School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT)

Industry Institute Connectivity

Industry Institute Connectivity

• Development Project of Synchronous Reluctance Motor, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 2013 -2016 –Dr. Lenin N.C.
• Power Quality analysis, Fleming Laboratories, Hyderabad. Duration – 1 month. (May 2016), Consultancy amount-Rs.25000/– Dr. L. Premalatha
• Design and Development of Switched Reluctance Motor and Control, IFB Bangalore. Duration: 2016 – 2018; Project Cost: Rs. 19.08 Lakhs – Dr. Lenin N.C.
• Development project of Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicles, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 2016 -2019 –Dr. Lenin N.C.
• Development project of Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 2016 -2019 –Dr. Lenin N.C.

International Collaborations

1. VIT Chennai Professors working on a collaborative project / papers / patents with professors of Foreign Universities

2. Visit of Professors from Foreign Universities to SELECT, VIT Chennai for Guest lecture / conferences / workshops

3. Visit of SELECT, VIT Chennai Professors to Foreign Universities

4. Research Scholars from SELECT,VIT Chennai sent to universities abroad (Conferences / projects etc…)

5. SELECT, VIT Chennai students sent for Summer / Winter Internships to universities abroad

6. VIT Chennai students sent to foreign universities for paper presentation / cultural exchange