Dr. Bhaskara Rao


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PhD2008Stability and VibrationsOsmania University
M.Tech1996DesignNational Institute of Technology
B.E./B.Tech1993MechanicalBapatla Engineering College
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Areas of SpecializationDesign, Stability and Vibrations
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Patent Published Details
Patent Published TitlePatent Published Application No.
Multiple Configuration of Bicycle Rear Suspension2369/CHE/2014
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Smart Dividers for Road Traffic Congestion Control for Smart Cities.201611044241
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Design of Magnetorheological Fluid Damper201941000995
Dey Heat exchanger201941036286
cost effective semi-automatic cotton yarn ball winding machine202041045392
Steam re-utilization and Greenhouse emission control by the optimization of outlet steam of the steamer202041045396
Test rig for gear wear202041039304
Patent Granted Details
Patent Granted TitlePatent Granted Application No.
Low Cost Imperishable Magnetorheological Fluid201841048025
Book / Book Chapter Published Details
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