School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)



The school of mechanical engineering has established advanced research and development laboratories to propagate emerging technologies amongst the students and develop cutting edge technologies in the field of computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, energy, automobile engineering, collaborative product design, and rapid prototyping. The students are comprehensively trained to keep pace with the technological developments and equip themselves with the knowledge of advancements in the field.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Sensors Lab

    • Vertex Autonomous driving simulator
    • IPG Carmaker
    • QNET Mechatronics Kit
    • NIELIVIS Mechatronics kit
    • Biosignal Plux EMG setup
    • MCC- Data Acquisition system

Advanced IC Engines Lab

    • Single cylinder variable speed CI engine test rig with eddy current dynamometer and combustion analyzer (Kistler)
    • Single cylinder constant speed CI engine test rig with eddy current dynamometer and combustion analyzer
    • Single cylinder constant speed CI engine test rig with open ECU system
    • Multi cylinder CI engine test rig with eddy current dynamometer and combustion analyzer
    • Fuel property measurement apparatus for measuring viscosity, flash and fire point, cloud and pour point, corrosivity and vapour pressure.
    • AVL smoke meter and AVL 5 gas emission analyser

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab

        • CNC milling machine – Compact mill
        • CNC M-TAB Turning Center – XL TURN
        • CNC M-TAB Machining Center – XL MILL
        • CNC lathe package
        • CNC work bench
        • Die-sinking Electrical Discharge Machine
        • Salt Spray Corrosion Testing
        • Stir casting furnace
        • Planetary ball milling

Advanced Mechanical Design Lab

        • Workstations (58 N0S) & High performance computing workstations (4 NOS)
        • SOLID WORKS 2019_20 (campus license)
        • ANSYS 19.0 (campus multi-physics, research & multi-core licenses)
        • DFMA 9.4
        • CATIA V6 (campus license)
        • HYPER WORKS 12.01
        • ABAQUS 6. 12-2
        • ADAMS 2012 (campus license)
        • NX CAD CAM Express
        • MINITAB 16 Academic
        • MATLAB 2018
        • LS DYNA

Aerodynamics Lab

        • Wind tunnel of test section 30 cm x 30 cm x 2 m
        • Atmospheric Boundary Layer wind tunnel of test section 1 m x 1 m x 6 m
        • 32 Channel Pressure transducer
        • Digital Hot-wire anemometer (Max. range : 25 m/s)
        • Lab quest interface for dynamic force sensor
        • Experimental setup for wind induced vibration
        • Uniaxial Accelerometer with NI DAQ
        • Multi-tube Manometer

Automobile Engineering Lab

        • Single Plate clutch Assembly for LCV
        • Single Plate clutch Assembly for HGV
        • Constant Mesh Gear box for LCV
        • Synchromesh Gear Box for HGV
        • Steering Gear box Assembly for LCV
        • Steering Gear box Assembly for HGV
        • Rear Axle for LCV
        • Rear Axle for HGV
        • Hydraulic Brake System


        • Workstations  (62 NOS)
        • SOLID WORKS 2019_20 (campus license)
        • ANSYS 19.0 (campus license)
        • MASTERCAM
        • MTAB CNC Train Simulation
        • NX CAD & NX CAM Express
        • MATLAB 2018
        • ROBO STUDIO
        • COMSOL

Dynamics of Machinery Lab

        • CAM Analyser
        • Motorized Gyroscope
        • Universal Governor setup
        • Whirling speed of shaft apparatus
        • Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine
        • Universal Vibration testing setup
        • Kinematic models for various mechanical linkages
        • Noise & Vibration Test Equipment
        • Torsional Vibration of a single & Double Rotor Systerm
        • Bi-filar suspension
        • Torsional damped vibration setup
        • Vibration comprehensive experimental teaching system with data acquisition system – NAWS
        • Free vibration of Mass spring system with Data acquisition system – Tecquipment UK
        • Free vibration of Cantilever system with Data acquisition system – Tecquipment UK
        • Simple and Compound Pendulum – Tecquipment UK

Electric Vehicle Lab

  • Electric four wheeler with battery management system,data logging facility and GPS
  • Performance study of AC induction motor
  • Axial flux PMSM motor
  • Switched reluctance motor and BLDC motor
  •  Study on regenerative braking
  • Performance study of PEM fuel cell and super capacitor for electric vehicle
  • Performance study of battery and motor cooling system in electric vehicle
  • Study on Battery Management System (BMS) with fault diagnosis
  • Computational Design and Visualization Laboratory with 20 high end workstations

