FUTURE OF EDUCATION -Employment & Entrepreneurship

FUTURE OF EDUCATION -Employment & Entrepreneurship

ANYTHING LEARNED OUTSIDE CLASSROOM ARE UNSTRUCTURED LEARNING. Dr Sekar Viswanathan addressed 4000 educators across India

Dr Sekar Viswanathan, Vice President of Vellore Institute of Technology has addressed 4000 educators from the Higher Education across the country through an online webinar “SkyCampus” organized by ICT Academy on 5th May 2020.

According to Dr Sekar, COVID 19 is one of the biggest disruptions in our life but many positives are coming out. It challenged mass gatherings, physical classrooms and suddenly pushed us into online mode besides triggering the global recession. Experts predict that all the physical structure will become obsolete by sometime. But Campus learning is important since it involves a hands-on project, labs, social skills and collaborative learning. Anything learned outside the classroom is unstructured learning. An employer prefers a candidate with good team skills and interpersonal skills. Digital learning has some advantage: Self-paced, Flexible and Masses can get the advantage of learning material from top faculty which are more suited for motivated students. Despite that, Digital learning has not replaced campus learning, it just has added value to campus learning. With rising digital interventions, a change of attitude is the key element for faculties, who are the stakeholders of an Institution. “Mind is like a parachute, does not work if not open” he quoted at the end. ICT Academy through its SkyCampus platform is organizing this digital knowledge series with an objective of providing industry expert sessions on various topics relevant to the context of today and future. The other speakers of the SKYCAMPUS included Dr Anil Sahasarabudhe Chairman, AICTE, Lakshmi Narayanan, Emeritus Vice Chairman, Cognizant, M Sivakumar, CEO, ICT Academy, Dr K K Aggarwal, Chairman, NBA, Dr Manish Kumar MD & CEO, NSDC, Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI AAYOG, Rahul Sharma, President, Amazon internet Services Pvt Ltd among various Industry Leaders. The Sessions are moderated by Dr B Anbuthambi, President, ICT Academy and have been witnessed by 4000 educators on everyday morning 10 am to 11.30 am. The session schedules can be seen at www.ictacademy.in/skycampus

ICT Academy is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and Industries, established to train the higher education teachers and students thereby exercises on developing the next generation teachers and industry-ready students.


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