VIT School of Law (VITSOL)

VIT School of Law (VITSOL)



The VIT School of Law (VITSOL), the progeny of VIT University is one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It entered the legal arena in 2014, aiming at high goals to be achieved. The Law School aims to impart quality legal education to equip the young minds with knowledge of law, teach them the nuances of the legal profession and make them aware of   the nitty gritty of the profession.

As one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai, VITSOL believes in continuous and active learning simultaneously with practical training. Legal education is not about just mastering the subject or the varied provisions of the law. It is about providing opportunities for the overall development of an individual into a legal professional. Studying law at VITSOL is a unique experience, true to its reputation as one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai. It offers the blend of all features of quality education.

The Law curriculum has been structured in such a way that the students will have an opportunity to have a specialised knowledge and insight in the particular branch they are interested in along with overall knowledge in all other subjects. This gives the students an edge over similarly placed undergraduates. Research driven learning is another speciality of VIT School of Law. At VITSOL, a knowledge-oriented approach takes the lead over memory based learning and evaluation. The course is designed to encourage the mooting abilities, oratorical skills, interpretive and analytical skills of the budding lawyers by conducting periodical Moot Court and other law centric activities.

The School offers two undergraduate honours programmes viz. B.A., LL.B (Hon’s) and B.B.A., LL.B (Hon’s). It also offers LL.M in three branches of law – International Law and Development, Corporate Laws and Intellectual Property Laws. Further the School offers a doctoral program. All the law courses follow a carefully framed curriculum that is on par with the global standards.

The school has over 1000 students across the courses. The school is run with around 30 core faculty, with a sizable number of faculty members holding doctoral degrees in various branches of law, cementing our place as one of the best Law Colleges in Chennai.

To improve the advocacy skills the school runs moot court and debate societies. Through these societies various International / National level programs are conducted. The school regularly organises Moot Court Competitions, both in national and international law, National level debate competitions, International / National Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, and Legal Aid programme, positioning us among the best Law Colleges. The knowledge of teaching faculty is enhanced or updated through Faculty Development Programmes conducted periodically.


VIT School of Law strives to prepare exceptionally skilled, practice ready, ethically strong, justice minded and socially responsible outstanding legal professionals.


  • To set international standards in imparting legal education and to produce skilled lawyers who can excel in various facets of the legal profession
  • To groom legal professionals with the needed practical skills to cater to the needs of the society


The students of VITSOL easily find valuable internships in law chambers, Law firms, corporate offices, governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations. The student internship report contains a certificate of the interning office along with a detailed report of work undertaken during the internship. Each student at VITSOL is set to complete a minimum of 5 internships with a minimum duration of 20 weeks (not more than 4 weeks per internship).

Students of VITSOL will have plenty of opportunity to interact with practitioners, law firms, and legal officers from corporate world, judges, and NGOs in each semester through various programs and events organized by the law school as frequent as every three weeks. At the time of graduation, the first of the two graduating batches on an average have completed around 100 internships per year.


A law degree from the best School of Law is the surest way to an intellectually rewarding career. With increasing industry segmentation, lawyers can seek multiple growth arenas in legal consulting, management, corporate law practice and academics besides the opportunity of traditional law practice. Opportunities also exist in governmental and non-governmental organizations and full-service law firms. Being a lawyer also unlocks the unique position to effect changes in the society as lawmakers and thought leaders.


  • Classes handled by experienced core faculty besides Professors from India and Abroad and Practicing Lawyers and Judges as Adjunct / Visiting faculty
  • Mandatory Internships / Court visits on a regular basis
  • Periodical Legal Aid Clinic Sessions
  • Legal problem solving / Project Based Learning / Clinical Methodology in Law teaching
  • Fully equipped law laboratory with Law databases such as Lexis Nexis, Manupatra, Westlaw, Hein Online etc
  • Multilingual and diversity of students
  • Seamless connectivity created with Legal academia, Bar & bench for the last 7 years
  • We conduct national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, and Legal aid programs for the student’s overall development, making us be positioned and known as the notable and best Law College in Chennai. 

We ensure professional and expert learning to all our students to gain a competitive edge over others and maintain their proficiency. We stand by our promise to deliver the best and flourishing lawyers who will maintain integrity, justice, and peace in society. Making us the prestigious and best Law College in Chennai.

For admission related queries contact us through or  +91 44 3993 1555

VIT School of Law is a proud Member of the LSAC Global Law Alliance and accepts the LSAT-India scores for the admissions to B.A LL.B (HONS), B.B.A LL.B(HONS), LL.M Corporate Law, LL.M International Law and Development and LL.M Intellectual Property Law.
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To promote quality, access, and equity in law and education worldwide, LSAC Global will offer multiple scholarships.
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VITSOL presently has an alumni strength of more than 400 members.  Alumni network can bring significant self-supporting positives to the members themselves and to the institution in multiple ways. Alumni networks aim to provide mentorship and guidance to the current students and enable former students to stay connected to the alma mater and other members. VITSOL Alumni Committee is constituted with this vision to facilitate, consolidate and coordinate alumni activities of VIT School of Law. They are the brand ambassadors of the institution from whom the standard and excellence are manifested. They are one of the most important stakeholders of the institution who play a pivotal role in the image building process. The first alumni meet of VITSOL was conducted on 18th February 2023.