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Dr. Sabumon P C


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Educational details
DegreePassed out yearSpecializationInstitute/University/ College
PhD2008Environmental EngineeringIIT, Madras
M.Tech1992Environmental EngineeringIIT, Kanpur
B.Tech1990Civil EngineeringMahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
Research Details
Areas of SpecializationEnvironmental Engineering: Nutrient removal/ recovery from wastewaters, Recycling and Reuse of wastewater, Bio-solids Management, Green building materials from waste, Waste to energy by biogas production (CH4) and Hydrogen, Industrial effluent treatment for disposal and resource recovery. Bio-Nanotechnology for pollution remediation and effect of Nanomaterial on the environment, Dye removal from industrial effluents, Ground water treatment and remediation.
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H-index (scopus)11
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i10 index15
Completed Consultancy Project Details               
Completed Consultancy Project TitleFunding Agency
Vetting the design of grey and wastewater treatment plantVijay Rajas Homes Pvt Ltd, Chennai – 600119
Ongoing Funded Project Details              
Ongoing Funded Project TitleFunding Agency
Centre for SUstainable Treatment, Reuse And Management for Efficient, Affordable and SYnergetic solutions for water (WATER Innovation centre for SUTRAM of EASY water)-Multi-Institutional Project of INR 8.93 Crores.Department of Science & Technology, Water Technology Initiative, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Completed Funded Project Details
Completed Funded Project TitleFunding Agency
Development of an affordable and robust disinfection system for rural IndiaDepartment of Science & Technology, Water Technology Initiative, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Development of a novel hybrid process for the economic removal of ammonia from wastewatersDepartment of Science & Technology, Water Technology Initiative, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Development of single stage reversible flow bioreactor for simultaneous removal of COD and Ammonia from WastewatersDepartment of Science & Technology, Water Technology Initiative, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
Development of multistage reversible flow bioreactorVIT, Chennai
Development of sequencing batch series biological reactors (SBSBR) process for the treatment of tannery effluentsInstitution of Engineers (India), Kolkata
Development of an alternative eco-logically sustainable wastewater treatment systemInstitution of Engineers (India), Kolkata
Process development for the removal of Iron and Silica from effluent for reuse application from a clay processing plantEnglish Indian Clays Ltd, Trivandrum
Process development and design of ETP for expansion of milk chilling plantMilma, Trivandrum, Kerala
Process development for the treatment of effluents from pharmaceutical plantCIBA-CKD Biochem Ltd, Mahad, Maharashtra
Patent Published Details
Patent Published TitlePatent Published Application No.
Zero sludge and aerobic granulation system for simultaneous removal of C,N and P in sequencing batch airlift reactorIndian Patent:202041032265


Patent Granted Details
Patent Granted TitlePatent Granted No.
Metal Oxyhydroxide mediated anoxic ammonia removal from aqueous solutionsIndian Patent number: 360373


A system for controlled and sustained release of ionic silver and uses thereofIndian Patent number: 345400


Book / Book Chapter Published Details
G. Anjali and P.C. Sabumon (2022). Diversity and versatility of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, Development in Wastewater Treatment Research and Processes: Microbial Ecology, Diversity, and Functions of Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria edited by Maulin P. Shah and Susana Rodriguez-Couto, 319-345, ISBN: 978-0-323-91901-2Elsevier2022
Sabumon Pothanamkandathil Chacko (2022). Emerging Biotechnological Processes in Controlling Nitrogen Pollution to Minimize Eutrophication of Surface Waters in Asia. In: Singh, V.P., Yadav, S., Yadav, K.K., Yadava, R.N. (eds) Environmental Degradation: Challenges and Strategies for Mitigation. pp 125–147, Water Science and Technology Library, vol 104., Print ISBN 978-3-030-95541-0, On-line978-3-030-95542-7.Springer2022
Swathi Desireddy, P.C.Sabumon. (2022). Emerging Contaminants Removal from Wastewater by Nanotechnological Methods. In: P. Singh S., Agarwal A.K., Gupta T., Maliyekkal S.M. (eds) New Trends in Emerging Environmental Contaminants. Energy, Environment, and Sustainability, 261-285.

Print ISBN978-981-16-8366-4; Online ISBN978-981-16-8367-1

Springer Nature, Singapore Pte Ltd.2022
Swathi Desireddy, Sabumon Pothanamkandathil Chacko. (2022). Hybrid Bioreactors for Dye Biodegradation, Dye Biodegradation, Mechanisms and Techniques, Sustainable Textiles: Production, Processing, Manufacturing & Chemistry, 263-285, ISBN 978-981-16-5931-7, ISBN 978-981-16-5932-4 (eBook), Nature, Singapore Pte Ltd.2022
R.Narayani and P.C.Sabumon, Effect of Sulphate on Fermentative Sludge Hydrolysis Cum Biodegradation of Waste Activated Sludge, Waste Management and Resource Efficiency (Proceedings of 6th IconSWM 2016), pp 639-650, 2019. Print ISBN 978-981-10-7289-5, Online ISBN 978-981-10-7290-1,DOI, Singapore2019
S.S. Ramratan, G. Anjali, P.C. Sabumon,  S. M. Malliyekkal, Feasibility of anaerobic ammonium oxidation in the presence of bicarbonate, Materials, Energy and Environment Engineering, pp-93-96, 2017, ISBN: 978-981-10-2674-4,


Springer Nature, Singapore Pte Ltd.2017
Anjali, G. and. P.C. Sabumon, Evidence of heterotrophic anoxic nitrification using seed biomass from Activated Sludge Process, Southeast Asian Water Environment Vol.5, 131-136, 2014, ISBN: 9781780404967 (ebook) ISBN: 978178040950 (Print).International Water Association Publication (IWA)2014
R. Sujatha and P.C. Sabumon, Decolourisation of secondary treated tannery effluent by adsorption using activated carbon derived from coconut shell, Southeast Asian Water Environment, Vol.4, 109-114, 2010, (ISBN: 9781843393627).International Water Association Publication (IWA)2010
Awards & Recognition Details
1.       Best Teacher Award from VIT, Vellore, 2004

2.       GE Ecomagination Excellence award for the BEST PhD thesis from IIT Madras,2008

3.       Dr.Radhakrishnan Teaching Excellence Award and Best Teacher Medal-2014 from Lions Clubs International (Chennai District), nominated by VIT Chennai

4.       Travel grant to present paper in International conferences in Thailand (2007), Indonesia (2009) & Vietnam (2011) by The University of Tokyo, Japan.

5.       Travel grant to present paper in International conferences in Japan (2013) and in Shanghai (2016) by Department of Science &Technology, Government of India.

6.       Several Research awards from VIT, Chennai

7.       Several Best paper awards in International and National conferences

Major International Collaboration Details  – Academic Collaboration Details
Type of collaboration (Research & publication)
1.      A.G. Melesse, N.Velumurugan, S.V.Srinivasan, P.C.Sabumon, B.A.Demissie, (2020). Startup of granulation of sludge in sequencing batch airlift reactor for simultaneous removal of nitrogen and organic carbon from tannery wastewater, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 38, 101605. DOI: 10.1016/j.jwpe.2020.101605

2.      A.G. Melesse, S.V.Srinivasan, B.A. Demissie, P.C.Sabumon (2020). Sequencing batch airlift reactor system for simultaneous removal of nitrogen and organic carbon from synthetic tannery wastewater, Desalination and Water Treatment, 183, 194-204. DOI: 10.5004/dwt.2020.25029.

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