Master’s in India Vs Abroad – Which Is Better?

Master’s in India Vs Abroad – Which Is Better?

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Are you planning to do a master’s and wondering whether you should pursue your master’s in India or abroad, then this blog is for you. Go through it to get clarity on which will be better for your Master’s in India Vs Abroad.


Education is pivotal, and the deeper the education, the better the knowledge and skills required to sustain the competitive world. Doing a master’s is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to enhance your understanding and gain in-depth learning in your field of interest. When thinking about doing a master’s, the most obvious and immediate question which pops out is whether to pursue a master’s in India or abroad. If you are perplexed about the same, then go through this blog to get clarity on the same.

Master’s in VIT Chennai

Master’s in VIT Chennai

Master’s in VIT Chennai

VIT Chennai is known to offer exemplary education and training in the master’s courses they offer. Below are a few of the courses that you can pursue at VIT Chennai to get intensive training in the course of your choice. 

  • MBA
  • M.Tech
  • MCA programs 
  • M.Sc. Programmes
  • MSW
  • M.Des.(Industrial Design )
  • LLM Degree 

Master’s in India Vs Abroad – Which is Better?

Masters In India vs Abroad

Masters In India vs Abroad

Doing a master’s is gaining deeper and more extensive knowledge of the subject matter. MS in India vs abroad. Which is better depends on what exactly the student is looking for Abroad studies are found to offer great exposure, growth, learning and cultural diversity.  But abroad studies come with huge expenses. 

Master’s in India is a cost-effective affair in comparison to studying abroad but can be a comfort zone. Education-wise, both India and abroad are found to offer quality education. 

Abroad studies were once reserved for the elite group of people. Nowadays, abroad studies are accessible to everyone. Picking up the chance can enhance you and offer tremendous personal growth. 

On the other hand education sector in India is one of the most reputed. Numerous people have picked up a master’s degree in India and outshined and marked a great place for them in the Indian market. These are a few factors to consider when thinking about pursuing a master’s in India or abroad. 

Go through the blog further to understand the pros and cons of a master’s in India vs abroad. 

Pros of Doing Master’s in India 

Pros of Doing Master's in India - Masters In India vs Abroad 

1. Lesser cost

Doing a master’s in India is not a costly affair as it is like doing a master’s abroad. The fees are comparatively cheaper. Students also get to save a lot of money on food and accommodation. When you are thinking about whether you should study master’s in India or abroad, this is a notable fact to consider. 

2. Great quality of education

India is always known for its excellent education system. Getting a master’s in India is no lesser and is highly accredited. 

Did you know that the Indian education system is the second-largest higher education system in the world? 

When you are thinking about pursuing a master’s in India, you can consider VIT, Chennai, to get a quality education. 

3. Comfort

There is nothing better than the comfort of staying in your homeland. Pursuing a master’s can be an intensive experience and can come with a lot of hardships. When you pursue a master’s in India, you will be guaranteed comfort and secureness.

4. Exemplary work opportunities

There are numerous corporates, MNCs, agencies and much more in India. The demand for employees in India is a consistent affair. Those who are skilled enough and have a good educational background are found to create a great place for themselves in the job market. 

Indians are known for their hard work and there are numerous people who have pursued master’s in India and have proceeded to go work abroad. 

Cons of Doing Master’s in India

1. The Highly Competitive 

The Indian education system is largely based on merit. The creamy layer gets picked. The job market in India as well as demanding and highly competitive. To be on top of the game, you need to be well equipped and skilled.

2. Comparatively Optimum Pay 

The salaries in India are optimum and are not as much as the pay that you get abroad. But nevertheless, it will make a good sum for the living conditions and cost of living in India.  

3. Comfort zone

One of the pros of studying master’s in India is the comfort, and that in itself can be the con. Yes, studying in India and getting a job in India can hinder your chances of getting exposed to other cultures and nationalities. 

