M.Tech. Electric Mobility

Scope of Employment

The M. Tech programme in Electric Mobility from VIT Chennai is designed to prepare
students for a career in the rapidly growing field of automobile industry. The scope of
employability for graduates of this programme is wide and varied, and includes opportunities
in both the public and private sectors. Collaborations have been made with industry partners
like Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) for designing the curriculum, offering internships and
Some of the specific areas where graduates of this programme can find employment include:
1. Electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.
2. Automotive companies developing electric vehicles.
3. Research and development organizations working on electric vehicle technology.
4. Government agencies and departments focused on promoting electric mobility and
sustainable transportation.
5. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies and smart grids.
6. Energy storage companies.
7. Ancillary companies related to Electric vehicles.
Graduates of the programme can also work as consultants, entrepreneurs or pursue further
research in the field of electric mobility.

Curriculum and Syllabi