Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at VIT Chennai

VIT Chennai has a vibrant eco system for innovations including Incubation we have two incubation center to support students, faculty members for converting their startup ideas into startups with faculty members from each school to coordinate the innovation and Startup activities. VIT Social Business Incubator is started in the year 2017 funded by the British Council in association with Cambridge Judge Business School UK and V-NEST started in the year 2020 supported by the institute. 

The Incubation  Center at VIT Chennai provide  office space,  access to institute  infrastructure supports funding / research assistance consultancy, mentorship support for students and early stage entrepreneurs.  VIT Chennai has  developed a Innovation and Startup policy for its students and faculty members.

V-NEST 0ffice


Dr. Sasi Kumar M

Director – V-NEST
Professor , SMEC

Dr. Ravi V

Assistant Director – V-NEST
Associate Professor, SENSE

Dr. Sumathi G N
Professor, VITBS

Dr.Umayal C

Dr. Vasugi V
Professor, SCE

Dr. Balaji J
Associate Professor, VITBS

Dr. Anusha
Associate Professor, SCOPE

Dr. Jayanthi R
Associate Professor,SCOPE

Dr. Milind Shrinivas Dangate
Associate Professor, SAS

Dr. Nachiyappan S
Associate Professor, SCOPE

Dr. Saurav Gupta

Assistant Professor, SENSE

Dr. Rahul Narasimhan A
Assistant Professor, SENSE

Dr. Rishikeshan C A
Assistant Professor, SCOPE

Prof. Vinusowndarya S
Assistant Professor, VFIT

Dr. Balakrishnan R
Assistant Professor, SENSE

Dr. Bhisham Kumar Dhurandher
Assistant Professor, SMEC

Dr. Gajanand Gupta
Assistant Professor,SMEC

Dr. Noel Jeygar Robert V
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Dr. Sivakumar P
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Dr. Anubha Pearline S
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Dr. V. Premanand
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Prof. Kaviya Elakkiya M
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Dr. Padmanaban R
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Dr. Valarmathi K
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Dr. Santosh G
Assistant Professor,SAS

Dr. Jaisree Karthiga R K
Assistant Professor,SSL

Prof S. Aditya
Assistant Professor,VITSOL

Dr. Chitra Devi N
Assistant Professor,VITBS

Dr.J.Uma Maheswari
Assistant Professor,SCOPE

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Activities