Pros of Doing Master’s Abroad

Cons of Doing Master's Abroad - Masters In India vs Abroad

Cons of Doing Master’s Abroad – Masters In India vs Abroad

1. Higher salaries 

One of the biggest pros of studying abroad is the lucrative salaries that the students get once they are done with their studies. Although the accommodation and expenses abroad are comparatively higher than it is in India, the returns and the savings that jobs abroad offer are higher as well compared to India. When you think about master’s in India vs abroad, this is one of the major things to keep in mind. 

Nearly 7.5 lakhs students from India study abroad.

2. Great exposure 

If exposure is one of the things that you crave, then doing a master’s abroad can be the best decision that you can make. While studying abroad, students get to learn, grow and mingle with numerous people from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. This will give a chance to get to know about different cultures and norms. When thinking about the pros of ms in India vs abroad, consider this as a major factor. 

3. Immigration 

For those who are planning to migrate and become permanent residents abroad, 

doing a master’s abroad can come in handy. Doing a master’s degree abroad is one of the easiest gateways to getting a permanent residence abroad. 

4. Work culture 

It is a given fact that the work culture and work-life balance abroad are better. Employees abroad work 40 to 50 hours/week and generally stick on to their work hours. 

The overtime or extra work that is carried out is also appreciated and compensated with remunerations. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to study abroad when it comes to the question of ms in India vs abroad. 

Cons of doing master’s Abroad 

Cons of doing master's Abroad - Masters In India vs Abroad

Cons of doing master’s Abroad – Masters In India vs Abroad

1. Climatic conditions 

There is nothing compelling and harder than putting up with hard climatic conditions. If you are someone who finds it difficult to put up with harsh and extreme climatic conditions, then you need to prepare yourself accordingly to face the weather. 

2. High costs

Studying abroad comes with a lot of high expenses involved. The fees of the universities abroad cost double or more than those of the universities in India. 

When you are thinking about making the decision to pursue a master’s in India vs abroad, the costs involved is one of the prominent factors to consider. 

3. Homesickness

Studying abroad comes with the hardship of having to face things alone, and homesickness is a given in this situation. Technology can come as an aid in maintaining touch. Finding community groups and preparing yourself to be open to mingling with new people can help. 

4. Fear of missing out 

When you are pursuing your studies abroad, you will tend to miss out on a lot of things back home. You will miss out on family functions, affairs of your friends and more. This is something that you need to put up with. Keep this in mind when you consider the points for ms in India vs abroad. 

5. Language and Cultural Hindrance 

It is not an easy affair to go pursue studies abroad. Students who move out of their home country have to undergo a lot of changes. One of the most prominent changes that makes adaptation easy are language and cultural differences. This is definitely to be noted when considering ms in India vs abroad. 

Elements to considerMaster’s  in IndiaMaster’s in abroad
1. Fees and CostDoing a master’s in India is cost-effective. Master’s in India is a pricey affair as the cost of living is high abroad. 
2. Quality of education The quality of education in India is exemplary, and India has the second-largest higher secondary education system in the world. Master’s abroad will provide great exposure and a chance to experience international standards of teaching, which are on par with excellence. 
3. Career opportunities There are numerous job opportunities in India, and the job market is competitive and demanding. There are a plethora of job opportunities for students who do master’s abroad. 
4. Salary package Doing a master’s in India promises an optimum salary. With experience and the right expertise, people earn a great amount of salary. The attractive salary package that comes with doing a master’s and working abroad is one of the major reasons why students choose to study abroad. 
5. Standard  of living Pursuing a master’s and living in a hometown or India will provide comfort and safety for the natives.Doing a master’s in India will give you a chance to witness a high standard of living and a chance to explore different cultures. 

Hope the above blog gave you clarity on doing a master’s in India vs abroad. There is no right or wrong, and you just make decisions based on what works best for you. Best of luck with your plans. 


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