Dr. Mini Ghosh


Email: minighosh@vit.ac.in

PhD: IIT Kanpur

Research Area: Mathematical Biology

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NameMini Ghosh
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PhD2002Mathematical BiologyIIT Kanpur, India
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University of Trento, Trento, Italy (2002-2004)

Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand (2004-2006)

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Areas of SpecializationMathematical Biology, Nonlinear Dynamics
ORCID IDhttps://orcid.org/my-orcid?orcid=0000-0001-9652-2409
Scopus IDhttps://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=23097469800
H-index (scopus)15
Google Scholar IDhttps://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=iA5cd-sAAAAJ
i10 index36
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Mathematical Modelling of HIV

and Tuberculosis

SERB, DST, India
Impact of Climatic Factors on the Transmission Dynamics of Vector-borne Diseases: a

Mathematical Study

SERB, DST, India
Mathematical modelling of transmission dynamics of

COVID-19 and its Control

SERB, DST, India
Book / Book Chapter Published Details

Holistic Approaches to Infectious Diseases/ Analysis of a Simple HIV/TB Coinfection Model with the Effect of Screening

Apple Academic Press, Taylor & Francis Group2017
Mathematical Analysis

and Applications in Modeling/ Impact of Tobacco Smoking on the Prevalence of Tuberculosis Infection:

A Mathematical Study

Mathematical Analysis

and Applications in Modeling/ Global Dynamics of a TB Model with Classes Age Structure

and Environmental Transmission

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Research & Publication: Shanxi University, Shanxi, Taiyuan,030006, P.R. China, ( 2017)
Research & Publication: Anyang Institute of Technology, Anyang, P.R. China,( 2018)
Research & Publication: Aoyama Gakuin University, Kanagawa 252-5258, Japan (2018)
Research & Publication: Arizona State University Mesa, AZ 85212, USA, (2020)
Research & Publication: Henan Normal University, Xinxiang 453007, P. R. China,2020- 2021
Research & Publication: Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang, P.R. China, 2007-2021
Other DetailsNET, GATE Qualified