Engineering Graphics Lab

        • Workstations – (62 NOS)
        • SOLID WORKS 2019_20 (campus license)
        • MATLAB 2018

Flow Energy Sensor Lab (Applied Research Lab)

        • Ellipsometer
        • LabView
        • NI Workstation for flow measurement

Fluid Mechanics Lab

        • Flow through orifice apparatus (closed circuit)
        • Flow through mouthpiece apparatus (closed circuit)
        • Flow through triangular notch (closed circuit)
        • Flow through rectangular notch (closed circuit)
        • Flow through venturi meter and orifice meter (closed circuit)
        • Flow velocity measurement using Pitot tube
        • Pipe friction apparatus (closed circuit)
        • Flow through an annulus pipe (closed circuit)
        • Reynolds apparatus (closed circuit)
        • Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s theorem
        • Tilting flume apparatus
        • Losses in pipe fittings
        • Apparatus for determining Metacentric height
        • Hele-Shaw Apparatus for Flow Visualization

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

        • Apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity of a metal rod
        • Apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity of an insulating powder
        • Apparatus for measuring heat transfer through a composite wall
        • Apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity of a liquid
        • Unsteady state heat transfer unit
        • Apparatus for investigating natural convection
        • Apparatus for investigating forced convection
        • Apparatus for measuring heat transfer from a pin fin
        • Critical heat flux apparatus for studying pool boiling
        • Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus
        • Apparatus for measuring emissivity
        • Heat exchanger operating in parallel and counter flow modes
        • Vertical & horizontal condenser
        • Heat pipe demonstrator
        • Vapour in air diffusion apparatus
        • Study of convection using a forced draft tray dryer

Manufacturing Lab - I

        • Welding transformer
        • MIG Welding M/C
        • TIG Welding M/C
        • Gas welding equipment
        • Vertical milling machine
        • Basic Sheet metal working tools
        • Sand Rammer m/c VR
        • Rammer Base Block
        • Permeability Meter
        • Molding Box
        • Trowel
        • Showel
        • Lifter
        • Draw Spike
        • Peen Rammer
        • Vent Rod

Manufacturing Lab – II

        • Precision center lathe
        • Turret Lathe
        • Capstan Lathe
        • Gear Hobbing machine
        • Horizontal Milling machine
        • Slotting Machine
        • Shaping Machine
        • Surface Grinding Machine
        • Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine
        • Radial Drilling Machine
        • Jig Saw Machine
        • Pedestal Grinding Machine
        • Bench Buffing Machine
        • Sheet bending machine
        • Hand-operated press
        • Pillar type double body fly press
        • Woodworking m/c
        • Lathe Tool Dynamometer
        • Profile Projector
        • Toolmakers Microscope

Materials Characterization Lab

        • Box type Muffle Furnace (Temp. Limit: 1000°C)
        • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
        • 8″ double disc variable speed grinder polisher
        • General purpose belt grinder
        • M100A Trinocular Microscope with PIXEL – Fox camera
        • Hot air gun
        • Rockwell and Brinell hardness tester
        • Vickers Hardness Tester
        • Analytical Weighing Balance
        • Planetary Ball Mill
        • Microwave Furnace
        • Electrolyte Metal Etching Machine
        • Table-Top Sieve Shaker
        • Hot Air Oven
        • Hydraulic Pellet Press
        • Constant Temperature Bath
        • Jominy End Quench Testing Apparatus
        • Gamry Potentiostat (Electrochemical Corrosion Testing)
        • Abrasive Disc Cutting Machine
        • Pin-on-Disc Wear Testing Machine (DUCOM)
        • Anodization Power Source
        • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Power Source

Mechatronics & Automation Lab


        • Computers – 40 Nos.
        • Sensors and Transducer Kits (LVDT, Potentiometer, Strain Gauge, Speed Measurements, RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistors, Light Sensors, Pressure, Capacitive level measurement, Hall Effect Sensors)
        • Actuator and Control Kits (DC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, PID Controller, Process Control Station)
        • NI Sensors and Actuators Kits
        • Pneumatic, and Hydraulic Trainer Kits
        • Electro-Pneumatic Kits
        • PLC (Ge Fanuc and Siemens)
        • SCADA (Siemens)
        • HMI Touch Panel TP700 (Siemens)
        • Machine Vision Cameras
        • Data Acquisition Cards (NI MyDAQ)
        • Stand Alone Controllers (NI myRIO)
        • NI ELVIS
        • QNET mechatronics sensor kit
        • Quanser QUBE Servo Motors with controllers
        • 3D Printer
        • Automation Kits (Bottle Filling and Lift Control)


        • Siemens- TIA portal
        • Hydrosim and Pneumosim
        • Automation Studio
        • MATLAB
        • LabVIEW

Metrology Lab

        • Vernier caliper
        • Mechanical comparator
        • Universal bevel protractor
        • Sine bar
        • Slip gauge(83pcs)
        • Gear tooth vernier
        • Surface plate & table
        • Vernier height gauge
        • Vernier depth gauge
        • Profile projector
        • Toolmakers microscope
        • Surface roughness tester
        • Micrometer
        • Micrometer
        • GO & NOGO plain plug gauge
        • Dial indicator & stand plunger
        • Surface plate
        • Magnetic V-block
        • Surface angle plate (C.I.)

