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Two Days Hands-on Workshop on Integrated Electrical and Electronics Circuits Training using LabVIEW
Two Days Hands-on Workshop on Integrated Electrical and Electronics Circuits Training using LabVIEW
Organizer: School of Electrical Engineering VIT Chennai


April 28, 2017 - 8:00 am


April 29, 2017 - 6:00 pm


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With the current scenario of independent working of industries and academic institutes, there is a great need to meet the demands of the core engineering industry. There is also a need for achieving the continuous quality improvement objectives of Higher education by equipping educational laboratories with interdisciplinary teaching-learning process which are experiential. This two days workshop, will provide a platform to bridge the gap between industry and academia, and help institutes adopt state-of-the-art technologies for improving the quality of engineering & Science education Circuit design courses form a fundamental component of almost all engineering programs around the world. Traditionally, students learn the theoretical concepts of circuits from textbooks and use some form of simulation software such as SPICE software to simulate circuits. However, in a majority of the classes, the hands-on aspect ended at simulation because students were forced learn and use a completely different set of tools, implement the circuit from scratch on actual hardware. Though prototyping in hardware allows students to compare theoretical and simulation results to real-world measurements and is considered extremely valuable in teaching circuit design concepts, the disjointed tool-chain from software to hardware has difficulties in facilitating a viable implementation for classrooms. With the help of NI Graphical System Design platform, we can integrate Kindly fill this Google form after taking DD or online payment Register Here

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