge 2022, organized by Spaceonova with an objective to induce problem-solving skills, design thinking, and solution-oriented mindset among students in the fields of space technology and exploration.

Cyber Hackathon 2022 Winners

Shiva Gurunath – 20BPS1028
Kuralamuthan B – 20BPS1082

Achievement: The team of SCOPE faculty and students Dr. Vallidevi K, Associate Professor, SCOPE, Shiva Gurunath – 20BPS1028, Kuralamuthan B – 20BPS1082 won the I Prize in the finals and awarded the gifts and trophy by Mr. Shankar Jiwal, Chennai Police Commissioner, Selvi. Kiran Shruthi, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ms. G.Nagajothi, Deputy Commissioner of Police& Dr. R. Velraj, VC, Anna University.

Internet 2.0 – Outstanding Leadership Award in the field of Technology

Anirudh Vasudev 19MIA1100

Achievement :our student 19MIA 1100 Anirudh Vasudev has won the Outstanding Leadership Award in the field of Technology at Internet 2.0 Conference held at the Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City, Dubai.

Finalist in all Girls Hackathon – CHALAANG

B N Shrikriti – 19MIA1037

Achievement: Part of the finalist team at Chalaang Hackathon which was conducted by Passion Connect in the Microsoft Office on 9th of December in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Lumos Metaverse’s Build for Web3 Hackathon

Sabari Ganesh – 21BPS1209

Gautham Krishna- 21BRS1032

Achievement: Our team “Green Genesis participated in “Lumos Metaverse’s Build for Web3 Hackathon” which had around 7700+ developers across the world with all proficiency and 14 winning tracks by sponsors !! Our students’ team won Pool Prize in Polygon Track.

Tamil Computing 2022

Susindhar A (20BCE1973),

JayaganeshVelayutham (22MIA1177)

Navtej S Nair (22MIS1122)

Achievement: Our students won the first prize with cash award Rs. 50000 /- in Hackathon on Tamil Computing 2022 jointly organized by Tamil Virtual Academy and VIT Vellore.


AadityaKannan – 21BPS1353

Soumitya Pareek- 21BPS1408

Achievement: Our students won the fourth place in quiz pro quo (intercollegiate quiz competition) conducted by Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College.

November 2022

Optum Stratethon Season 4 – APAC Hackathon Winners

Joyeeta Dey – 19BCE1243

Apoorv Singh Chauhan – 19BCE1055

Achievement: Team “BYTEMAGIC” – Winners of E-Track were awarded prize money of $6700

Jyotika Jaiswal 19BPS1034

Arpan Ghosh – 19BCE1009

Achievement: Team “OPTUMIZERS” – Runners Up of E-Track were awarded prize money of $3000

Best Outgoing Student Award

Jayit Saha 18BCE1071

Achievement: Jayit Saha(18BCE1071) was facilitated with the Best Outgoing Student

Award for the year 2021-22.

October 2022

IIT Madras Sports Fest




Achievement: Srinidhi won the third prize in the women’s 800-metre category while the women’s relay team, consisting of Hannah, Vandhana, and Srinithi also bagged the third position.



Achievement: Srinidhi Arun Kumar and Asmi Agnihotri won the silver medal in women’s table tennis.


Achievement: Yuthish Kumar won the bronze medal in men’s table tennis.











Achievement: The football team, consisting of Yash Aryaman, Vijay M, Suprav Bhattacharya, C Lanston Davis, Dhananjay, Dawn S Chacko, Tanishq Mahapatra, Aditya Choudhary, Yakesh, and Pranav Jayaray also bagged the third position.

September 2022

Asian International Youth United Nations Conference


Achievement: Puvanesh Y A bagged the first prize in the Asian International Youth UnitedNations Conference which was held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 29thSeptember 2022 to 4th October 2022.

Gold Medals in Power lifting and Bench Press Championship


Achievement: Isha Gupta won gold medals in the junior and senior under 84kg categories in the District Level Powerlifting championship and the State level Bench Press Championship.

