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Dr. Senthil Kumar R

Assistant Professor

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DegreePassed out yearSpecializationInstitute/University/ College
PhD2021Electrical EngineeringAnna University, Chennai
M.Tech2013Power Electronics

and Drives

Anna University, Chennai
B.E./B.Tech2011Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAnna University, Tiruchirappalli
Research Details
Areas of SpecializationFault Diagnosis, Electric Vehicles, AC Drives, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, IoT, Microgrid, Renewable Energy Integration
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H-index (scopus)9
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i10 index13
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EV Smart Charging Using Wireless Microwave Power



Software Tool to Predict Fabric Width For Small Scale Knitting Industries202041050844
Head Piece Protector202041050844
System for Implementation of Kali making machine201941039176


Book / Book Chapter Published Details
IoT-based smart monitoring topologies for energy-efficient smart buildingsWiley2023
Blockchain-based green energy for smart citiesElsevier Academic Press2023
Impact of artificial intelligence techniques in distributed smart grid monitoring system. In Smart Energy and Electric Power SystemsElsevier Academic Press2023
Green Energy Using Machine and Deep LearningWiley-IEEE Press.2023
Challenges and Opportunities for Predictive Maintenance of Solar Plants.Wiley2022
An IoT‐based smart monitoring scheme for solar PV applicationsWiley2021
Impact of power quality issues in residential systemsElsevier Academic Press2021
Reconfigurable battery management system for microgrid application.Wiley2021
Photovoltaic array reconfiguration to extract maximum power under partially shaded conditionsElsevier Academic Press2019
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1.      R.Senthil Kumar, Vairavasundaram, I., Aljafari, B., & Kareri, T. (2023). Rotor Bar Fault Diagnosis in Indirect Field–Oriented Control-Fed Induction Motor Drive Using Hilbert Transform, Discrete Wavelet Transform, and Energy Eigenvalue Computation. Machines, 11(7), 711. (IF=2.6)

2.      Alghaythi, M. L., Irudayaraj, G. C. R., R.Senthil Kumar, Govindaraj, P., & Vairavasundaram, I. (2023). Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Capacitor Voltage Balancing for Power Converters with Fewer Switches. Sustainability, 15(13), 10698. (IF=3.9).

3.      R.Senthil Kumar., I. Gerald Christopher Raj, Ibrahim Alhamrouni, S. Saravanan, Natarajan Prabaharan, S. Ishwarya, Mustafa Gokdag, Mohamed Salem,A combined HT and ANN based early broken bar fault diagnosis approach for IFOC fed induction motor drive, Alexandria Engineering Journal, Elsevier, 66,  pp.15-30., March 2023. (IF=6.626).

4.      R.Senthil Kumar., Irudayaraj, G. C. R., Devarajan, G., Indragandhi, V., Subramaniyaswamy, V., & Sam Alaric, J. (2022). Diagnosis of Broken Bars in V/F Control Induction Motor Drive Using Wavelets and EEV Estimation for Electric Vehicle Applications. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 2022. (IF=2.639). DOI:10.1155/2022/9474640

5.      Alzahrani, A., R.Senthil Kumar., Devarajan, G., Vairavasundaram, I., & Vairavasundaram, S. (2022). A review on hydrogen-based hybrid microgrid system: Topologies for hydrogen energy storage, integration, and energy management with solar and wind energy. Energies, 15(21), 7979. (IF= 3.282)

6.      R.Senthil Kumar., Balaganesh, R. K., Paramasivam, S. K., Muthusamy, S., Panchal, H., Nuvvula, R. S.,& Khan, B. (2022). A Novel High-Efficiency Multiple Output Single Input Step-Up Converter with Integration of Luo Network for Electric Vehicle Applications. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 2022. (IF=2.639)

7.      Aljafari, B., R.Senthil Kumar., Devarajan, G., & Vairavasundaram, I. (2022). Integration of Photovoltaic-Based Transformerless High Step-Up Dual-Output–Dual-Input Converter with Low Power Losses for Energy Storage Applications. Energies, 15(15), 5559. (IF= 3.282) DOI:10.3390/en15155559

8.      R.Senthil Kumar Irudayaraj, G. C. R., Paramasivam, S. K., Murugesan, R., Muthusamy, S., Sundararajan, S. C. M., Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni, & Meena, R. S. A simplified methodology for renewable energy integration and harmonic current reduction in hybrid micro grid. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 44(4) pp. 8357-8379. 2022 1-23. (IF= 3.447)


9.      R.Senthil Kumar Paramasivam, S., Muthusamy, S., Panchal, H., Sadasivuni, K. K., & Noorollahi, Y. (2022). A novel design of switched boost action based multiport converter using dsPIC controller for renewable energy applications. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 44(1), 75-90. (IF= 3.447)

10.  R.Senthil Kumar., Ramu, S. K., Mani, S., Muthusamy, S., Sundararajan, S. C. M., Panchal, H., & Sadasivuni, K. K. (2022). Solar photovoltaic based dynamic voltage restorer with DC-DC boost converter for mitigating power quality issues in single phase grid. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 44(1), 91-115. (IF= 3.447)

11.  Pazhanimuthu C, Baranilingesan I, Paramasivam, S. K., R.Senthil Kumar., Panchal, H., Nuvvula, R. S.,& Khan, B. (2022). A Grid-Connected Solar PV/Wind Turbine Based Hybrid Energy System Using ANFIS Controller for Hybrid Series Active Power Filter to Improve the Power Quality. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 2022. (IF=2.639)

12.  R.Senthil Kumar., Gerald Christopher Raj, I., Suresh, K. P., Leninpugalhanthi, P., Suresh, M., Panchal, H., & Sadasivuni, K. K. (2021). A method for broken bar fault diagnosis in three phase induction motor drive system using Artificial Neural Networks. International Journal of Ambient Energy, 1-7. (IF= 2.67)

13.  R.Senthil Kumar Irudayaraj, G. C. R., Subramani, S., & Subramaniam, U. (2020). Broken rotor bar fault detection using Hilbert transform and neural networks applied to direct torque control of induction motor drive. IET Power Electronics13(15), 3328-3338. (IF= 2.86).


Other DetailsGuest Editor for the Special Issue titled “Integration of Renewable Energy with Smart Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles (VSI-resc)” in Computer and Electrical Engineering (IF =4.3), Elsevier Publishers.


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