How to Prepare For College Placements

How to Prepare For College Placements

Little steps towards your goals will prepare you to take that one big leap at the right time. All of you have that one dream company that you want to work for once you are graduated. While scores take most of the credit for you, your other skills too matter if you are targeting the big companies. This is because, for them, it is more to do with attitude, your strategic approach to things, and other essential job-related skills. So, behold! Never assume that good grades alone will fetch you from your dream job.

Campus placements are one of the most stressful phases in college life. While most people save the efforts they have to put till the end, others start preparing much earlier so they can get their desired job. Preparing for placements is very important as it decides your course career right after you complete your graduation.

There is no said method or scripted rule book for a particular company’s placements preparations. While all companies have specific attributes in common that they are looking for in a candidate, some other individual expectations and requirements remain secret to date. This might be because of the ever-changing job environment and the demand for new and fresh talent that can change the game of their company.

The selection panel often finds it very difficult to choose the right candidate, as many of them believe that their scores would help them. While companies are in a hunt for efficient aspirants, most students still go by the book knowledge.

As mentioned before there is no set book to guide you through to ace the placements for specific companies. But there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for the selection process. Let’s dive and understand what those essentials are which helps you to prepare for college placements. Let’s list down them

How to Prepare For College Placement

List down all the companies that are coming for placements. Requesting a placements manager for this will definitely come in handy. Target the top 3 companies that you want to get into. List them down separately. This is your first step towards achieving your dream job.

Know them well

Companies expect the candidates to know the basics of their operations and how the business was born. If not the financials, you should at least be aware of the basics of the company. This will give you a higher edge over other candidates. Know your companies well along with any latest news about them. Talking about the company in the interview will provide a better impression.

Check your aptitude

The primary round of the test before any significant interview round is an aptitude test. There are different kinds of aptitude tests. They can be to test your:

  • Communication
  • Logical reasoning
  • Domain knowledge
  • Quantitative ability

Communication is in almost all interview tests. Brush up your basics in grammar and take some online sample tests to prepare yourself. The same goes for quantitative ability. Hirers would like to know if you have a sense of time and the ability to act to the situation, and for this, they also check your logical reasoning.

If you are targeting a company with a specific game ball, get to know their products and services. Every company falls into a domain. Some of them, for example, are – electronics, information and technology, commerce, and so on. Understanding the domain can help you converse better with the interviewers and also know better about the company.

Prep for Group Discussions

Another important test round in an interview process is the group discussion. Many companies see various things in a candidate while on a discussion. While some check the language, others might check the leadership qualities, public speaking skills, and spontaneity.

Keep yourself updated with the latest news around you. Group discussions are generally said to revolve around current topics. Here are some simple tips to prep yourself for it:

  • Learn to speak up when you have a point
  • Be polite and welcoming of others’ opinions
  • Keep your language extremely professional
  • Understand the intentions right before you proceed to oppose someone point
  • Always make sure to keep the discussion a group discussion and not turn it to a debate
  • Have good clarity of voice and a proper tone

Gather your friends and do mock discussions to help you prepare well. The main intention of a GD is to discuss Group discussions as an excellent opportunity to showcase the best of your abilities. This is where you can create an impression on your speaking abilities.

Panel Interview

A panel interview is where a group of people interviewing you to understand your capabilities. It generally consists of a group of three to four or five people who will evaluate your skills. People often get intimidated at this round mostly by seeing more than one person on the panel.

Students also get intimidated by the number of questions multiple panel members pose. A simple way to handle this is to stay calm and poised and understand the crux of the questions posed to you. Stay confident and strong and speak clearly.

A shiver in the voice can make them feel you are not confident enough to handle the challenges. So, the key is to talk firm and bold.

Speak with clear thoughts and never give room to any ambiguity.

HR Interview

The final round of interviews would be with the HR panel. While it is considered one of the trickiest rounds, it is also that round which decides your job confirmation with your dream company. There are a few things to remember when you face an HR interview. Here are some things that can help you:

  • Research well – Research adequately about the company so you will be able to build a good rapport with the HR. The trick is to be professional and not too friendly while you make a conversation with them. Know better about the company’s latest achievements. They do not expect you to know everything about the company but would expect you to know the necessary details at least.


  • Body Language – The way you present yourself speaks a lot about your personality. Dress up professionally and be aware of your body language. For example, too much hand movements or shaking of the head can give a wrong impression on you. Also, try not to stammer while you speak. Sit up straight and do not couch. You can check for some essential body language tips to help you present yourself better in an interview.


  • Fillers – Try and avoid fillers as much as possible. Be confident while you speak and take a gap if you need to think instead of putting in fillers in the convection. This would only make the conversation dull.


  • Common interview questions – There are a few common questions that interviewers ask. The most frequently asked questions are something like “tell me something about yourself”, “where do you see yourself five years from now?”, and “what are your interests besides work?”.

Though these questions seem simple, they are tricky to answer. It would be best if you answered subtly making sure you neither give away too much about yourself and your personal life nor nothing at all.

Placement Interviews can be tricky, but the key is to ace it with confidence by preparing your mind for it. Things can be a cakewalk only when you put in your efforts.

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