School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT)


The School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT) of VIT Chennai, has been playing a pioneer role in producing scholars with state-of-the-art research output. Faculty members of the school are active in several research areas, such as Power Systems, Power electronics, Control systems, Electrical drives, Smart grid technology, Renewable Energy, High Voltage Engineering, Signal and Image processing, Nonlinear systems and intelligent controllers design. The laboratories are upgraded with latest equipment periodically and provide ample opportunities to the researchers to research and innovate. The faculty members of the school are involved in research on many cutting-edge technologies and constantly publish in IEEE and other top international journals. The school also undertakes many research projects sponsored by both the government and the industry at national and international levels.

Industry Institute Connectivity

• Development Project of Synchronous Reluctance Motor, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 2013 -2016 –Dr. Lenin N.C.
• Power Quality analysis, Fleming Laboratories, Hyderabad. Duration – 1 month. (May 2016), Consultancy amount-Rs.25000/– Dr. L. Premalatha
• Design and Development of Switched Reluctance Motor and Control, IFB Bangalore. Duration: 2016 – 2018; Project Cost: Rs. 19.08 Lakhs – Dr. Lenin N.C.
• Development project of Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicles, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 2016 -2019 –Dr. Lenin N.C.
• Development project of Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 2016 -2019 –Dr. Lenin N.C.

International Collaborations

1. VIT Chennai Professors working on a collaborative project / papers / patents with professors of Foreign Universities

2. Visit of Professors from Foreign Universities to SELECT, VIT Chennai for Guest lecture / conferences / workshops

3. Visit of SELECT, VIT Chennai Professors to Foreign Universities

4. Research Scholars from SELECT,VIT Chennai sent to universities abroad (Conferences / projects etc…)

5. SELECT, VIT Chennai students sent for Summer / Winter Internships to universities abroad

6. VIT Chennai students sent to foreign universities for paper presentation / cultural exchange