VIT School of Law (VITSOL)

VIT Law Review - Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 2019


1. Online Pharmacies in India: Legal and Ethical Considerations
Pallavi Khanna 1
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2. PNB Scam: Is Blockchain the Answer
Sashidhar S & Aprajitha Tripathi 19
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3. Remedies Under Cape Town Conventions: Easing Aircraft Financing Norms
Aisha Ahmed Sharfi 28
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4. Material Adverse Change Clause
Aratrika Deb 43
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5. Bit for Bitcoins
Astha Singh 58
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6. 3D Printing: A New Dimensional Pitfall for Copyright and Patent
Vaibhav Latiyan 85
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7. Right to be Forgotten: The New Trend in the Digital World
Fathima VN 101
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8. Bioinformatics & Intellectual Property Rights: Protection Methods and Strategies under Indian Perspective
Rishabh Shukla 118
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