Centre for Advanced Data Science


Data is the new Oil; and we are seeing a global demand for Data Driven Engineering.   In order to align with this growing trend, the Research Division of Advanced Data Science was formed at VIT Chennai. We intend to bring together a multidisciplinary research team covering a wide spectrum of domains to handle challenging real-life problems. The primary mission of this research division is, to make sense out of data for the benefit of mankind.

VIT Chennai is strategically located close to several Industrial and IT Zones. Almost all manufacturing industries are currently looking for solutions to seamlessly transform from Industry 3.0 to 4.0.  The Research Division of Advanced Data Science can support these industries through collaborative teams to identify consultancy projects, student internship projects and research based projects for development of futuristic technologies.

We are interested in International collaboration with academia and industry. We are keen on nurturing and incubating innovative ideas to support indigenous development of technology. We also look forward to working collaboratively with AI based Start-ups.


Patent No.Title
202041055915Water Management Technology: Under Smart City Waste Water Management Using IoT- Based, Machine Learning Technology
202141003748 Single tap attendance system using Wi-Fi direct technology
202041053736 Vax India Tech : A provident vaccine distribution strategy for India
Australia: 2021100091
IUIT- Traffic Control Alert: Intelligent Traffic Control and Alert Using IoT- Based Technology
201941042976V.A.N.I.-Voice Analytics Interface

 Smart Neck Band for Rehabilitation of  Musculoskeletal Disorders


Ongoing DRDO LSRB Funded Project:

1.Principal Investigator:  Dr. Susan Elias

Title:               Design and development of a Simulation Model for Predictive Analysis of Load Carriage

Amount :        21 lakhs

Duration :      3 years

Status :           Year III

Funded by: LSRD, DRDO, India

2.Principal Investigator: Dr. Radhika Selvamani
Title: Decision Support System for Water Management in India
Amount : 13,600.00 Euros
Duration : 1 year
Status : Year 1
Funded by: Technical University of Munich – TUM Global Incentive Fund


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