VIT School of Law (VITSOL)

VIT Law Review - Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 2020

1. State’s Munificence as a Constitutional Mandate or Merely a Doctrine of Populism? – A Legal Analysis in the Context of the Indian Subcontinent
R.S Raveendhren and Alifiyah Shabbir 1
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2. The DNA Technology (Use & Application) Regulation Bill, 2019 vis-a-vis Data Privacy
Arnav Bishnoi and Sunakshi Agarwal 17
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3. Restoring Peace and Justice in Syria: A Proposal for an Ad-Hoc Tribunal
Gauri Thampi 36
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4. Impoverishment of Foreign Nationals in India: An Analysis
Arvind Arun Pennathur 47
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5. Personhood in Relation to Artificial Intelligence: Legal Issues
Jayashree S. Shet 67
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6. Equity in Political Financing: A Need for Stringent Regime to Safeguard Democratic Setup in India
Patel Sharan Goud 78
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7. Medical Termination of Pregnancy
Akshita Jain and Samidha Gupta 90
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8. Offend, Shock or Disturb: Free Speech under the Indian Constitution
Rahul Mohan 102
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