HackWithInfy 2022



Achievement: Kashvi Ankibhai Sheth and Archit Dubey have been selected as the Campus Ambassadors for Infosys based on their performance in HackWithInfy in September 2022.

HackWithInfy 2022

ICIoT-2022 held at SRM Institute of Science & Technology

Prasad A 19BAI1061

Sruthi Srinivasan 19BAI1046

Vedang Sawarkar 19BCE1303

Saumya Bhardwaj 19BCE1067

Jaiveer Singh Rathore 19BLC1181

Achievement: Our students won two best paper awards in ICIoT-2022 held at SRM.

Binance Ideathon(Blockchain Based) June 2022

Delano Oscar Do Rosario Lourenco 20BAI1158

Vishal Singh 20BLC1054

Sinojia Meet Chandreshbhai 20BCE1234

Eshan Das 19BCE1575

Achievement: Binance Ideathon June 2022 shortlisted four of our teams. The below students headed the team.


Hack for Sport Finalists

Mohit Madhukar More 19MIA1005

Bhamidipati Naga Shrikriti 19MIA1037

Sayantan Nandy 19MIA1049)

Hanchate Samyuktha 19MIA1080

Gitansh Saharan 19MIA1060

Achievement: Our students were the finalists in India’s first gaming and sport Hackathon by Sporjo – June 2022


ET Campus Stars 5.0 Award Holders

Anshul Harish Khatri 19BAI1071

















Achievement: Our students participated in ET Campus Stars 5.0 and won the award for winners.

Rakathon 2022 Global Hackathon – Global Winners




Achievement: Our students are the global winners of Rakathon 2022

Binance Ideathon Winners, Runners and Best SPOC Award





Achievement: Our students have been awarded  the Binance Ideathon Winners, Runners and Best SPOC Award for the project titled “PS4-Creation of a platform for local artisans to promote their products using NFT” under the guidance of Dr.V.Sakthivel.

Binance Ideathon Winners, Runners and Best SPOC Award





Achievement: Our students have been awarded the Binance Ideathon Winners, Runners and Best SPOC Award for the project titled “PS6-Decentralized EV Charging Infrastructure” under the guidance of Dr.V.Sakthivel.






Achievement: Our students were shortlisted for Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) Hackathon’2022.


Smart India Hackathon 2022 – Team Aquasol







Achievement: Our students received the runner up award for Smart India Hackathon 2022 – Team Aquasol – August 2022 under the guidance of Dr. Sakthivel.

ARAI TechNovuss Mobility Hackathon

Ishita Agarwal (21BCE5317) : Team Leader

C S Aditya (21BCE5493)

Aanchal Singh (21BCE5447)

Saurav Singh (21BCE5384)

Achievement: The students got selected for the grand finale of ARAI TechNovuss Mobility Hackathon.

Dare2Compete Awards 2022 Winners

Kinshuk Dua – 19BCE1048 awarded rank 1

Jayit Saha – 18BCE1071 awarded rank 2

Achievement: Our students achieved first and second rank in Dare2Compete Awards 2022,an event of a National Prestige


Second Place in a Hackathon “Innerve”

Date: 8th April 2022


Ayan Sadhukhan (19BCE1872), Aniket Bansal (19BCE1869), Ronit Kumar Sarkar (19BEC1236)

Achievement: The students won the 2nd position in the Innerve 6.0 National Hackathon at Army Institute of Technology, Pune. This event witnessed participation of over 1000 teams from colleges across India.

Selected for the WE Program Supported by Google

Date: 28th March 2022


Rujuta Prajakt Kulkarni 21BCE5196, Vaishnavi Dixit (21BCE5108)

Achievement: Our students have been selected for the 4th Cohort of the TalentSprint WE (Women Engineers) Program, supported by Google to receive a cash scholarship of ₹1,00,000.

