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VIT Fashion Institute of Technology (VFIT)


Dr. Palani Rajan T

Assistant Professor

Email: palanirajan.t@vit.ac.in PhD: Anna University Research Area: Specialty Fabrics, Spacer Fabrics, and Clothing Comfort

Dr. Selvakumar A

HoD & Assistant Professor

Email: selvakumar.a@vit.ac.in PhD: Anna University Research Area: Textile Technology, Yarn Friction, Textile Finishing, and Medical Textiles

Dr. Vasanth Kumar D

Assistant Professor

Email: vasanthkumar.d@vit.ac.in PhD: Anna University Research Area: Clothing Comfort, Recycling of Textile Materials, Sustainable Fashion, and Textile Composites

Prof. Deepika SG

Assistant Professor

Email: deepika.sg@vit.ac.in Research Area: Design Education, Textile Design, Design process, Portfolio, and Natural fibres

Prof. Georgy Sunny

Assistant Professor

Email: georgy.sunny@vit.ac.in PhD: Pursuing at VIT-Chennai Research Area: Apparel Design, Fashion design process, Portfolio, and New Natural fibres

Prof. Jesica Roshima A

Assistant Professor

Email: jesicaroshima.a@vit.ac.in PhD: Pursuing at Bharathiar University Research Area: Apparel Manufacturing and Finishing

Prof. Maanvizhi M

Assistant Professor

Email: maanvizhi.m@vit.ac.in PhD: Pursuing at Anna University Research Area: Sportswear, Seams-in clothing, and Clothing Comfort

Prof. Gayathri N

Assistant Professor

Email: gayathri.n@vit.ac.in PhD: Pursuing at VIT-Chennai Research Area: Product Development, Protective Clothing, and Apparel Merchandising

Prof. Vinusowndarya S

Assistant Professor

Email: vinusowndarya.s@vit.ac.in PhD: Pursuing at VIT-Chennai Research Area: Consumer Behaviour, Marketing, and Management

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Mohan

Assistant Professor

Email: bhuvaneshwari.mohan@vit.ac.in PhD: Bharathiar University Research Area: Nonwoven, Textile Finishing, and Natural fibres

Mr. Ganesh Kumar R

Assistant Professor (Junior)

Email: ganeshkumar.r2020@vitstudent.ac.in PhD: Pursuing at VIT-chennai Research Area: Fibre science, Medical textiles

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