Noise Vibration Harshness Lab

  • Siemens 8 channel DAQ
  • Impedance tube
  • Simple and Compound Pendulum
  • Impact Hammer
  • Mobile Precision work station

Non-Destructive Testing Lab

        • Ultrasonic Flaw detector
        • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
        • Coating Thickness Gauge
        • Eddy Current Sorter
        • Dual Magnetisation Yoke
        • Thermal imager

Renewable Energy Lab

        • Solar Photovoltaic Training Kit
        • Insight Solar- Solar Thermal Training Kit
        • Solar Tracker With 2 Axis Tracker System
        • Thermal Imager (Testo)
        • Radiator Assy
        • Solar Air Drier
        • Solar Cooker
        • Data Acquisition System
        • Biomass & Wood Stove
        • Solar Still
        • Solar Panel Practical Lab Kit
        • Solar Street Light Learning Kit
        • Wind Energy Training System
        • Biomass Gasifier

STAC Composites Research Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

        • Spring Testing Machine
        • Computerized Universal Testing Machine
        • Digital Torsion Testing Machine
        • Impact Testing Machine
        • Fatigue Testing Machine
        • Autograph (SHIMADZU-UTM)
          • Shimadzu AG-X Plus
            Maximum load capacity : 50kN
            Dimensions W718xD641xH1633mm
            Cross head speed range : 0.01 to 800mm/min (stepless)
            Maximum return speed : 1100 mm/min
            Crosshead-table distance (Tensile stroke) : 1210mm
            Effective test width :425mm
            Tests done : Tensile,compression, 3-point bending and cyling test
            Thermal Chamber with the system (TCE-N300 series)
            Thermal chamber dimension : W300xD300xH600mm (inner)
            W400xD600xH690mm (outer)
            Temperature range :-70 to +280deg C
            Software : Shimadzu Trapezium X
        • Deflection Test Apparatus
        • Rosette Strain Gauge
        • Vickers Hardness Tester
        • Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
        • Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
          • Shimadzu micro Vicker’s hardness machine
            MODEL-HMV G20
            Test Force : Min HV 0.01Max. 2
            Test force time : 0 to 999 sec.
            Max. no. of intenders : 1
            Objective lens provided : x40
            Eyepiece : x10
            Effective measurement : 250×250μm
            Indentation resolution : 0.01 μm
        • Automated compression testing machine
        • Computers
        • WINUTM Software
        • TRAPEZIUMX Software

Thermal Engineering Systems Lab

        • Single-cylinder air compressor test rig
        • Four-stroke single cylinder petrol engine with an electrical dynamometer
        • Four-stroke single-cylinder diesel engine with an electrical dynamometer
        • Four-stroke four-cylinder petrol engine with a hydraulic dynamometer
        • Four-stroke single-cylinder diesel engine with a mechanical dynamometer
        • Centrifugal air blower test rig
        • Refrigeration test rig
        • Air conditioning test rig
        • Cut section of four-stroke diesel engine – valve timing studies
        • Cut-section of the two-stroke petrol engine – port timing studies
        • Cochran boiler model
        • Steam Boiler and Steam Turbine test rig

Turbomachines Lab

        • Kaplan Turbine
        • Francis Turbine
        • Pelton Wheel
        • Gear Pump
        • Reciprocating Pump
        • Centrifugal Pump (constant speed)
        • Centrifugal Pump (variable speed)
        • Jet Pump
        • Submersible Pump
        • Impact of jet on vanes
        • Centrifugal blower

3D Printing Lab

3D Printing Request Form

Equipment Details

Flashforge Dreamer NX (single nozzle) FDM Machines – 7

Flashforge Dreamer (duel nozzle) FDM Machines – 2

Colido X3045 Duo FDM Machine (large build volume) – 1

Flashforge Guider IIS FDM machine – 1

Stratasys uPrint – FDM Machine – 1

Flashforge Hunter (DLP) Machine – 1

Ultrasonic Tank

        • Computers