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VIT Law Review is a biannual academic Law Journal published by the VIT School of Law. VIT School of Law gives importance to research and is involved in high quality research publication. VIT Law Review being a scholarly publication strives to publish leading research articles, notes and comments authored by legal fraternity from across the world. The VIT Law Review has been serving as a research arm for practitioners, academicians and the broader intellectual community.


Chief Patron

Dr. G. Viswanathan

Chancellor, Vellore Institute of Technology


M. Gandhi

Faculty Editorial Board

Ajitha. E
Ankit Kumar Padhy
Tania Sebastian

Student Editorial Board

Gabriela Michael
Rohith Rajeeve Thomas
Rohit Magesh

Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 2020

1. State’s Munificence as a Constitutional Mandate or Merely a Doctrine of Populism? – A Legal Analysis in the Context of the Indian Subcontinent
R.S Raveendhren and Alifiyah Shabbir 1
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2. The DNA Technology (Use & Application) Regulation Bill, 2019 vis-a-vis Data Privacy
Arnav Bishnoi and Sunakshi Agarwal 17
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3. Restoring Peace and Justice in Syria: A Proposal for an Ad-Hoc Tribunal
Gauri Thampi 36
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4. Impoverishment of Foreign Nationals in India: An Analysis
Arvind Arun Pennathur 47
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5. Personhood in Relation to Artificial Intelligence: Legal Issues
Jayashree S. Shet 67
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6. Equity in Political Financing: A Need for Stringent Regime to Safeguard Democratic Setup in India
Patel Sharan Goud 78
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7. Medical Termination of Pregnancy
Akshita Jain and Samidha Gupta 90
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8. Offend, Shock or Disturb: Free Speech under the Indian Constitution
Rahul Mohan 102
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Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 2019

1. Online Pharmacies in India: Legal and Ethical Considerations
Pallavi Khanna 1
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2. PNB Scam: Is Blockchain the Answer
Sashidhar S & Aprajitha Tripathi 19
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3. Remedies Under Cape Town Conventions: Easing Aircraft Financing Norms
Aisha Ahmed Sharfi 28
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4. Material Adverse Change Clause
Aratrika Deb 43
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5. Bit for Bitcoins
Astha Singh 58
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6. 3D Printing: A New Dimensional Pitfall for Copyright and Patent
Vaibhav Latiyan 85
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7. Right to be Forgotten: The New Trend in the Digital World
Fathima VN 101
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8. Bioinformatics & Intellectual Property Rights: Protection Methods and Strategies under Indian Perspective
Rishabh Shukla 118
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