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The VITSOL Legal Aid Clinic was inaugurated on November 4, 2015, by Hon’ble Justice Mr. Satish Kumar Agnihotri (Former Executive Chairperson, Tamil Nadu Legal Services Authority) and Hon’ble Justice Mr. B Rajendran. The Clinic is managed by the VITSOL Legal Aid Committee and is committed to making legal services accessible to all weaker sections of society and promoting justice. The VITSOL Legal Aid Committee is driven by faculty members and dedicated student volunteers from the VIT School of Law, known for their unwavering commitment to social responsibility. The Committee is actively engaged throughout the year in various impactful initiatives including but not limited to Legal Awareness Camps, Speed Mentoring Sessions in Government Schools, Street Plays for Legal Awareness, Free Legal Aid Camps, Street Vendor Engagement Camps, Assistance in Lok Adalats, Assistance in Prison Legal Aid Clinic, Collaboration with Tamil Nadu Legal Services Authority (TNLSA), Chengalpattu District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) and NGOs.

The VITSOL Legal Aid Committee imbibes a sense of social responsibility in the minds of young law students towards the weaker sections of society. Our student volunteers are the lifeblood of the VITSOL Legal Aid Committee, actively engaging in larger numbers with a strong sense of social responsibility and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in our society. Their dedication demonstrates the profound interest young minds have in providing free legal aid and underscores the remarkable impact they can create in the realm of social justice. The VITSOL Legal Aid Committee consists of the following faculty members –


Dr.Rabbiraj C, Associate Professor and Dean (Incharge), VITSOL

Faculty Coordinator 

Dr.E.Prema, Associate Professor, VITSOL


Dr.M.S.Sharmila, Associate Professor, VITSOL
Prof.Kamban Scoretes, Assistant Professor, VITSOL
Prof.Abul Hassan, Assistant Professor, VITSOL
Prof.Anbarasi.G, Assistant Professor, VITSOL
Prof.Santhosh V, Assistant Professor, VITSOL

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Legal Aid Clinic Inauguration