Counselling'21 Helpline Nos - Programme Wise


  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • CSE with Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • CSE with Specialisation in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • CSE with Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Mobile No.
Dr. Asha S9884774695
Dr. B V A N S S Prabhakar Rao9952096295
Dr. Abdul Quadir Md9884004139
Dr. Kumar R9444247444


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr. Sri Ramalakshmi P8056026211
Dr. S Angalaeswari9841812993


Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electronics and Computer Engineering

Dr. Vetrivelan P9840982987
Dr. Niraj Kumar9176102184


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics and Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Electric Vehicles
Dr. Sreekanth Dondapati9629049054
Dr. Jegadeeshwaran R9865338366
Dr. Shyam Kumar M B9444465447


Civil Engineering

Dr. Arun Kumar A9944242834
Dr. Anjali Gopakumar9994980838


Fashion Technology

Prof.N. Gayathri9551480925
Dr. D. Vasanth Kumar9894344299