Google Hash Code 2021

Google Hash Code 2021

Hearty Congratulations to our VIT students for their achievement at the very prestigious Google Hash Code 2021. Our VIT  Chennai Team $_MONKE_$ comprising of following students,

  • Jayit Saha – 18BCE1071
  • Kinshuk Dua – 19BCE1048
  • Arpan Ghosh – 19BCE1009
  • Riddhirup Bera – 19BCE1169

have secured World Rank 30 and All India Rank 3 in this competition.Google Hash Code is considered to be the biggest competitive coding competition in the world, involving both students and working professionals from all over the world. After a grueling round of competing with over 1,25,000 participants, Top 43 finalist teams were selected all over the world to attend the World Finals on April 24. Only 3 teams from India were selected in Google Hash Code, team $_MONKE_$ being one of them.


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