Precision Health Challenge 2021-22 – 2nd Runner Up

Date: March 18, 2022


Shourya Gupta (19BCE1704) , Ridhika Sahni (19BCE1697)

Achievement: The won the 3rd position (2nd runner up) in the Precision Health Challenge 2021-22 organised by General Electric (Ranked 38 in Fortune 500 companies). This event witnessed the participation of over 1112 competitors from colleges across India.

1st Prize in Engineering at Track Optum Stratethon 2021 Season 3 International Hackathon.

Date: 14 February 2022


Jayit Saha – 18BCE1071, Kinshuk Dua – 19BCE1048, 

Achievement: The students won 1st Prize in Engineering at Track Optum Stratethon 2021 Season 3 International Hackathon. The students got rewarded with prize money of $6,700 along with PPIs from Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group. 

After gruelling rounds of competing with over 17,000+ participants, the Top 12 finalist teams were shortlisted from campus rounds and wild card entries across 150+ colleges from 5 countries. The Grand Finale saw two rounds, first was presenting to the National jury from where the Top 3 teams were selected, followed by a presentation to the Global Jury post where the Winners were announced.

Winner Researcher Discovery Platform (RDP) Competition

Date: February 9, 2022

Student and Faculty:

Anirudh C P, 20BCE1394, Assistant Professor 

Achievement: The student and the faculty member secured the first place in the contest among 12 teams by representing VIT Chennai in the Researcher Discovery Platform contest conducted by IIT B, sponsored by Tata.

First Runner Up In Reign Track 1

Date:  January 27, 2022


Vaibhav Agarwal(19BCE1413), Varun Menon(19BCE1438), Gautam Sanjay Wadhwani(19BCE1209)

Achievement: The students won 2nd position ( First Runner Up) in Kotak Mahindra Bank REIGN Challenge Track 1: Reimagine Banking with Conversational AI and won the prize money of INR 50,000.

Won the 3rd prize in the enter the travel-verse hackathon

Date: 13 January 2022


Aravindan TR – 19MIA1061, Anirudh Vasudev – 19MIA1100, Lokesh L – 19MIA1010, Govind Anjan – 19MIA1056

Achievement: Our students won the 3rd prize in the enter the travel-verse hackathon conducted by Airlines Reporting Company (ARC America) on the hacker earth website/platform. The competition was held in the month of November 2021 and over 1250 teams across the globe participated in the hackathon. The students have been awarded with a prize money of 500$ and an incentive of 25$ by ARC America.

Best Girls Team” and “Top 5 Teams” at the Hack4Bengal 2022 hackathon

Date: 8th April – 10th April 2022


Pritika Kannapiran (21BAI1172), Anjali Kedia (21BAI1130), Srijena Guin (21BAI1161), Anushka Agarwal (21BAI1194)

Achievement: The students won “Best Girls Team” and “Top 5 Teams” at the Hack4Bengal 2022 hackathon. They also  received prize money and other perks from sponsors and partners. They also won an opportunity to pitch our business idea at an offline event held at Kolkata. The event witnessed participation from over 1000+ teams from around the nation.


Code to Care challenge 2021

Smridhi Verma(19BCE1550)
S Deeksha (19BPS1090)
Jigyasa Agarwal (19BPS1056)

Achievement: Won the 2nd position (runners up) in the Philips Code to Care 2021 Challenge. This event witnessed the participation of over 1350 teams from colleges across India.


4th Edition of Economic Times Campus Stars

Ananya Sajwan: 18BCE1355
Ishita Dasgupta: 18BCE1351
Jayit Saha: 18BCE1071
Mansi Parashar: 18BCE1048
Shreya Shrivastava: 18BCE1188
Utkarsh Bhardwaj: 17BCE1111

Over 40,000+ students from more than 2000 universities competed, from which top 87 finalists made it to the “ET Campus Stars Class of 2021” throughout the nation. Above mentioned students were among the top 0.0025 percent of the total candidates who appeared in the program.

