The Future of Civil Engineering in India

The Future of Civil Engineering in India

Within just a year, the career graph of most working-class professionals has taken interesting turns. Due to the presence and prominence of a particular virus, career choices are witnessing a new normal shift towards more sustainable options. This trend has trickled down to the academic level as well. Even students in the best engineering colleges in Chennai are going back to the drawing board and assessing their career options. Naturally, the future of engineering as a career prospect has come under question too.

Engineering Prospects

Engineering Prospects Future of Civil Engineering in India

Engineering Prospects Future of Civil Engineering in India

Engineering courses have always been a hot favorite among high school graduates. Rising to meet the demand, engineering colleges have diversified the courses they offer to prospective students. From genetic engineering to nanotechnology, the possibilities and scope for engineering are seemingly boundless. That’s not to say that the old classic core engineering like mechanical and civil engineering are left in the dust. However, they’ve evolved in their way to meet the needs of a contemporary job market. In recent times, promising fields have brought in a new smart age in the field of engineering. These include:

– Robotics

– AI and Machine Learning

– Sustainable Architecture

– Nano-mechanics and Bionics

Of these fields, civil engineering has also shown great potential in modernization. Civil engineering colleges in Chennai and India have updated their curriculum to include new-age topics, especially in areas like material science.

Before we look at the way civil engineering has evolved over the decades, let’s take a general look at the career prospects in store. What can you expect as an aspiring civil engineer in India? Let’s find out.

Building A Solid Career

In the past, civil engineering’s appeal stemmed from the ever-present need for land ownership. Today, it’s become something more. The focus has shifted to the realm of seeing how we can make the most out of the resources available. The amount of land on Earth is finite, so how can we make our civil engineering and architecture smarter to fit a growing population and the nation’s infrastructural demand? That’s one of the primary questions in front of accomplished civil engineers today.

On the Indian front, civil engineering has always had a solid foundation in terms of career prospects. Students who graduate from institutes like VIT and other civil engineering colleges in Chennai, for instance, are poised to soar high in whatever career avenue they choose. Here are the possibilities a civil engineering degree in India can unlock for you.

Civil Engineering Scope In India: The 2020 Chapter

Civil Engineering Scope In India

Civil Engineering Scope In India

Over the past five years, civil engineering has seen a bit of a slump in the Indian scenario. One of the biggest hurdles in this regard has been the supply and demand gap with talented professionals in the industry. As per the latest estimates by RICS, the gap between supply and demand for civil engineering skilled workforce will amount to around 45 million employees.

Thankfully, the avenues in front of civil engineering graduates are vast. In 2020, job opportunities are booming in the fields such as:

– Transportation Engineering: Safe and secure transportation

– Environmental Engineering: An area that holds significant weightage in today’s age

– Surveying: Essential in an age of population boom

– Structural Engineering: Better materials, smarter constructions

-Maintenance and Rehabilitation of the structures: Conservation of Heritage buildings

All these modules are covered on different levels of qualification at the best civil engineering colleges in Chennai and beyond. As you can see, there is ample scope on the academic front in India for you to branch out and gain technical knowledge as a budding civil engineer.

The question now presents itself, what can the various specializations in civil engineering do for your career in India? Let’s get into that in the next section.

Civil Engineering Career Prospects in India

Let’s say that you’ve graduated with a UG degree in civil engineering from a reputed university in India. What next? You’ll be pleased to know that there are a plethora of options in front of you.

– Building control surveyors

Building control surveyors - Future of Civil Engineering in India

Building control surveyors – Future of Civil Engineering in India

This job is a managerial position wherein you supervise workers and ensure that building constructions turn out the best way possible. This career option is a lucrative pick because there’s always scope for growth.

– Estimation Executive

Estimation Executive - Future of Civil Engineering in India

Estimation Executive – Future of Civil Engineering in India

Nowadays, real estate developers are placing more emphasis on more sustainable and cost-effective-friendly infrastructure, especially in India. As an estimation expert, your job is to ensure that the building process is as streamlined and efficient as possible. Civil engineering is evolving in leaps and bounds, and so are the job opportunities at hand in this field.

– Site Engineer

Site Engineer - Future of Civil Engineering in India

Site Engineer – Future of Civil Engineering in India

This discipline is a popular pick, especially among those graduating from the civil engineering colleges in Chennai and even in India. Site engineers are always in demand because people still want the best value out of the land and property that they acquire. As a site engineer, your primary responsibility is to envision and realize an exciting project for the developer who has employed you. In recent times, there has been a massive demand for these professionals in India, so overall, it’s a solid career choice!

– Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - Future of Civil Engineering in India

Quality Assurance – Future of Civil Engineering in India

This field is relatively new in the civil engineering arena, but it’s essential. Real estate developers in India rely on QC experts to guarantee 100% quality and stringent processes. Therefore, you are directly responsible for the company’s reputation!

– Entrepreneurship in Civil Engineering

Entrepreneurship in Civil Engineering - Future of Civil Engineering in India

Entrepreneurship in Civil Engineering – Future of Civil Engineering in India

There are so many avenues where a fresh civil engineering graduate also becomes an entrepreneur in various areas such as supplying construction and building materials, civil contractor, project management and design consultant, real estate marketing, material testing laboratories, equipment suppliers to construction, and a lot more.

How much can you expect to make as an entry-level civil engineer in India in 2020? Well, the current package that students from the best civil engineering colleges in Chennai receive is around 15 lakh rupees per year. Equipping yourself with a master’s in civil engineering will significantly improve the pay packages you receive. As far as India is concerned, there is no shortage of opportunities for budding civil engineers to cement their careers. Even the statistics back it up. Civil engineering employment is expected to grow by 20% within the next two years.


If you’re a fresh graduate from a civil engineering college in Chennai or elsewhere, fret not, because you’ll have ample opportunities for career development and growth! Whether you want to get into surveying or work more on the research, India is chock-full of career opportunities for you. Are you a civil engineer? Tell us about your career graph in the comments below!


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