VIT School of Law (VITSOL)

VIT School of Law (VITSOL)


The legal practice challenges the intellect and demands judgment, discipline, and excellence to shine in this field. It enhances intellectual stimulation, concentration, and a pragmatic approach. VITSOL understands the requirements of quality learning and provides opportunities for overall development, and this makes it one of the Best Colleges for Law in Chennai. VIT School of Law is the progeny of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) and is one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It attempts to strive and endeavor a path of prosperous career and imbibe quality learning and is known as the best Law College in Chennai. 


VIT – Best Law College in Chennai

VIT is one of the best colleges for Law in Chennai as they believe in active and practical learning and provide a knowledge-oriented approach. They provide a domain for polishing technical skills, interpretive and analytical skills which is the need of the hour. Their goal is to instigate the students with professional aptitude, competence, enthusiasm, and zeal. VIT imparts quality education through faculties that are enhanced and possess expertise and training, and this makes it the best Law College in Chennai. The curriculum is framed in a well-structured way to provide the students a broad spectrum of knowledge keeping in mind the learning and evaluation and maintaining supremacy over others. 


Opportunities that Law offer

Law is one of the eminent and notable career options for students. It has a very lucrative future because, with time, the requirement for legal expertise will enlarge along with the demand for flourishing law professionals. It is believed that studying law limits you to courts, but students can explore various options. A student can become a corporate lawyer, legal advisor, a human rights lawyer, or legal reporter. Students can opt for higher education courses like LLM for pursuing a specialization in the choice of the field at VIT as it enhances their competitiveness, and hold the position of best Law College in Chennai. It is an honorable profession and widens the scope of many career opportunities. 


Goal of the Department / Vision & Mission

As VIT, is known as the best Law College in Chennai, here is the vision and mission of our organization:

  • To stimulate and provide world-class, innovative, career-oriented studies in all branches of law to teach cultural, ethical, and legal values inside students. 
  •  To maintain a balanced focus on practical learning and active learning and provide quality education to the students to excel and secure successful and fruitful careers in legal and law-related opportunities.
  •  We strive to maintain an intellectually stimulating environment for students to learn professional ethics and push them out of their comfort zones to reach heights of success.
  •  To provide outstanding legal education to the students, turning them into successful law professionals by combining innovative and focussed training methods towards creating a collaborative and synergic learning environment.
  • To enhance the strength and integrity of the students developing to approach the diverse legal profession by providing a foundation of advanced learning. 

VIT being one of the best law colleges in Chennai fosters principles and ensures to achieve the mission and vision to enrich the learning process for the future leaders of our society. 


Course specialization offered at VIT

VIT, the best Law College in Chennai, provides students with in-depth knowledge to gain a competitive edge. It offers various specialization courses which aim to enhance the efficiency and proficiency of the students. The courses are as follows: 

  •  International Law and Development
  • Intellectual property laws
  • Corporate Laws and many more. 


Placement opportunities and Counselling

The placement center at VIT is proven to be significant for the students by providing enormous job opportunities and pre-placement offers (PPO). We ensure that the students are well versed and possess the professional aptitude and necessary oratorical skills. We have striking and outstanding placement cells, which ensures success in the respective fields.

  •  The placement centers or cells manage the placement activities of the institute, and some of the companies serve as permanent recruiters providing internships and dream offers to the students.
  •   We hold the highest number of recruitments through placements. VIT as an institute is evident of placement offers from MNCs.
  •  VIT has various tie-ups and provides numerous opportunities to students to interact with practitioners, law firms, legal offices, and judges organized by the law school and get placed in Law chambers, Law firms, corporate offices, etc.,

The mission to influence academic, judicial, and professional outercourse and provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their capability at workplaces makes us one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. 


 Why VIT is the Best College For Law in Chennai

  • VIT has impressive infrastructure facilities and amenities ranging from a moot court for professional law students, spectacular smart classrooms, seminar halls, all providing an integrated approach of advanced learning and expertise.
  • We conduct informative guest lectures to highlight international humanitarian law, administration of criminal justice, etc. Top notched law professionals come as guest lecturers and share their learning and areas of expertise with our students. 
  • We have experienced faculties who help students get enlightened theoretically and even on a practical basis. We aspire to balance quality and active learning over others.
  • We provide moot courts and other law-centric activities to improve students’ advocacy skills and encourage them to participate in various National and International debate competitions. 
  • We conduct national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, and Legal aid programs for the student’s overall development, making us be positioned and known as the notable and best Law College in Chennai. 

We ensure professional and expertise learning to all our students to gain a competitive edge over others and maintain their proficiency. We stand by our promise to deliver the best and flourishing lawyers who will maintain integrity, justice, and peace in society, making us the prestigious and best Law College in Chennai.  

VIT School of Law is a proud Member of the LSAC Global Law Alliance and accepts the LSAT-India scores for the law school admissions.
The registration for the LSAT-India 2021 will close on 14th May.
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