BorderHacks 2021, organized by the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Rajashri Mahato(19BPS1130)
Saadhikha Shree S.(19BPS1075)

Achievement: People’s Choice Winner for the project titled “Wearable Tracker for Disasters”

Ideathon Winners:
Ideathon was organized by VIT Business School and Industry Partnership Cell The same was sponsored by a company from the USA.

Students: Amogh Singh and Harisha. S, 2nd year CSE with AI & Robotics

Acheivement: Students of SCOPE have won the 1st Prize ( Rs. 25,000/-) US company has expressed interest, to work with them.

National Winners | Manthan Hackathon 2021, organized by MoE, AICTE, and BPR&D under the category “Event detection in CCTV footage”


Team Leader: Amit Kumar 19bce1281
Member 1: Rishabh Singh 19bce1500
Member 2: Pratham Jangra 19bce1318
Member 3: Anuttam Anand 19bce1285
Team Mentor: Dr. Gayathri R (Scope)

Acheivement: Winner Manthan Hackathon 2021

Travel-verse hackathon conducted by Airlines Reporting Company (ARC America) on the hacker earth website/platform

1. Aravindan TR – 19MIA1061
2. Anirudh Vasudev – 19MIA1100
3. Lokesh L – 19MIA1010
4. Govind Anjan – 19MIA1056

Acheivement: The students won the 3rd prize with prize money of 500$ and an incentive of 25$ by ARC America.

Student: Ilakkiya V 19BCE1699

Student: Vijay – 19BCE1388

Achievement: Secured 1st place in the IBM Z DATATHON (and bagged 1000USD along with mentorship from IBM Z and access to IBM Z Cloud) competition organized by Shooting Stars Foundation and IBM.


Student: Mohit Madhukar More – 19MIA1005

Student: B N Shrikriti – 19MIA1037

Student: Sayantan Nandy – 19MIA1049

Student: Gitansh Saharan – 19MIA1060

Student: Hanchate Samyuktha – 19MIA1080

Student: Kiran Benny – 19MIA1091

Achievement: Won third Place in IBM-Z Datathon conducted by Shooting Stars Foundation and IBM, with prize money and mentoring too, to the team members.


Student: Mr. G O Narendra (19BCE1082)

Student: Ms. Vaishnavi V V (19BCE1497)

Student: Mr. Aravinda B (19BCE1190)

Student: Ms. Shalini A (19BCE1005)

Achievement: Achieved Special Jury Award in the IBM Hack Challenge 2021


Student: Prithvi Seshadri (19BAI1105)

Student: Abishek Mahesh (19BAI1143)

Achievement: Students participated in Ford Cyber Security Awareness Month, call for papers – ” Role of AI/ML in cyber security” and have won the paper presentation. [The competition was conducted by FORD INDIA for the cyber security awareness month sticking to a domain of “Role of AI/ML in cyber security”. The competition had three rounds starting from the month of September, After gruelling rounds of competing with over participants from 300 colleges, the top 5 teams were selected to the Finale Event which happened on 29-10-2021]


Student: Tejasri B N (19BAI1032)

Student: A R Arvindh (19BAI1106)

Achievement: Jury’s Choice Award – Accenture Innovation Challenge 2021.


Winners of Toycathon 2021 – Digital edition in the Learning, Education, and Schooling categories. One of the winning teams among 117 teams. Winners will be honored with a cash prize worth Rs.50 lacs overall.

Interaction of VIT Chennai students with Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi during TOYCATHON 2021 DIGITAL EDITION

Our NSS VIT Chennai Victory at 3rd Position in Sankalp Festival 2020-2021:Here we have a set of students who have excelled in a competition held at National Level “Sankalp”, an Inter NSS unit competition that involved Presentation and Case Study rounds in Jaagriti 2021, on 12th and 17th April 2021, respectively.
Congratulations on winning 3rd Position at the National Level !!! And We Wish them to carry on the brilliant work!



