School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC)

Research Group

Design and Automation Division

Presently the design research group offers solutions in Data Migration, Design and Simulation of Engineering Products of all kinds using CAD/CAM/CAE Tools based on customer requirement such as

  • Consultancy – ‘Art-to-Part’ Solutions
  • Design Support – Product Design, Tool Design and Reverse Engineering
  • Legacy Data Conversion – Modeling, Assembly, Detailing & Data Migration
  • Training Support – Individual & Corporate

The automation group of the division aim at producing talented intelligent automation (Green Automation for Environment sustainability) specialists who cater to the needs of the modern industries. The major areas of research in which the division concentrates are Fault diagnosis, Machine intelligence system, Engine Electronics, Robotics and Vision system.

Research and Consultancy Domains

  • Design and evaluation of conceptual models
  • Value Engineering/Productionization of industrial components/Assembly using DFMA.
  • Dynamic studies for automotive applications
  • Ergonomic studies for assembly lines
  • Expert studies on PLM implementation
  • Design of biomedical and dental devices
  • Rapid prototyping of architectural designs for new product development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Structural and dynamic analysis of robot manipulators and vision system
  • Machine Intelligence system to optimize the system performance

Thermal and Automotive Division

The division has expertise in the experimental, theoretical, and analytical aspects of thermal engineering problems and is looking forward to work on challenging projects where we can exercise our skills. This section gives a glimpse of our areas of interest, accomplishments, and resources available for the division at our institute, VIT Chennai.

Research and Consultancy Domains

  • Modeling of IC Engine processes and operating cycles
  • Thermodynamic analysis (First and Second laws) of engineering systems
  • Combustion thermochemistry
  • Experimental investigation of knocking in IC Engines
  • Renewable energy technologies and Alternative fuels testing
  • CFD analysis IC Engine, high speed flows, rotating components and combustion etc.
  • Combustion flow visualization – PIV and chemiluminescence
  • Mathematical modeling and code development for simulating IC engine
  • Solid fuel pyrolysis and devolatilization
  • Fluidized bed combustion

Materials and Manufacturing Division

The materials and manufacturing group consists of strong and diverse expertise in the allied areas of materials processing, structural, mechanical, and tribological characterization of engineering materials besides various manufacturing technologies ranging from casting, metal forming, and welding to the present-day 3D printing technologies.

Research and Consultancy Domains

  • Processing and characterization of composite and biomaterials
  • Development of functional, structural and bio-compatible coating and other surface modification techniques
  • Casting and relevant technologies
  • Bulk and sheet metal forming
  • Solid and fusion metal joining technologies (including friction stir processing)
  • Conventional, non-traditional machining and micro-machining technologies
  • Rapid Prototyping (3D-Printing)