VIT Fashion Institute of Technology (VFIT)

VIT Fashion Institute of Technology (VFIT)

Fashion technology has always been the most fancied and craved up on courses that a wide range of students want to enroll in. VIT understands the demand and prerequisites of this course and makes sure to meet the standards. Fashion will always continue to evolve over the

years, and VIT being the best fashion designing college in Chennai, strives to give experiential learning where the students learn about the evolving trends of fashion. 


VIT – Best Fashion Designing College in Chennai

VIT is one of the best fashion designing colleges in Chennai as they work towards blending traditional and modern ways of fashion trends using specialized technology. Quality fashion is indispensable. This has to be inculcated into the young aspiring fashion designer's minds earlier

in their learning journey. VIT does a fine job at it and imparts the art of designing quality, trendy and sustainable clothing in students' minds. 


Opportunities that Fashion Designing has to offer

When has fashion clothing ever been off the rack? Fashion clothing and fashion designers will always be in demand, and you can never deny that. Studying Fashion designing at VIT, which is the best college for fashion technology in Chennai will give you a sound sense of creativity

and skills in fashion designing. This will help you bag a place in the fashion world. Someone who graduates in Fashion Designing from VIT can get themselves a high-paying job in a top-notch fashion sector. They can work in designations like fashion coordinators, fashion stylists, textile designers, sketching assistants, fashion journalists, retail managers, etc. Well, in fact, they can even open their boutique and clothing line. 


 Goal of the Department

 1. The primary goal of the department is to produce graduates who can strive and hustle in the competitive fashion industry. 

 2. VFIT emphasizes practical and comprehensive education through highly responsive training. 

 3. It makes sure that it provides quality education on par with the excellence of global standards. 

 4. To foster creativity and innovation in the students to produce globally reachable fashion clothing.

 5. To provide a stimulating learning experience to the students and keep them hooked to their dreams of becoming a fashion designer throughout their college education. 

Any best fashion designing colleges in Chennai will strive to render the best creative space for the students, and VIT does the same. 


Course specialization offered at VIT

 VIT being the best college for fashion technology in Chennai, makes sure that the students get in-depth knowledge into the course. It touches upon all the latest trends and contemporary content in the fashion industry. Course specializations offered at VIT are 

  1. Textile Science
  2. Wet processing and garment finishing
  3. Fashion Illustration
  4. Patternmaking
  5. Computer-aided designing
  6. Surface ornamentation
  7. Fashion history
  8. Basics of designing and portfolio


Placement opportunities and Counselling

Placement opportunities offered in the course are the primary focus for any student and the parents who strive to give the best for their child. We at VIT keep this in mind. VIT has one of the spectacular placement cells of all the best colleges for fashion designing in Chennai. 

  1. VIT has tie-ups with many fashion designing industries and corporates in the country and out of the country. It has companies walking in for the placement drive at regular intervals, which offers equal opportunities for all the students.
  2. Overall guidance and Counselling for the students to improve their cv and skills to help crack the interview.
  3. Complete assistance throughout the placement drive and work with persuasion in training the students to face the placement interview.

 The utmost guidance and assurance that VIT offers in terms of placement opportunities make VIT the best fashion designing colleges in Chennai. 


Why VIT is the Best College For Fashion Technology in Chennai

VIT holds years of reputation for being the best college for fashion technology in Chennai. The the following statements make VIT the best choice for you to enroll. 

  1. VIT has the best infrastructure like no other. In terms of the fashion designing department, VIT has the following to facilitate a smooth learning process: Resource hub, Fashion illustration and CAD, Patternmaking and Garment construction, Textile and Apparel Testing Laboratory, Textile Wet processing.
  2. When it comes to fashion designing courses, learning through trial and error methods of doing projects is very important. VIT is very keen on providing practical learning to its students.
  3. Regular seminars and workshops with top-notch designers and industry experts allow the students to gain significant exposure.
  4. Overall, guidance in academics, placement, project conduction, and much more is provided.  Sustainability and keeping up with the evolving trends is vital in today's fashion, and VIT makes

sure that it inculcates it in its students. In searching for the best fashion designing colleges in Chennai, keep VIT as your top-most priority as you will get a keen focus and skilled experiential learning here.