Congratulations to our B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering student Mr. D.Dhaxina Kumar from VIT University, Chennai. He has won “More number of World Records in Mathematics made in Single day” on the 24th day of August 2020 certified by CHAMPION WORLD RECORDS.


Congratulations to our students Neelesh Ranjan Jha, Naman Agarwal, and Abhishek Soni have been commended by the Superintendent of Police, GRP, Prayagraj, UP for an app developed by them. This app generated daily and weekly Duty Charts for the Government Railway Police, thus helping the SP Office in maintaining transparency and impartiality, while reducing the time taken to do so manually from 2 hours to 2 minutes. Hats off to their noble contribution to society!


Mr. Sainath Ganesh & Mr. Siddharth, COVID ‘19 AR Challenge Contest – CSIR – CEERI & Elixar Systems, Ministry of Commerce and Trade, GOI and NVIDIA — Symptom Visualizer (AR based COVID symptoms Visualisation using X-Rays)


Fenil Patel & Prastut Kumar B.Tech (CSE) Winner, First and Second Prize, SwellRT Software Contest  is an open-source platform for developers to create a real-time, Decentralized Apps 


Mr.Sahil Sheikh, Mr.Siddhant Varyambat of B.Tech Students along with Mr.Akshath Varugeese from MS(SE) have participated in the hackathon “HACK2BUILD” conducted by ICANN and NASSCOM conference at III-T, Hyderabad. 


Shreyans Sheth  was  awarded a fully sponsored trip by Google along with a stipend of 2400 USD to the Google Code-in summit in San Francisco and Google HQ, Mountain.

Rahat Kataria and his team got first prize in the Digital Dream 2019 Hackathon conducted at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, they got certificates, trophy and cash prizes in reward.


KG Nithesh, Jacob Jebaraj V, Sruti Verma  got Second winner position in ” Cisco Webex Virtual Hackathon ” and each student is been gifted a Tablet worth Rs 20000/- as a prize.

Swaraj Rajendra Phadtare  and Dhanush Ram won the National Winner – 5th Place with a Cash Prize of Rs.20,000/- in Startup Eco System Development, NIC, Open Gov. Data Hack during November 2018 at IAMAI, New Delhi.


Mr. Siddharth Singha Roy, (18BCE1065) who has participated and won the First Price (USD 2700/-) in the inaugural version of the ASEAN-INDIA Hackathon 2021

Venkat Ragavan S, Tarun A H VIT Chennai students of Team Intelli-Sense are the World Runner-up in the Healthcare Category of the Microsoft Imagine Cup – India Champions – Intelli Sense


Saumya Bhardwaj, Nitika Verma, Kinshuk Dua, Azam Siddiqui got Second Runner up and was awarded a cash prize of $750 in WAIDatathon 2021- Asia Pacific (APAC)



Anshul Khatri, Vedant Rokde ,- Abhishek Vijay  Kumkar  VIT team “AZURA” among winners of 2021 PALS ANALYZE EVENT WINNER


Sruti Verma, Nitesh Guruda and his team got selected as one of the joint winners of  innoWAH Challenge Competition by PALS IIT, Madras


The student members of the team Vax India Tech team: Ankita Duraphe, Pranav Motarwar, Preethi

 Chandirasekeran, Vedant Rokde , Rudra Patil  got first Runner-Up in the EY Techathon 2021. This event started with 1500 teams from 600 colleges in India. The prize includes a cash award of Rs 2,00,000 and internships at EY


Akash Manish Lad got first prize in “Brain Fizz” an annual individual hackathon competition organized by Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College (University of Delhi)

2014 - 2018

Dr. D. Jeya Mala, Associate Professor Senior, SCOPE, has granted a Design Patent (No. 395284-001), on 25/10/2023 for the product design “VSMART SHOPPING TROLLEY” by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Govt. of India with two students Mr. Utkarsh Mishra (21MIS1074) and Mr. Aakash Mishra (21MIS1025) with certificate serial no. 146733.

