National Level “Sankalp”

National Level “Sankalp”

We are glad to share that our VIT students won 3rd Position at the National level “Sankalp”, an Inter NSS unit competition that involved Presentation and Case Study rounds in Jaagriti 2021, on 12th and 17th April 2021, respectively.

The students’ team comprise of:

Mr. Yenni Aditya                – 18BCE1045

Ms. Manju bashini             – 19BLA1047

Ms. S. Gopika shree           – 19BEC1238

Ms. Kaveti Manasa            – 19BEE1135

Mr. Arasada Ekaveera      – 19BCE1535

Congratulations on winning 3rd Position at the National level!!! And we wish you to carry on the brilliant work!


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