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VITSOL Moot Court Society

Moot court is an integral part of law school curriculum and it is no different at VITSOL. The presence of a moot court culture in a law school assists law students in working their way through an almost real-life case. With rigour in research leading up to a moot, a student stands to inculcate legal reasoning and to hone oral argument skills, thereby taking the institutional training of a law student a step closer in enabling a complete legal education.
The Moot Court Society at VITSOL aims to further student interest and involvement in moot court while also strengthening the inner workings for a structured moot court society, culminating to ‘Intra-mural’ rounds. The Intra-Mural rounds are internal moot court rounds held within the School of Law that facilitates and provides a platform for student moot court activities.
VITSOL Moot Court Society has been successfully organizing Moot Court Competition on both National and International law, called as the “VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on National Law” since 2015 and the “VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on International Law” since 2016.
The 1st VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on International Law was held in March 2016. The theme of the moot proposition was international humanitarian Law. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th edition of VITSOL National Moot Court Competitions were held in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The major themes of the Moot Court Competitions were: International criminal law, traditional fishing rights over maritime zones of a neighbouring state, Rohingya Refugee crisis and Smuggling drug for financing terrorism and UN Sanctions. There is participation from all over India with a team from Nepal also being hosted at VITSOL. An average number of 20 teams from different universities across India had participated each year in the International Law Moot Court Competition.
The “VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on National Law” has been held every year since 2015 and are based on contemporary law topics. The 2019 VITSOL National Moot Court Competition on National Law was based on Surrogacy law in India that had 29 teams from all over India.