VIT School of Law (VITSOL)

Placement and Internship

Placement and Internship

The students of VITSOL can easily find valuable internships in law chambers, Law firms, corporate offices, governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations. Student shall undertake the Internship in accordance with the VITSOL Internship Rules, 2022. Similarly, students of VITSOL will have plenty of opportunity to interact with practitioners, law firms, and legal officers from corporate world, judges, and NGOs in each semester through various programs and events organized by the law school as frequent as in every three weeks.

The average pass percentage of VITSOL is 92. Around 15-18 students in every year have got admitted in reputed foreign universities for PG Studies. An average of 40% of students in every year joined as associates in law firms. Average of 15% of passed out students have joined for PG studies in Indian law schools. Rest of them are enrolled and started practicing law throughout the country.


VITSOL Placement and Internship Committee

VITSOL Placement and Internship Committee facilitates the placement and internship activities of the students of VIT School of Law. The committee has a progressive partnership with companies, law firms and other legal institutions for ensuring adequate internship and placement opportunities for the students. The committee consists of faculty members as well as students to ensure active stakeholder participation in ensuring the quality of internship and placement. The Committee is undertaking on-campus and off-campus placements for the pass-out students and VITSOL alumni.

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