Dr. Renjith P N received Best Paper award for his paper titled “Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease: An Extensive Review of Advancements in Machine Learning Mechanisms Using Ensemble and Deep Learning Techniques” in International Conference on Recent Advances in Science and Engineering (RAiSE – 2023)  held at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus held on 4th – 5th October 2023.

Dr. D. Jeya Mala, Associate Professor Senior, SCOPE, has received recognition from Udemy for being a MOOC course instructor of Udemy with more than 2450 learners enrollments during October 2023.

Dr. R. Suganya, Associate Professor Senior, School of Computer Science and Engineering received a Rs 2 lakh travel grant from the India Sri Lankan Foundation on September 13, 2023.

Objective: The objective of the travel grant is to be used for teaching purposes and to share research experiences in Information Security and Block Chain Technology with academics and scholars in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.


Dr. R. Suganya, Associate Professor, SCOPE

Dr. R. Ganesan, Professor and Dean, SCOPE

Dr. T. Subbulakshmi, Professor, SCOPE

Dr. B. Lakshmi Priya was awarded with APHPBA 2023 Bursary Award valued at USD165 by Asian-Pacific Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association, a global network of medical professionals specializing in the liver, pancreas and biliary system for her contributions on translational research on Technology Assisted Liver Surgery Planning.

Dr. N GANESH received the “NalamValarNallasiriyar” Award during Teachers Day 2023 (05.09.2023). This award was given by ThamizhAmuthu Trust, Ariyalur.

Dr. V. Maria Anu, Associate Professor, SCOPE is the mentor for the project “Femunity” showcased in the IEEE YESIST’12 Grand Finale conducted by Arab Academy of Science, Egypt

AICTE, along with Brain-O-Vision, conducted a one-week online faculty development programme on cloud infrastructure (AWS) on August 21 to 25, 2023. Around 20,000+ faculty members participated across India from different colleges. This mega event is recognized and recorded in the India Book of Records. Our institution is one of the top 20 institutions, with huge participation. As the coordinator of this grand event, we have been recognized as the best institution and facilitated the award on September 2, 2023 at Hyderabad.

Coordinator: Dr.T. Subbulakshmi, SCOPE; Dr.R. Suganya, SCOPE Dr.Sanjit Das, SAS

The second Indian Patent of Dr. Kaviya Elakkiya M has been granted by the IPR, India for the invention of the device ‘201641043187 – A NON-INVASIVE NAADI PARISOTHANAI DEVICE FOR PROGNOSIS OR DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASES FROM THE AFTER-EFFECT OF ELECTRICAL IMPULSE AT THE HEART IN THE RADIAL ARTERY ‘ on August 2023. The details of the granted patents have been published in the newspaper “The Hindu: English” titled ”IPI gives patent for non-invasive nadi parisothanai device”.

Dr. N GANESH is identified to act as the Convener for the University Inspections for the select institutions that are affiliated to University of Madras.

Dr. S. Anubha Pearline, Assistant Professor (Sr. G.), SCOPE has successfully qualified in the UGC NET examination for the role of Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Applications.

Dr. V. Maria Anu, Associate Professor, SCOPE received SWAYAM NPTEL Domain scholar certificate in Data Science Domain.

Dr. D. Jeya Mala, Associate Professor Senior, SCOPE, was selected as “Expert Evaluation Committee Member” by AICTE-NEAT Cell based on her outstanding performance in R&D and Academics, to evaluate the education software products of Ed-Tech Companies during Feb’2023.

Dr. R. Suganya, Associate Professor Senior, School of Computer Science and Engineering, received a certificate of appreciation for being a mentor for the Industrial Internship – HPE CTY programme in 2023. Only one team has been selected from the whole VIT Chennai.


