School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)

School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)


The school of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC) was established in 2010, completing a decade of imparting and exchanging knowledge. Schooled under the esteemed campus of VIT Chennai, SMEC is supported by all its stakeholders that constantly aim at reaching new milestones with every passing year. 

Through their service and persistence, the school has climbed the ladder. It is accredited as the best mechanical engineering college in Chennai. The school aims to create and shape the new generation of mechanical engineers through their innovative teaching methods and the importance of practical knowledge.

VIT - Best Mechanical Engineering College in Chennai

The faculty at SMEC has exceptional skills in training students and years of experience in the field. They hold the perfect blend of knowledge, industry experience, and research skills. The department is a team of highly qualified professionals, with most of them having a Ph.D. degree from renowned universities. The faculty resonates with the university’s mission and has been trained to sharpen the country’s best minds. 

The school has always been at the forefront of encouraging research and development. Being the best mechanical engineering college in Chennai, it receives funding from several government agencies and private agencies such as DST, DRDO, MNRE, CSIR, CVRDE, CPDO, IE, AR & DB, CVRDE, BRNS, ISRO, UGC, NRB, AICTE, and Assault Systems La Foundation, etc., Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with various industry and research organizations and leading universities.

With the best infrastructural facilities, the students are provided with endless opportunities to work towards their dream and be busy introducing new inventions. The teaching methods are infused with new and modern technologies and aim at making students understand concepts better through visual display and representation.

Opportunities that Mechanical Engineering has to offer

We are surrounded by machines, and mechanical engineers are the masterminds behind those machines. This has created an ever-increasing demand for this industry. This industry is always on the lookout for creative and innovative graduates. Hence, graduating from the best mechanical engineering college in Chennai will promise you a bright future in the industry.

There are many job profiles available for one to choose from as their ideal pick after graduation. Some of them are listed below:

  • Aerospace Engineer – maintaining and manufacturing aircraft and airports
  • Maintenance Engineer – ensure smooth functioning of machines and equipment 
  • Automotive Engineer – Research & Development and Design & Innovation in the automobile industry
  • Control & Instrumentation Engineer – Controlling and instrumenting machines involved in engineering; R&D, Designing, Installation, Management and Maintenance. 
  • Contracting Civil Engineer – Consultation 
  • Nuclear Engineer – Handling the technicalities of nuclear power stations
  • Mechanical Engineer – Designing and Maintaining machines 

The goal of the Department / Vision & Mission

  • Being one of the best engineering colleges in Chennai,  VIT’s vision is to constantly transform the lives of students through excellence in education and research. 
  • The school’s mission is five-fold. The school aims at providing a world-class education to all its students by ensuring that students are equipped with life skills and critical thinking skills as much as theoretical knowledge. 
  • Co-creation is always rewarded at SMEC. The school has active collaborations with national and international industries and companies.
  • The school is always grounded in ethics and transfers the same to the students. Academic integrity is always at the forefront at SMEC.
  • Service to society and to the students is always a priority.

Course specialization offered at VIT

The syllabus is re-designed year after year to accommodate various changes in the industry. The school has established itself as the best mechanical engineering college in Chennai through its interdisciplinary approach and innovative teaching methods. The school offers two undergraduate and two postgraduate programs:

  • B Tech in Mechanical Engineering, 
  • B Tech in Mechatronics and Automation, 
  • M Tech in CAD/CAM, and
  • M Tech in Mechatronics

Placement opportunities and Counseling

The school takes pride in its alumni network and celebrates its success and achievements. Being in the best mechanical engineering college in Chennai will allow students to be placed in the most reputed companies in the country. It will equip them for their masters in the field and enable them to apply to the best institutions around the globe.  The courses offered are deeply rooted in formulating the basics of mechanical engineering, allowing students to excel in any field they choose. They cater to all subject matter: aerospace, defense, manufacturing, energy, and automotive. The school is also accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. 

Why VIT is the Best Mechanical Engineering College in Chennai

  • The student culture at VIT is extremely diverse and vibrant. There are various clubs and opportunities for students to display their talents and get involved with important causes. It is the perfect place for students to find their voice.
  • The infrastructure at the campus has seen immense growth and continues to grow in the coming years. The school is always a step ahead while adopting new technologies and teaching methods.
  • Practical training is placed at priority. The school finds regular industry visits highly crucial for students to gain practical exposure and knowledge about the industry. 

Professors at SMEC are experts in the field and are trained to teach the best minds. Their constant efforts in effortlessly explaining difficult concepts make VIT the best mechanical engineering college in Chennai. 

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