National Award for VIT Chennai faculty and Students from the Government of India

VIT Faculty has got the following awards from IIT Bombay. Three people from the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE) represented VIT in the Spoken Tutorial award function held on 4th March 2023 at Victor Menzez Convention Hall @ IIT Bombay.

Mr. Krishna Dayanidhi – 2018 batch B.Tech. CSE Alumni got the STAR (Spoken Tutorial Alumni Resource) award.

Dr. R. Maheswari, Professor, SCOPE got the MASTER (Most Accomplished Spoken Tutorial Educator Resource) award.

Dr. T. Subbulakshmi, Professor SCOPE got the MASTER (Most Accomplished Spoken Tutorial Educator Resource) award & award of honour for outstanding contribution as a panel speaker during the award ceremony.

All these awards are sanctioned for VIT students and faculty for their consistent contribution towards Spoken Tutorial – A Government of India Project.

Spoken Tutorial award function

National Award for VIT Chennai from the Government of India

VITians has got two awards at the National Conclave on Spoken Tutorial Teaching – Learning Best Practices & Award Ceremony held @ Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. There are 113 institutes from India who have been nominated for the award. 22 awards for the Zonal and Regional categories and 4 awards for the National category were given. One for Engineering, One for Arts and Two for NGOs is the split up in the National level. Out of 113 nominated institutes, VIT got the top National level award under the Engineering category on 27th August 2022 at Victor Menzez Convention hall @ IIT Bombay.  The ceremony is hosted by The Spoken Tutorial project, funded by the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and launched by the Ministry of Education, erstwhile Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India.

Award for Institution :

The name of the award :  Spoken Tutorial National Academic Excellence Award 2022

Presented to : Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai

Purpose : Outstanding Contribution in organizing training and spreading awareness on FLOSS/MOOCs among Engineering Students

Award for faculty :

The name of the award : Award of Honor

Presented to : Dr. T. Subbulakshmi, Professor, SCOPE, VIT Chennai.

Purpose : Outstanding Contribution as a guest speaker

Title of the talk : Inputs to Institutions for Accreditation through Spoken Tutorials

National Conclave on Spoken Tutorial Teaching

Dr. D.JEYA MALA received Expert Member for AICTE-NEAT 3.0 Evaluation Committee received recognition for her outstanding performance in Research and Academics from AICTE-NEAT Cell  on Evaluating the educational software products from EdTech Companies for AICTE –NEAT Cel1 date 22/08/2022 and evaluation done on 21/02/2023.

Mail from AICTE-NEAT on Expert Member in the Evaluation Committee:

Dr. A. Balasundaram received Best Paper award for his paper titled Industry 4.0 Inspired Automation for Anomaly Detection in Machinery Parts using Machine Learning in International Conference on Internet of Things 2022 (ICIoT 22)  held at SRM Institute of Science and Technology held on 5 – 7 April 2022.


Dr. A. Balasundaram received Best Paper award for his paper titled Artificial Intelligence based Pest Detection and Pesticide Recommendation System in International Conference on Internet of Things 2022 (ICIoT 22)  held at SRM Institute of Science and Technology held on 5 – 7 April 2022.



Dr. R.Vedhapriyavadhana received Best Paper award for her outstanding performance in International Conference on Recent Trends In Computing ICRTAC 2021 for the paper titled “A Relative Investigation of Various Algorithms for Online Financial Fraud Detection Techniques” from Sanjivani College of Engineering,Kopargaon on 22nd May 2021.


Dr. S.Geetha received IEEE Madras Section, Publication Award, presented during IEEE Day Celebration 2021, IEEE Madras Section, at the Savera Hotel October 31,2021.



Dr. S.Geetha received Woman Researcher in Science and Technology Award, JNTU. Kakinada, 2021 in the Springer 2nd International Conference on Computer Vision,High Performance Computing, Smart Devices and Networks (CHSN-2021).


Dr. S.Geetha received Best Paper Award, Springer Fire Technology, 2021 for her paper Machine Vision based Fire Detection Techniques : A Survey , Springer — Fire

Technology, Vol. 57, pp. 591-623, March 2021, DOI : (SCI – Impact Factor : 2.239), which has got 30 citations in less than a year.

Dr. S.Geetha received Best Paper Award, Springer Fire Technology, 2021 for her paper Machine Vision based Fire Detection Techniques : A Survey , Springer — Fire

Technology, Vol. 57, pp. 591-623, March 2021, DOI : (SCI – Impact Factor : 2.239), which has got 30 citations in less than a year.


Dr S. Geetha has won the Best Indian Golden Personalities award from Friendship Forum, 2019

Dr S. Geetha has won Leading Educationist of India award from Friendship Forum, 2019

Dr S. Geetha has won Bharat Excellence award from Friendship Forum, 2019

Dr S. Geetha has been appointed as Convener, Institution’s Innovation Council, MHRD, Govt. of India, 2018-19.

Dr T. S. Pradeepkumar has been appointed as ACM Distinguished Speaker,2018

Dr G Malathi received Outstanding Faculty award in Venus International Faculty Awards,2018.

Dr R. Rajalakshmi received CODS Data Challenge Winner from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2017

Dr V. Pattabiraman and Dr. S. Harini received Best Paper Award with Euro 150 e-Cash Voucher in the International Conference on Computational Sciences, Advanced Database and Computing (CSADC2017) held at Phuket, Thailand, 2017.

Dr B. Rajesh Kanna received Best Poster Award at 22nd International ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing(HPDC2013), New York, 2013.









Dr.S.Geetha won “Best Professor Award” from ASDF for the year 2014

Dr. Jagadeesh Kannan won “ADINA Young Scientist Award” instituted by ADINA Group of Institutions, Sagar (M.P.) on March 05, 2016.

Dr.Jagadeesh Kannan won “Vidyasagar Award – Keen Dedication & contribution in the field of Science & Technology” in 2016.

Dr.T.Subbulakshmi won “Best Young Researcher Award” from SIAA of ASDF for the year 2017.

Dr.Syed Ibrahim S.P. received “Best Male Faculty Award” in University Day Celebrations, VIT University Chennai in 2017.

Dr.Harini Sriram, Dr.Pattabiraman won “Best Paper Award”, Springer in 2017.

Dr. Vaidehi Vijayakumar won “Research Award” for 4th International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Networking ,MIT campus Chennai in 2017.

Dr.S.Geetha won “Outstanding women in Engineering Award” from Venus International Foundation for the contribution and achievement in the field of computer science and Engineering in 2018.


Dr.Geetha won Best Poster Award, 105th Indian Science Congress, Held In Manipur University

Dr.Jagadeesh Kannan awarded as “Best Faculty Coordinator” Of Ciyf 2.0 – Chennai International Youth Fest’18 – The World’S Biggest Youth Conclave In India, Which Is Organized By Youth Development Consortium (Ydc) Supported By Govt. Of India & Govt. Of Tamil Nadu, September 01 – 15, 2018

Dr.Pradeep Kumar T.S received “Award Of ACM Distinguished Speaker For Three Years”, ACM Headquarters On October 25, 2018

Dr.Abdul Quadir M.D awarded as “Best Alumni Achiever” in the field of Academic Research and Training for the year 2018.

Dr.Vijayalakshmi A won “Best Research Award” in University 2019 for her exemplary commitment, dedication and motivation towards funded projects/Research Publications Patents during the year 2018.

Dr.Shyamala won “Research Award” in University Day and Annual Sports Day 2020, for her exemplary commitment, dedication and motivation towards Research publications during the year 2019.

Prof.M.Nivedita awarded as “Best Proctor” in University Day and Annual Sports Day 2020, for her exemplary commitment, dedication and motivation towards effective proctoring during the year 2019.